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  1. Odium is also the God of Passion and Hatred. So couldn't it also simply be Odium exacting said hatred on Lezian for screwing up his plan to break/turn Kaladin in the moment when he was so close to succeeding?
  2. Does becoming a cognitive shadow or ascending count as "die"? "Zahel" might if his arc with "Azure" happens. In some way he finds his purpose and something miraculous would happen in that moment. I'm also gonna say the Stormfather, there is a lot of foreshadowing I think and now we have a way to kill spren. Moash. Szeth, I think this will finish his arc. If Brandon wants a gut-punch, I could see Lopen going out sacrificing himself, with a trademark smile/wink/joke at the same time. Kaladin I think might become a cognitive shadow - there's got to be a reason he had the Zahel conversation in RoW. And I note how he lines up with the order of the Herald that Moash took out. If there's a temporary Oathpact refresh to cover the gap between front and back 5, Kaladin would be the one to step into Jezrien's place. Either that or "son of Tanavast" picks up Honor. Crempost: Gavilar dies in the prologue again. Though maybe he becomes a cognitive shadow this time ;-)
  3. Ok the night of sorrows/great flood theory on this other thread made me think of this one: Kingdom of Water
  4. 100% agree - with the Sibling as her spren, bringing people and spren together again would fit her very thematically. And could fit with her having to do some growth herself in moving away from her kind of Fabrials to repair that relationship
  5. Moash = Anakin, Vyre = Vader Killing Vyre to protect Moash ...
  6. That's something else to consider! Air-dropped in by a Skybreaker, perhaps?
  7. How about: I will do anything to save my world, even to LIVE for it. To me that fits better thematically with Kaladin's arc, with his depression and everything. To choose to live every single day. Though it also makes me think of Kaladin potentially taking Jezrien's place in Oathpact 2.0, as that would mean him choosing to willingly live through heck without giving up...which is not necessarily a theory that I love.
  8. Can't wait for this in the back 5...
  9. Somebody write this fic!
  10. I think it will combine the Leadership and Protection aspects. I don't know the right words, but something along the lines of having to give an order/ make decisions that mean one of his Knights have to sacrifice themselves in order to protect. This would fit with some of Lirin's triage lessons, and Kal has trouble making a call already on who to protect/who lives (see Kholinar palace)
  11. I'm going to take a different path on this one - I think 5th ideal will have to do with the Leadership aspect of the Windrunners in conjunction with the Protection theme. I don't know the right words to put it in a simple phrase, but basically as a leader of a group that is charged with protecting people in general, you might have to send someone on a mission where they will almost certainly die, in order to protect. So I'm thinking something around acknowledging that he may have to give an order that someone else e.g. another Knight sacrifice themselves to protect others. I think if phrased or contextualized correctly it can still fit with the first ideal. And would be a hard one for Kaladin. It is further than 4th ideal because it's not just not being able to protect someone but actually having to make a decision or order more actively. And fits with some of Lirin's triage type lessons. I think of this one a lot around an episode of Star Trek TNG where Troi is taking a test to become a bridge officer, the final exam there's a horrible disaster and to pass you have to be willing to give an order that would send a crewmate to get it shut down and save everyone, into an area they'll get exposed to lethal doses. https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Bridge_Officer's_Test
  12. Hope this hasn't been done already.
  13. Love it, better take than mine!