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  1. After watching episode 8, full books spoilers:
  2. Episode 4 was the best so far for me! It had scenes that were different from the books but felt very true to the books and did a lot of heavy lifting in lore and world-building that is true to the books in a condensed amount of time. And Nynaeve (my favorite character from the books) continues to be awesome. I love her actress.
  3. @Jofwu thank you for saying this, it really reflects my feelings as well and I was feeling a bit alone. Show is not perfect but I really am enjoying it and am not upset over most changes. It feels like LotR to me where there are changes but the overall tone and characters are there. On the Dragonmount forums where I've been a member since before the book series finished, I was getting pretty frustrated at several threads turning into "let's trash the show" with a bunch of comments making it seem like folks think anyone who actually *liked* the first few episodes must not have really been a true book fan or understood the series, lots of saying they don't believe the showrunner (an avowed fan) read the series at all. Also complaints about the show being too "feminist" or performing best with women in their 20s as if that proved it wasn't popular with book readers. So as someone who has read the series several times but likes the show so far I was feeling a bit marginalized as if people have an idea of who is allowed to be a fan (and it's not me). Anyone can be a fan, and our various opinions and interpretations are what make forums fun! Anyway, thanks Sharders for keeping the discourse much more friendly! <3
  4. That would be beautiful for Kaladin's story arc. I love it
  5. Lan and Nynaeve. Though I also really liked where Mat and Tuon was developing, but we needed more time for them - unfortunately we won't ever get their spinoff books but I am so curious to think about what their relationship would have been like a couple years after the end of the series.
  6. I got what you are saying and I just wanted to say I LOVE this idea. And I'm wondering if the other orders might also follow a similar pattern. Especially since folks have already pointed out the pattern of how the 3rd ideal generally seems to involve you taking the order's main directive further and expanding it in a way that is HARD for your natural inclination and requires moral strength and growth (protect even those you hate, listen to those who have been ignored even if you disagree, taking responsibility for what you have done) and that really fits "strength before weakness".
  7. Loved this episode because I love Kaladin, but I was surprised there was no discussion on "Son of Tanavast/Child of Tanavast". This is the one big mystery hook I feel like we still have for Kaladin, he is the only one referred to specifically in this way by the Stormfather.
  8. It gets even better. The cougar-ish noblewomen in the scene are coming onto Rand, he escapes by going to talk to Thom and: Rand: All they wanted to talk about was their husbands being away Thom: *chokes on drink* Rand: you shouldn't gulp your drink so fast I missed it the first time, but lol'd on this reread. There's so much humor off of characters being a little oblivious or naive.
  9. I also love Shallan.
  10. Odium is also the God of Passion and Hatred. So couldn't it also simply be Odium exacting said hatred on Lezian for screwing up his plan to break/turn Kaladin in the moment when he was so close to succeeding?
  11. Does becoming a cognitive shadow or ascending count as "die"? "Zahel" might if his arc with "Azure" happens. In some way he finds his purpose and something miraculous would happen in that moment. I'm also gonna say the Stormfather, there is a lot of foreshadowing I think and now we have a way to kill spren. Moash. Szeth, I think this will finish his arc. If Brandon wants a gut-punch, I could see Lopen going out sacrificing himself, with a trademark smile/wink/joke at the same time. Kaladin I think might become a cognitive shadow - there's got to be a reason he had the Zahel conversation in RoW. And I note how he lines up with the order of the Herald that Moash took out. If there's a temporary Oathpact refresh to cover the gap between front and back 5, Kaladin would be the one to step into Jezrien's place. Either that or "son of Tanavast" picks up Honor. Crempost: Gavilar dies in the prologue again. Though maybe he becomes a cognitive shadow this time ;-)
  12. Ok the night of sorrows/great flood theory on this other thread made me think of this one: Kingdom of Water
  13. 100% agree - with the Sibling as her spren, bringing people and spren together again would fit her very thematically. And could fit with her having to do some growth herself in moving away from her kind of Fabrials to repair that relationship