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  1. Hey everyone! I am back with another song, this time based on Vin's arc. Please let me know your reactions, feelings, whatever! Enjoy!!
  2. Thank you!!!!!

    love Silk and Ashes. Chills. Soo cool. I'd comment on YouTube, but...

    I don't really do that... :ph34r:

    also I know you don't know me at all, but your music is storming amazing.

  4. happy birthday.

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      Thank you so much!!!

  5. Happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday @stormlyte! Also really cool music. 

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      Thank you so much!! And thanks for listening and for your kind words!!

  7. As I was listening to the audiobook of White Sand, I began to hear what eventually became this song. At first, it was just some strings and piano doing "something interesting and desert-ish" (technical terminology). But it hit me early on: How cool would it be to introduce something Cosmere-related into the lyrics or music? The ketek that makes up the lyrics took me a good day to hone, but I thought it would make a good challenge to musically represent (on a much, MUCH smaller scale) what Brandon is doing in his books by connecting his worlds together. It certainly served to shape the song into what it is! I hope you enjoy it!! Make sure to download the mp3 or WAV below!! HUGE thanks to @Infamoti for his amazing work on this song. Artwork by Isaac Stewart. Link to download mp3 and WAV:
  8. Thank you so much!!!! Glad you enjoyed it!!
  9. Hey everyone! Here’s my latest Cosmere piece! Contains spoilers for SA 1-4. Stick around after the credits below to get the backstory on this song. Lead vocals, piano, acoustic guitar, drums, bass, trombone choir, strings, male choir: Joe Byerly Syl's vocals, female choir: Sharon Byerly Mixing, mastering, electric guitars, percussion and choir VST's: Infamoti - Artwork: Pam Hage - Queen of Eagles Download links: WAV: MP3: _____________ To be honest, when I first read The Way of Kings in 2013, I loved but didn't understand Kaladin. He seemed... beyond me, somehow. As his backstory unfolded, I realized how little we had in common at that time in my life; I settled into a good place where I really enjoyed watching him grow and change, accepting that I could invest myself in a character's story without having to fully understand his experiences. In the summer of 2019, my wife became pregnant for the first time in our marriage. We had been married 7 years, 6 of which had been spent trying to grow our family. Weeks later, that child died in the womb from unknown causes. I suddenly understood a little of Kaladin's pain; I was unable to protect my unborn child. We struggled for a year, wrestling with ourselves and God, days blurring into weeks, then months, as we sank into depression. We were surrounded by people who loved, held and heard us, but it took a long time to even begin to move forward from the silence, the grief and the loss. As we slowly crept out into the light again, we chose to trust that continuing the journey as unashamedly broken people was better than pulling the covers over our heads for the rest of our lives. We went to counseling, examined our faith on deeper levels, and spent lots of time with friends and family, sharing what had happened to us and soaking up the encouragement and love of others. In the fall of 2020, months before the birth of our daughter Jane, the chorus of Windrunner began to take shape. I wrote this song to help me move forward in my journey; I hope it helps others as much as it helped me.
  10. Thank you so much!!! Glad you enjoyed it!!
  11. Wow, thank you so much for listening and taking time to comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! Since you mentioned it, I have completed the melody and lyrics (working on arrangement now) for a song based on Kaladin. should be done in a month or so!!
  12. Absolutely!! And THANK YOU!! That means a lot to me. Thank you for listening.
  13. Great question!! I used this exact address to send him some music I composed and actually received a reply from Brandon himself... bucket list = done. haha. Amazing guy!!
  14. Absolutely!! Let me know if you hear anything back!
  15. Hahaaa!! This is an AMAZING story!!! Thank you for sharing it. Not a bad sibling, just ensuring that she thoroughly enjoys all the books!!!