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  1. From what I've understood from various WoBs I've seen, before the lord ruler and lerasium, there were no mistborn, only mistings. And the further the bloodlines of those who consumed lerasium are diluted, the further the incidences of allomancy in the population reverts to its natural expression as mistings. Ferrings by contrast, are not the natural form of feruchemy - they began to exist due to mixing of the Terris population with allomantic bloodlines. WoBs have talked about how the mixing of these two metallic bloodlines caused feruchemy to take on that 'only one power' quality of allomancy. So while I think that in theory, through breeding, you could likely isolate the Terris bloodlines over time to see a return of full feruchemists, I dont think the same would be possible with allomancers without a new infusion of lerasium or something equivalent. I think at most you might see a higher proportion of mistings. Also thanks for engaging with this all, there's been some good suggestions.
  2. Oh thanks Weltall! That whole post was super helpful. Yeah, I definitely considered putting 'created' in quotations because I wasn't sure how else to word that. The WoB talking about natural pathways seems helpful in terms of answers, but I guess it just seems like the odd metal out in Allomancy (and to some extent in the rest of the cosmere since Aluminum is one of the only metals we see as useful on other worlds) (other than silver as you noted which isn't an allomantic metal) So I guess in that case, why are the natural pathways of this world different (since what he says in that quote seems to imply a set of somewhat cosmere-wide set of 'natural pathways' ) (Yeah medallions in Era 2 are definitely changing things - and it will absolutely be interesting to see that ) I suppose a more useful term would've been "evolve" in speaking about mistings which leads in a couple different directions: The first which was more along the lines of my previous assumptions was that each misting 'evolved' for a specific purpose (again, the language isn't quite right and useless traits absolutely can evolve sometimes in nature, and the specific type of misting doesn't seem to be inheritable (so how/when are people keyed to one specific metal?), but so many parts about the Scadrial Investure system follow a lot of rules of logic so sticking point in my brain). The second which I guess I'm now leaning more towards after that WoB is that allomancy 'evolved' and just slid into the 'natural pathways' that existed for the power of those metals. (of course that then loops back to why do these natural pathways exist and why are only some consistent around the cosmere, but that's looping up to the previous part of this post)
  3. I've been looking through but haven't found anything phrased in this way so I'll give it a try. Allomancy's natural form creates mistings rather than mistborn. So if this form of investure was created assuming that anyone could only burn a single given allomantic metal (since mistborns came later), what is the point of Aluminium and Duralumin as allomantic metals? It doesn't seem sensible that a magic system created around the theory that anyone could only burn a single metal would include metals that could not be used on their own. The options I see are: a ) aluminum and duralumin DO have individual effects, the people of scadrial just haven't figured it out yet b ) Feruchemy came first and all of the feruchemical metals were also allomantic metals (this could be reasonable although it still bothers me because the feruchemical metals have somewhat different effects anyways so on the transition, mistings could be created to do something useful with only one metal) c ) the metals used in Scadrial's magic system are investure related on all of the cosmere worlds (as we have seen aluminum used usefully on other worlds), and it just happens to be a bit of a dud in allomancy (have we seen any other allomantic/feruchemical metals being used significantly on other worlds other than aluminum?) Any other ideas? I'm sure something like this has been discussed before here.