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  1. I would actually utter something more "general" instead of specific things such as "repair yourself". "Protect my family" would be something I'd think about. However, I have a question: we know that the armour would be sentient. However, would it be able to operate without a wielder?
  2. I got Tindwyl! Honestly, I did not expect it, but I like it. Also, Feruchemy is my favourite Investiture, so that's nice.
  3. Oh man, I love me some Feruchemy. I love the relative simplicity of the magic system (you get what you give), its creative applications, and, of course, how cool it is (as a person who likes going to the gym, having the ability to dramatically increase your strength and musclemass immediately resonated with me). Thanks for welcoming me! We do what we can with our time hahaha. Thank your for welcoming me. Yes, I've been told that Elantris is a little different compared to his most recent works. However, I have no doubt that it will still be one hell of a ride haha. Thanks for keeping me spoiler-free! And thanks for welcoming me, I feel that this would be the best place to breathe Cosmere whenever I would need it. Hello pal! Well', it's been a while since I've played some videogames, but I usually like open world actions rpgs. My two favourite videogames sagas are Dark Souls (especially Bloodborne) and Darksiders (I still haven't played Darksiders 3). I also loved The Last of Us, The Witcher 3, Fallout New Vegas and Armored Core 5. Finally, whenever I feel like relaxing, a little bit of Minecraft or some easy platformer does it for me.
  4. Hello! I debate myself between The Way of Kings or Oathbringer. Overall, I would say that I prefer The Way of Kings, but Oathbringer's Sanderlanche almost killed me hahaha.
  5. After reading some posts on this forum, I guessed it would be time to become a member. I first heard about Sanderson about a year ago thanks to a Spanish youtuber called Alexelcapo. I began to read The Final Empire, but I did not particulary like it. Now I know that it simply was not the right time for me. Just a couple of months ago, however, I decided to "give Sanderson a second chance" and, out of pure boredom, began to read The Stormlight Archive. Saying that this series consumed my life during lockdown would be a gross understatement. I became instantly charmed by Roshar and the amazing characters that populate that incredible world. I also knew that I wanted more, I needed more. That is the reason why, after finishing Oathbringer, I read both Mistborn eras as well as Warbreaker. I plan on reading both Elantris and White Sand in the near future, but for know, I cannot wait for Rhythm of War. Well, about me, I am a 22 year old Spanish man. My pronouns are he/him and my hobbies include poetry, videogames, Dungeons and Dragons (huge Critical Role fan as well haha) and, above everything else, bodybuilding. I have seen incredible things come from online communities, and I cannot wait to become part of this one!