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  1. Hope this hasn't been done already.
  2. Love it, better take than mine!
  3. I also agree that Cultivation + Odium would be Malice or Malevolence - growing, nurturing hatred. Freaking terrifying, I hope this isn't what Taravangian does!
  4. I'm thinking Truthwatcher
  5. Kal smiling is more unnerving than Syl with a gun ROFL
  6. NANI?!
  7. I should've left it as cognitive shadows ha I was trying to avoid nitpicks. Failed successfully
  8. And afterward Dalinar and Taravangian Cognitive aspects, clasp hands into a bro-hug, then step into The Beyond
  9. Hoid
  10. My working theory is Ruin will still get to destroy it, just not until space-age when Scadrians make a world-ship or space station or are colonizing. Maybe Harmony even lets the Ruin aspect be this looming threat of world destruction in order to drive the Scadrians to develop the tech to get into space - Harmony had been musing in one of the era 2 books that he might have made it too easy for people after the catacendre and they'd be complacent instead of developing... EDIT Found the quote, Shadows of Self chapter 7
  11. Thanks I hate it. *shudder*
  12. What if Harmony is planning to get the Scadrians to the space age so they can leave for other worlds or don't need a planet - then makes good on the deal to destroy it? Thereby Ruin-ing the planet but Preserv-ing the people.
  13. I can only imagine the confusion of the people chasing him.