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  1. Thanks I hate it. *shudder*
  2. What if Harmony is planning to get the Scadrians to the space age so they can leave for other worlds or don't need a planet - then makes good on the deal to destroy it? Thereby Ruin-ing the planet but Preserv-ing the people.
  3. I can only imagine the confusion of the people chasing him.
  4. Doesn't she also literally save Shallan by Soulcasting her blood to remove the poison in the same scene? That seems pretty medical.
  5. Ok your Mh'hithra reference led me to something else interesting, this time ancient Persian/Zoroastrian: Mithra And the etymology These all seem to go back to some related ancient languages like proto-indo-iranian so seem to have common roots in general. Perhaps inspiration for the names Ishar and Mishram both come from something like this.
  6. I also had noted these other two on my readthrough: And The second one I find the most interesting. Harmony needs a shared purpose to direct his two intents towards to work together and be able to function - his emulsifier. Maybe it can be the fight against Odium, to preserve Scadrial and the Cosmere but Ruin/Destroy Odium.
  7. Bondsmith oath: With great power comes great responsibility.
  8. Yes! Harmony needs an emulsifier- a shared purpose.
  9. Seriously though, Navani’s prayers and glyphwards always work. This has me theorizing if there is some sort of "old magic" there.
  10. There is a WOB getting discussed a lot around the origins of Ba-Ado-Mishram's name: https://wob.coppermind.net/events/406/#e14590 Now I was recently listening to a history podcast that happened to do an episode on ancient Babylon and they mentioned some of the Mesopotamian pantheon - the names struck me as a bit Rosharan, reminding me of some of the Unmade. So of course I then proceeded down a rabbit hole looking for Mesopotamian name inspirations for the Unmade of the hour, Ba-Ado-Mishram. My finding: Ishara This one namewise sounds close-ish to Mishram, but the description fits Honor. Obviously also could provide some roots for our Bondsmith Herald as well. Ishtar is also another goddess commonly conflated with Ishara so that makes the name a bit closer to Mishram. Bau/Baba Sounds a lot like Cultivation. Could this be referring to Cultivation and Honor, with BAM being originally their child as indicated in the WOB? Or could these rather be hints to Ba-Ado-Mishram's arc? The Ishtar/Ishara potential reference does sound pretty fitting for BAM being the one who connected to the Singers and seemed to have connections to all the spren and other things on Roshar. Could the Bau reference be to the future, bringing back BAM could maybe "make the broken up whole again"?
  11. Thinking of more Pattern names, my brain went to Sequence.... Mistborn Era 2
  12. Mind=blown. It so is what Saze needs. *furiously tries to come up with name for (Ruin + Preservation)/Harmony + Autonomy combo shard* .. Freedom?
  13. I was wondering if it would follow the actual bridge around. Like the bridge is now in the 4th bridge ship, what if in future there is still a piece of wood from it, now considered some sort of relic, mounted in something?
  14. There are some unique spren around Roshar that seem to be tied to significant places, things, or events (e.g. Cusicesh). We also know spren are basically created from concepts having significance in people's collective minds (they are cognitive beings). Theory: Bridge 4 is growing a big spren in the cognitive realm and we'll see this either in back half or in space-age Roshar. In RoW, we see that the specific Bridge 4 from our bridge 4 crew has been saved and now incorporated into The Fourth Bridge airship. We know the concept of Bridge 4 itself has also taken on more significance as we progress in the series than a simple physical bridge - rather now representing camaraderie, friendship, perseverance, etc. It has spawned a salute, tattoos, become a part of many people's identity. And now the crew even have a ritual and reverence for the Bridge mounted in the ship: We don't know exactly how spren like Cusicesh or others come to be, but this sure seems like a good start. I really want another Axies chapter in back half now where he comes to observe the bridge 4 spren!