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  1. Yu-Gi-Oh!
  2. I am thinking on the lines of two possibilities: Option 1: The Sleepless. I think this one most likely. They seemed to want to protect what they have in Aimia (including apparently a large cache of soulcasters) - perhaps to prevent them being used. The Sleepless always seemed like spren themselves with the way they are sort of just possessing a bunch of cremlings. Theory: Could it be that the soulcasters spren Navani observed are "the Sleeping ones" vs the Aimians are "the Sleepless" - they are the same just not captured and therefore still conscious, hence the Aimians hoarding soulcasters to protect their kin. Similarly, could the Aimians be aware of what happened with Ashyn and are trying to warn Navani not to create these spiritual realm fabrials as that would have similar disastrous effects? Option 2: Cultivation herself. We know in Mistborn so I think Cultivation should be able to somehow manipulate a gem directly to write or to alter text from spanreed. Some spren call her Mother, she may really view them as her children and therefore be against Fabrials. Additionally she may not trust Honorspren now that Honor himself is not around and think they are misguided. She doesn't generally act this openly but does in exceptional world-changing cases (e.g. Dalinar) and maybe she saw something with her future-sight that indicated some pruning may be needed here. Again she would be aware of what happened on Ashyn and could be trying to avoid the same happening on Roshar.
  3. Changing the polarity of the fabrial eh? Anyone else think transistors? STORMLIGHT COMPUTERS!!! *squee* Space era Cosmere will be a thing of beauty.
  4. I think Rysn won't be a Radiant but rather will be something like a dragon rider in the back half of series. Her Larkin is growing quickly after eating stormlight in Oathbringer...
  5. What if she soulcast a person when she was a child (on accident) ... that would be pretty horrifying. Though I could see biggest point against this would be wouldn't she trigger harder off of Jasnah soulcasting those muggers in WoK. I'll have to read that section again. Regarding final oath I like the idea you put forth, I was thinking if it's a childhood accident for number 4, number 5 might be: "I forgive myself" or "it's ok to forgive myself" as the repressing of the memories for her earlier truths seems to be tied up with a sense of guilt not just pain.