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  1. Hey

    Not sure if it counts but the magic system of the shards and how each has a “intent” or aspect fried green tomatoes favorite sanderson book, Calamity favorite Cosmere book, warbreaker maybe, but every stormlight book is sooooooooooo great
  2. Hey

    Im new to the forum, i finally decided to make an account because only one of my friends actually reads Sanderson’s work. Can’t wait for ROW to come out it feels like yesterday I picked up Mistborn after reading Steelheart and thinking “this sanderson guy is kinda good”
  3. yeah i really like any radiant combination that has the surges of gravitation and abrasion, because i feel like a windrunner/skybreaker would be able to maneuver significantly better by manipulating friction to help with wind resistance.
  4. One of the Words of Brandon i’ve seen was one that asked if one person could bond two high spren. Brandon’s response was something along the lines of: it’s possible but hard because of the tax 2 Nahel bonds has on a spirit web. My question would be if you could bond two Highspren what two radiant orders would you want to belong to? (Personally i would choose a Edgedancer and Skybreaker, because those 4 surges together would make an absolute UNIT of a radiant. Additionally, if you swear your Skybreaker oath to a code of helping refugees and the forgotten, I bet your Highsprens would get along pretty well.)