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  1. tbh forgot I still had this account until I got this random email
  2. How can I protect Yami like this!?? The angel internally screamed, wracking his mind for--something. Anything... His word. The word that stilleth the heavens above, that shaketh the earth below, that makes god look again before continuing back to his divine work. Anu. He could kill them all, and save her. Winter, using all of his will, every ounce of strength in his body lifted his wings; the sun reflected from them. He lifted his blood-caked hands; the moon reflected from them. He breathed in the air, and it filled his lungs. He soaked in reality, his feeling, his senses. And he began to speak-- But no words came out. He looked down at himself, in surprise-- a light, thin dueling blade was sticking through his heart. Mordred holding the blade, Korin rocking back on his heels, staring at his hands, standing slightly behind her. "You.. fool..." He choked, weakly placing his once-powerful hands on the blade. "When I leave this world, your soul leaves too. You're just a spirit, thrown out of my mind.." He managed to say. "I never had anything in this world." The Knight of Treachery said, grinning at the fun of the moment, yet gritting her teeth and holding back tears that wanted to spring up. "And I realize that I don't have anything back home either. If I can save one person in my life, it was worth it." Korin stepped forward, placing a hand on the angel's shoulders as he and Mordred started to fade. "It was good knowing you, K'aurak'tii. You showed me things I never thought were possible. Now, I will go see my sister once more." He gave a thin smile to both Mordred and the Angel, and those around him. Then all three were gone. A thin dueling sword clattered to the stone. --- A man seemed to stroll toward the Fox, appearing out of nothingness in her mind; he was young, perhaps nineteen, with brown, unkempt hair. He was tall, his eyes the deepest blue. He wore a red coat, a black scarf, black breeches and leather boots. "Hello, Fox. Take care of Yami for me, would you?" He asked, stepping towards her and smiling, placing a hand on her shoulder--at his touch, the emotions stolen from her seemed to flow back in; the same, but from a different angle, so to speak; her memories filled with a sense of peace, peace at the knowledge that life should be lived, that one only needs to live, not survive, but live to find that peace. "I know Yami's not real," He continued. "But she is if you believe it." He winked at her as he turned around. Then he began strolling again; strolling down a cobbled street that seemed to materialize around him, strolling under the light of a streetlamp on a rainy night, pulling an umbrella from his belt and singing a light tune as he strolled, as the rain pattered around him; strolling as he, the street, and the streetlamp began to disappear. A pair of silver wings seemed to shimmer on his back for a moment as he walked further away, disappearing into the night. The street faded, but a light echo remained. When the grey clouds come and the north wind blows There's a man of the winter with his eyes like a rose They say he's an angel But nobody knows For life he can't travel; The white death that blows
  3. "My soul!? I have no soul!!" The angel almost screamed, managing to stand up.
  4. The angel turned, instantly reacting, behind Jared in a moment--or wait, he wasn't. He was still in front. And he had only turned halfway.. His hands were slow, his wings were heavy, and pain flooded through his mind and body, Fox's pain. His wings unbalanced him and he fell, crashing onto the melted stone. "What did you!?"--he cut off, trying to rise, but unable. Mordred halted her future onslaught, watching the metal angel in wonder, amazed by his... inability to... well, be himself. @Channelknight Fadran @DramaQueen @xinoehp512 @Scarletfox
  5. "Ohhh, right." The knight said, disappointed. "Fadran. Hmph. Anyway, I gotta get back to threatening this guy." She continued, pointing her thumb at Winter, who was clutching his head with both hands, staring at the ground and shaking.
  6. "Oh hey." Said Mordred, forgetting about her Oath of Death for a moment. "You're that one guy, Radfan? That's a--an interesting name, I mean who would name their kid a rad fan. That gives me too many 80's vibes."
  7. "Nobody move or they are dead!" Cried Winter. Winter, do something! "What!? What am I supposed to do!?" You can do anything! I made you that way! "I.. I don't..." Stop her pain, hurry, before she's gone! Coming to a decision, the angel crouched by the convulsing body of Fox, opposite Queen.>>giving Queen a glare, he placed his right palm on Fox's forehead, letting it absorb something. Then he placed the hand on the Fox's heart, touching his forehead to hers--her pain poured into him as he consumed it, filling the space of his body, emanating from his eyes. He stood up fuzzily, rubbing his eyes which had begun to streak with traces of blood, leaking from the tear glands Mordred groggily sat up, squishing the air out of Korin who wheezed beneath her--she wasn't looking too well, sections of her body stained black, as if she had been badly burned. Her hair, which was thankfully still there, had streaks of black running through it also, and her armour was very deranged, having melted and then cooled in a short period. Korin,who was trying to push her off of him, looked about the same, although not scorched as badly--he was covered in burns, and his tunic was rather--dead--although he seemed to be fine. "WINTER!!!" Mordred yelled, seeing the angel standing in front of her. "I'LL KILL YOU!!!" She continued, lunging forward and reaching for her sword (which wasn't there.). Luckily, Korin had grabbed onto her ankle and she lost her balance, falling on top of him again. ("OOF." Korin expelled, pushing the knight of treachery off him. "Of all places...")
  8. the fellowship of the thing

    "Hmph. I never liked those rules anyway." Mordred pouted, stalking off toward the kitchens...
  9. the fellowship of the thing

    "OOh what are the rules?" Mordred asks, slipping up to thm'all and fingering her sword. (you may want to ban maiming) (just some friendly advice) (or just ban Mordred) (you know, that's probably the best option) (tell her you've got a cake for her in the cafe)
  10. "You." Winter looked at Jared, walking over the spaceless, timeless, night-cloaked castle--he needed no space or time. "Is this the girl you seek?" He said, appearing next to Nya, clutching her shoulder with a silvery hand, and throwing her forward, towards Xino, breaking the spacelessness for the girl. "And you." Winter said, facing Fadran. "You are the most insistent knave I have met. I do not care what you are, but this garbage you spew into my mind is pointless." Suddenly, all the emotions Fadran had poured into Winter despersed, floating in the spaceless atmosphere, an aura of color. "I dare say this again;..." Winter began, but cut off as a body materialized, then a second. The sphere of night surrounding the castle disappeared with a clap, and the first body fell to the ground; Korin. Then the second fell on top of the first. Mordred.
  11. ...had the body been there. Too much was going on for the angel's liking at this moment: somebody trying to impale him, somebody touching Yami's gift, Yami's gift being broken, someone poring (crap) into his mind -- insignificant (crap) at that. Not to mention Yami, his master, acting like this was all some sort of a game, the idiot. And so he had simply halted time and space: as the protector of the heir of Ark, that was easy on these hallowed grounds. Cutting off all connection of everything from everywhere, a dome of night surrounded the castle. There was, and could be, no power here. Now it was time to set a few things straight.
  12. Hah, stop it you're tickling me! I suppose you've decided I'm not real. What a bore. Yami stepped through Jared, past his grip, peeking out behind him. She halted when she heard Fox's scream. Oh dear, Winter, have you broken my new toy already?
  13. "Why does everybody take advantage of chaos!? (oh wait..)" Winter shouted, appearing behind Fox, reaching into her mind. "Sorry, but you can't leave." He appeared in her mind, formless, extracting the ingot that Nath had installed in her mentality. What's this?--his voice in her head. The ingot was carelessly ripped from her mind, pulled away, stolen. I apologize--although, not really. I can't have you leaving, now can I?