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  1. Do those in your army have to pay taxes still?
  2. Wow June went by FAST, stuff has been hecking busy! Also I forget to check the Shard for a week or two and I get so many notifications :P


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      HI SCARLIE!!!!!

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      Hello Fox. Welcome back.

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      Frick, I mixed up the months again :P


  3. Rena gasped in surprise at first, then shrugged, anything was worth a try... "Well, if you want someone to take it off your hands, I would love to help out! If you just hand it over, I can take it, and then you won't have to blow up any universes to get rid of it!" She said with a cheerful(ish) smile. Rena nodded to the newcomer
  4. Thanks for following me!

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      Sure thing! ^_^

  5. "What is that? What does it do?" There were a lot of people coming all at once. This was going to be a busy day. "Welcome to The Waiting Room good sir," Rena sighed.
  6. Was at the regional championships for a speech and debate tournament this week... and uhhhhhhmmmmmmmm... WELLLLLLLLLL, I didn't really expect to advance because I thought everyone else was better than me. Well. I made it all the way to the finals round.

    and then




    *glory spren appears*

    Just needed to share this somewhere cause I am low key in shambles

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      Ahh congratulations!! That's awesome!

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  7. Rena sighed, she was going to have to talk someone out of universe-destruction, again. Why did stuff like this always seem to happen the days Rena actually had stuff to do while in the waiting room?? Ah well, trying to save some random universe was arguably more important than her choice in hair cut. "So tell me, good sir, how much is this employer paying you?" Rena glanced over at the new comer, and realized how she could make this all work out for her. She promptly tossed that abomination of a haircut catalogue at him saying, "pick me a new haircut while I'm busy, will ya?"
  8. thanks!! I agree, I think the rhymes could definitely use some improvement - I wasn't intending on using alliteration, but ended up doing it anyways, the hope was for the sound of the lines to flow and/or clash - for example, alluring and awaiting for the winds to blow. I hoped for line three to be a clash of sounds, however I don't think I quite have it right yet. I tried to set it up like it was going one way, and then contrast it by going the other way, but I think it ended up just not making much sense Winter's Conquest (try two from earlier) Frosted tears on the trembling defenders, Let go at last by their former lenders, Tearing and chattering and screaming they go Challenged and slain by the singers of snow
  9. Rena sighed, slightly amused, she had a similar reaction the first time she had an appointment at The Waiting Room. Rena half coughed-half laughed (her usual response when she didn't know how to respond), standing up. "You're going to what now??" "I second that," Rena added.
  10. Rena laughed nervously. These were obviously newbies to The Waiting Room... "So this is actually a universal communal waiting room run by an immortal clerk," she paused, then quickly added, "if you didn't already know, that is." She smiled again, and hoped there were was no one from the mafia here today
  11. What do you guys think about episode four? I like how (through all the episodes), it can be a little confusing, and you aren't ever sure quite exactly what's going on, which I think is intentional
  12. Rena looked up from the beat-up haircut catalogue to see the posh-iest man she had ever seen stride in. She coughed nervously, but she was kind of glad someone had come to wait with her, because she still had no idea what haircut she was going to get. "Hi!" She said perkily, "This is The Waiting Room, don't you know? I'm waiting for a haircut, what do you think I should get?" Rena ruffled her frizzy, thick black hair that fell nearly to her waist. As she looked down, she realized how underdressed she felt now - sweatpants and a taco bell T-shirt... ah well, the best way to cover up insecurity was to smile and nod, so she looked back up at the man and gave him a big smile! Another one walked in and Rena's smile wavered as it was replaced with an expression of curiosity and puzzlement as she inspected what was in the newcomer's hands.
  13. I know this is certainly amateur, but I'm experimenting a bit with euphony and cacophony Autumn Alluring and awaiting for the winds to blow The golden glittering tree-leaves go Tearing and chattering and screaming a-flow Challenged and slain, by the singers of snow edit: also oops just saw this was supposed to be a haiku... ah well
  14. Kalli: Kalli pushed her giant round spectacles up against her rough pale skin, looking at her clipboard, then looking up at the empty waiting room, then back at her clipboard. None of the people she was supposed to retrieve were here. She heaved a sigh, running her hand through her thin gray hairs (working as a clerk for the universe for centuries did that to a person), and spun around leaving through the door of eternity, slamming it behind her. Hopefully someone would show up soon. This job was boring enough as is, she wanted someone to eavesdrop on. Rena: Rena walked into the waiting room and coughed nervously, glancing around. There was nobody here, perfect! This would give her all the time to figure out what haircut she was going to get, because honestly, she had no idea. She strode over and plopped down onto one of those cushy small couches, grabbed the worn hairstyle catalogue that was sitting on the small side table, and began to leaf through it. A third of the pages were ripped out, a third had been utilized as miniature art canvases by what appeared to be several monsters with melted crayons for hands, and remaining third alternated between Chad and Karen looking cuts. Rena sighed. This was going to be interesting.
  15. I've been rereading the Stormlight Archive (first time since consuming all other cosmere content), and can I just say...


    I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but like, bro- these are so so so beautifully crafted. I was reading them, and I was really enjoying them, and then last night (reading WoR), something snapped within me, and the enjoyment has morphed backed into an obsession. 

    enjoy this shallan rant


    I was reading Shallan's POV more carefully, and storms almighty, she has way more character building and foreshadowing than I remember


    I think that part of that is intentional, Shallan is set up to be a character that is overlooked, because the way she responds to mental crem is different than you would expect, for example, different that Kaladin. Rather than being obviously broken on the outside, it's more of a reality in the inner world. A lot of people skim over her parts because they're less action than Kaladin's are, and she seems more 'bland,' when in reality, her character is super duper deep. The more you get to know her character, the more you realize, she's not bland, but so many people like her are looked over and thought as two-dimensional and bland because they don't always show their inner world on the outside. 


    also I was supposed to be writing an essay on Frankenstein and instead I spent the last hour or so here and nobody can stop me MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :P


    1. Ookla the Tall

      Ookla the Tall

      Shallan has always been one of my favorite characters, yes! So good.