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  1. The faces retract back to cover as you fire, though it's unnecessary as the rounds bounce off an invisible shield of light, temporarily creating ripples on it's surface. The person on the left barks something to the person on the left, and the shield breaks and rays of light, clear as can be, begin to shine downwards towards you as they slowly begin to widen, brighten and intensify.
  2. "What do you want to do? Duel the missiles?"
  3. "Fine, stay here! Perhaps we can come back to dig through the rubble and find your ashes."
  4. "Why are you so obsessed with this cave?!? We'll get you another one! Heck, after we conquer some other universe, you can have a thousand caves! A million! Plus, your cave would've been destroyed anyway, but at least this way we don't go with it."
  5. "Ennulers are the people of Silence. They babysit the Hall of Words. I haven't met one for centuries, and for good reason. And no, I do not have any knowledge of where we are, let alone any sort of conflict that has been here."
  6. "Hehe, hehe... You and your paranoia, Huzh... Anyway," She says, turning to the group of strangers. "Is there anything else you people need?"
  7. The yelling stops, along with the shaking. Everything is silent for a moment... But then the shaking starts again, this time twice as strong, and moments later the earth above you tears open. The blue sky shines through along with a flood of sun and two unpleasant faces, both staring staring down angrily at your group.
  8. "Uh... it seems like our wishes are staying stable. I mean, the puppy hasn't turned back into a hellhound."
  9. "Well, we seem to be in a similar conundrum. Would you like to make an alliance?"
  10. I stand. "You know, I kinda expected to see the Coliseum or perhaps Big Ben before seeing Kredik Shaw. Actually, I expected to leave the US before I left the planet, so it seems minor now that I think about it."
  11. Jaxothe hurridely follows after, along with about 2 dozen zombies.
  12. "I... see. Tell me, did you just appear here while in the middle of something?"