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  1. Wait, wait, wait let me get this straight... You are an English degreeing, Sanderson loving, music producing, basketball playing, geekinating, Sharder?? Wow... that's quit the resume right there Glad you decided to come over and join us! Happy to have you here and look forward to being able to read some of your takes on the Cosmere!
  2. Welcome, welcome!! Lmao that first part got me "Hello Daniel" I- wow. See I don't even really know what to respond to this. The first thing is just like "Oh my you did WHAT???" That is CRAZY! The scale and size of that for each 1 inch hex with an entire continent mapped. Dang, that is impressive. You don't happen to be kinda patient now do you? And the second thing is, "WHATTTTTT???" Man that sucks more than driving 8 hours to deliver something to a friend and realizing you forgot the only truly important piece of it all once you get there (Ofc I am talking about someone else here, I would never be THAT dumb). All of that and then poof magic fire devil rainbows and its GONE?? Dang, that suuuucks. And while you were off protecting your country too, Karma owes you BIG TIME for that one. At least a silver lining is that I hope no one got hurt?? Man I can totally understand that, the first time may not always have the best skills yet but it always seems to capture something special in it. I would just try to think tho that maybe it was freeing you up to make an even better project in the future! And my if that's you then you are perfect for SA! Would love to know what you think of it and the world building more in depth. Lastly and most importantly, thank you for your service! 20 years is incredible (and congrats on the grandkid!)
  3. Lol true that! Well if you do happen to figure it out sometime in the future.... make sure you come back and let me in on it. Yknow... uh... asking for a friend
  4. Stalking the website!! So that's what all those random shadows and sounds are (...unless ). Lol jkjk so glad you decided to join us! Quite, quite happy to have you here. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, everyone here is super friendly and amazing. Welcome to the shard!
  5. Welcome to the Shard! Happy to have you join us! Ah that is the most perfect feeling when you go to make a Shard account and one already exists, happens to me all the time . Nah but for real tho well prepared, this doesn't happen to be created by any future versions of yourself doing some time travel shenanigans because they knew you would need it does it?? Just checking.... uh... asking for a friend Lol, excited to have you here as well!
  6. Hi New, I'm Dad! *awkward high five fist bump thing* So glad you decided to join us and hope your day is excellent! Everyone here is super friendly so if you need anything or have any questions don't hesitate to reach out. Welcome to the Shard!
  7. Welcome to the Shard! We hope your trip through inter-dimensional space to reach our lovely section of the internet was as enjoyable as possible. If you were traveling with any magical pets or items you will be able to retrieve them in the “Checking and Bagging” section of the spaceport. If you have any questions, our forum members tend to be well versed in the advanced art of “conversation” and “being a nice person.” Please do not hesitate to ask! As a precautionary screening measure for evil cosmic beings, we would love to know what has been your favorite book in the Cosmere. As for everything else, grab your bags and get ready for a ride, we hope you enjoy your stay here at the 17th Shard!
  8. Welcome to the Shard! So awesome you decided to join us! I would totally have to agree with you, the one good thing about arriving to a series late is that you DO have a lot of series to go! When you catch up.... man! Lol yes as Honorless put earlier we definitely have our fair share of patient waiting dilemmas (have tried running in place while juggling and riding a monkey, have tried taming flaming lion-zebras, have even tried meditating with neon cricket-frogs but still no luck! If you find something to speed up the time let me know !)
  9. Uhhhh... this was an accident I hope???
  10. In the obligatory let's-welcome-you-but-make-you-feel-bad-by-correcting-you-cuz-that'll-make-you-feel-even-more-welcome fashion it is encouraged to put everything in one post rather than a few. You can use the plus icon next to the "quote" words to quote multiple people at once or just quote, type something, quote again, type something, etc. You get to be the friend that always texts in the 3 page essay style rather than Blurby Bobby who needs like 4 texts to get one idea out
  11. Happy to have you join us! Welcome to the shard! That's so cool that you had someone there who you could talk about the books with in depth! And very happy you decided to come join us as well! A lot of people are here for a lack of Sanderson readers around them (or should we say a lack of non-crazy people ) so you are in perfect company! And that is so awesome you got to meet him! What is the most burning question you would want to ask?
  12. Maybe it wasn't a dream... What if Fadran is just so amazing he's using his mind transportation and telepathy on you to practice...
  13. Any tips... alright... If you happen to wake up with the ability to fly DONT start with the highest building you can find (contrary to popular belief you do want to ease into it) When trying to sabotage alien spacecraft filling the exhaust pipe with gummy bears is quite effective (just only use the RED gummy bears, anything else will disintegrate immediately) If you get captured my magical unicorn-monkeys bribe them with fried marshmallows and fruit snacks (AND if you really need backup they LOVE ice cream) When practicing your telepathy, pick.... Ok wait maybe Shard tips would be more useful You can get the little line of text under your name by going to your Profile. Clicking Edit Profile and then writing something in the Member Title box You can make a signature which is the text that appears at the bottom of some peoples posts by going to Account Settings and clicking on the Signature option then writing something in the box and pressing save Welcome to the Shard! Happy to have you join us!
  14. See I'm looking at this the other way around. Maybe he was SO intimidated that he couldn't even form words to express how intimidated he was.... MAYBE, he was quaking in his lil boots so much that all he could do was laugh. Idk this could be win is that a confession?
  15. PREACH! *prepares stake and kindling* Dang, why's everyone always gotta be hating on Christmas music . For me its always nice not really because its the best music or because it celebrates Christmas (because there are lots of other wonderful cultural holidays) but because of the time it represents. You play Christmas music at at time when everyone is (supposed to be) happy and people are (attempting to be) more kind and friendly. It represents just like giving of yourself to help others and curling up inside your house with some hot cocoa. It's the one time when you just get to chill with your family (and some Sanderson ofc) while it rains (or snows!!) outside and you just get to be appreciative of all the things you have. Idk I think the music gets too much hate when it represents such a time of happiness and good vibes