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  1. wait is she dead
  2. HECK YEAH!!! Merry Christmas to you too.
  3. Why are most people here not sophomores?
  4. Yeah I haven't read it, (or watched the movies) but like 90% of what I've heard about it (especially the movies) is that it's not good, so that's just kinda what I've assumed. but that's not a good thing to do i just do it
  5. uh oh. what is it? not that im gonna be able to answer
  6. I am he as you are he as you are me
  7. Oh my gosh I LOVE ranger's apprentice and brotherband (I think I like Ranger's Apprentice more tho) BUT I cried SO much last time I read the royal ranger (like few years ago) so I haven't read any of the other royal ranger books.
  8. Here's a drawing that was supposed to be me as a superhero that I did a bit ago while hanging out with @Condensation .

    I kind of love it ;)


    but i really don't know how I'm a superhero in this.


    also i apologize for the quality


    1. Condensation


      Because when you cover your eyebrows, no one can tell who you are! ;)

  9. well... that EASILY got the biggest reaction out of me
  10. Well I mean, if she really wanted to know you could just share your playlist with her and then she could know what you're listening to
  11. mee too and i'll post it somewhere eventually. it's a beauty
  12. of cookies? what type? can i have some?