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  1. "Ha! That's a fair reason, I suppose. Still, it's a long way from home, yes?
  2. Seeing Harmony walking off, Qavisxu yells over "Hey! Where do you think you are going?"
  3. @Bearer of all agonies @Vapor @Channelknight Fadran @Somebody from Sel
  4. Standing up, Jacob just looks around. "What?" He was a wizard, the girl and the other person could fly, that dude had a bird, that dude was haunted and there was a huge crab and alien grass and just "What?!?" His mind simply wasn't comprehending the sheer absurdity of this situation. It couldn't, actually.
  5. "Oh? And what is yours, hmmm?"
  6. Through the... "ride", Jacob is just amazed at how quickly his life went from a normal life to wizards, giant crabs, and getting carried and being called "kid" by a teen his same age. When he finally collapses, it takes a moment for him to respond. "What the [expletive] was that!?!?"
  7. Jacob just sits there, amazed at what he just did. Is he some sort of wizard now?
  8. To the side, Jacob watches in horror as the giant crab-thing rushed towards Alena. In a rush of adrenaline, he draws a strange symbol in the air with his finger. The lines are wavy and the thickness varies, but even so a small ball of fire appeared and began to fly towards the chasmfiend.
  9. Wot? Oh. Cool. @the winter system in What Happened In Edmonton: Reboot
  10. @Channelknight Fadran @HoidWasTaken @Chasmgoat @Wind @The_Truthwatcher @Matrim's Dice @Somebody from Sel @Omi the Counselor @eltruT The next turn has started! Sorry for the delay. Uh, Chasmgoat, is it okay if I make it only twice as big? Anything much bigger just makes it unwieldly, and the peak would almost reach Matrim's swamp if it was 6x as big. Map:
  11. "Uh... Is that healthy...? I... I almost feel like I could..." With shaking fingers, he extends his hand and as his fingertips are drawn down, a shaky glowing line appears in the air. "What in the..."
  12. Waving his hand over Shaz's face as he lays dumb-faced on the ground, Jacob notices something. "Am I... glowing?"
  13. Looking amazed and horrified at the same time, Jacob says "At this point, we don't need a medic. We need an exorcist."