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  1. 61494cd02b080_BloodofGold.png.dbe5a4f35f6b1fce25c625ec8d8693f6.png

    dunno what this thing is but I made it and I think it looks cool

    1. The Unknown Order
    2. AonEne


      Looks kinda like some cultish symbol? Like something people would worship idk? 

  2. row

  3. "Well, can you speak to them or not?"
  4. row

    "To the Edgedancer training area! Goedeke's a great teacher. If a tad... old."
  5. "You're a bird, Candence. Can you understand them?"
  6. Grace notices the bird and walks over to the window, opening it. "Hello. I'm assuming you're magical- are you here to eat us, steal our knowledge, or hurt us in any way?"
  7. "That's... scary." "Personally, I think learning magic would be cool. Probably really useful, too."
  8. "Well, you're right. I have no idea what that is. Anyways, can we get back on topic on how we're going to survive the apocalypse?"
  9. row

    He turns and leaves, disappearing around a corner with Idir in tow.