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  1. Yeah I also got robot-y/artificial vibes from the description as well. Like the cybermen from Dr. Who but gold. I also like that the Shard name is Autonomy which goes really well with "Automata" vs calling the Shard Individualism or something.
  2. I like this idea as well, it does sound like a place name in the Cognitive realm in that Mythos is like a concept or piece of culture - very cognitive.
  3. Agreed on TwinSoul I need more of him. Loved his character immediately. I'm kind of hoping he'll show up in a novella or secret history 2 or something. About Wayne I think Wax has more book learning and an analytical mind that is suited for detective work and science - but I think Wax is very intuitively intelligent. For one, his ability to put himself in someone else's head is definitely a kind of social/personal intelligence, but also with his investments it is like he just has a really good intuition. I think this is part of why Wax and Wayne complemented each other so well as partners in terms of skill set.
  4. So Kelsier name-dropped a new place (planet?) in the Lost Metal in his epilogue: Mythos. It's pure speculation at this point as we don't have much but wanted to make a space for theories here. So what we can establish about Mythos from this very short exchange: 1. Not Moonlight’s world (we know this anyway because we know Moonlight’s world so this just confirms Mythos is not some other nickname for it) 2. Not aether planet 3. Implied it may be reached by Shadesmar (Sazed's reply is about using Shadesmar to reach out) 4. Potential allies there, presumably with some sort of power/Investiture. But Kelsier seemed to suggest it off hand as if it would be more of a stretch than Moonlight’s world or aether land. Unclear if this is due to it being a harder place to reach or that inhabitants might be more hostile or less willing allies. So what do you think/want it to be? My current take: simply because of the name, I would love this to be Valor's planet. Mythos just sounds like a place full of badass Spartan warriors or something like 300. Or combo of Spartans and Vikings. A land of mythical warriors could definitely be powerful allies and I also could see that if "Valor" is what is revered there they may only ally themselves with you under certain circumstances or could be risky (don't tick them off and make them your enemy).
  5. I actually really enjoyed the Marasi plotline with the Ghostbloods for the most part (though it ended a bit too quickly to me). I think my favorite part of it was the bit where she is with Moonlight, meeting and then running around with the other Ghostbloods - this group of people with vastly different abilities from around the Cosmere working together was like a fun "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" kind of vibe. Maybe it's partly the slightly steam punk setting of Era 2 together with it giving me that feeling. Also - vote Marasi 2024 I adored Wayne's whole arc and I cried. I hope in Era 3 we see a lot of his impacts, the father of noseball league and things named after him. Wax fighting up the Shaw was action movie awesomeness. I LOVED Steris getting some recognition for how amazing she is At the end the conversation between Kelsier and Harmony - this quote: Uh you literally did 2 mins before this about the Lerasium from Wax's experiment. Actually you have probably been lying through your teeth to lots of folks....going to have to reassess everything he has said now. Was he really so helpless or blinded or is some of it an act? I am getting a sneaking suspicion that in same way that Marsh and TenSoon have cameos in Era 2, Wax might have a cameo in Era 3 now. He has a spike, and there was still whatever happened to him from the lab experiment (seems like a mild Mistborn) - might he live longer than normal? I feel we still need some payoff from what happened there as Harmony brushed it aside when talking to Wayne saying it didn't work and I think Harmony lied here too. Maybe it could come in Secret History 2
  6. Maybe Intent is important here. Wax was actively trying to split harmonium into its parts, the Set were trying to make a bomb? Maybe you have to have the intent to split it? Then again, you'd think the Set also would have tried to get lerasium and atium so maybe that's not it ...
  7. The blue lines Wax is seeing sound similar to the way Steel Inquisitors see from Marsh PoV so it is making me think the dust has done something hemalurgic to him.
  8. This could be spun slightly more around delegation - as a leader you can't do everything yourself, and in military type org some of that means you may be actively ordering troops into a situation where some will not come back, to protect others. And the divine attributes for their order are Leadership/Protection - first 3 ideals are more about protecting but it makes sense the last couple could start being about balancing this with being able to lead. The 4th ideal is a start on this path but 5th ideal could further it. The situation you gave with Sigzil is a great example I think.
  9. Oh I am HERE for worldhopper Marasi. I loved how in these chapters she just lit up with excitement when MeLaan mentioned going off world. I do think mystery lady is not with the Set but more likely a worldhopper.
  10. I'm very suspicious about the earring that Wax receives, I don't think it's from Harmony. I agree if it was Trellium it would have been too recognizable. I could see it somehow being from Kelsier or used to communicate with him, it seems like something he would do, especially impersonating a God is like his M.O. now. If it is from Harmony, the only thing I could think of would be if for some reason he wants Wax to have an Atium earring and Lerasium earring to be his "sword" that can both protect and destroy but unsure why earrings would be needed or what that would do. Both of those are "Lost metal" though right? I was starting to getting nervous about potential foreshadowing with Max being so cavalier about heights. If something happens to that precious child I don't think I could take it...
  11. Wow I actually love that take, because it would fit with the quote from WoR about Odium: with the lack of context being what makes him scary. With your idea, he gets more balanced the more Shards are added to him, hence why Rayse was resistant to merging.
  12. I had always pinned Cultivation + Odium as Malignance - partly for the cancer implications around growth and spreading/metastasizing, but also the colloquial use of the word which can also mean "passionately and relentlessly malevolent - aggressively malicious". The Genocide take is an interesting one I had not considered, thinking about taking something like Eugenics and then putting it into practice forcefully. Though I'll say I could see depending on the Vessel and its interpretation that Cultivation all on its own could be inclined towards something like Eugenics - rather scary to consider. I would think Genocide could be a more likely combo of Cultivation + Dominion though.
  13. This has largely been my take as well. I overall enjoyed the show and was fine with, and actually liked, most of the changes (though I am reserving judgement about Perrin's arc until I see where they take it). But the season was a little rushed - two more episodes would have helped a lot of the pacing issues, and as you mentioned the last 2 episodes were weaker ones (due to some production issues it seems). I really look forward to what they are able to do in season 2 when some of those problems shouldn't be impacting as much, though I don't think they lengthened the season unfortunately.
  14. This is the kind of shenanigans I was thinking of - some sort of spirit web surgery. Perhaps involving some transplantation. And with Sigzil and his spren already being enmeshed due to their oaths, changes to him changed the spren in some unexpected ways too perhaps.
  15. This makes me think of the godspren- we know that the Stormfather for example was around long before Odium came. So he could be wind. Could the others be the Nightwatcher and the Sibling (having trouble remembering if the Sibling was around in some form before Urithiru or not). Or could the God of spren be Ba-Ado-Mishram before she was Unmade?