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  1. Thanks for following me! 

  2. Status: stressed

    Hello, friends! 

    As some of you know, I have been participating in an online speech and debate tournament the last couple of days. These tournaments usually start at 7 in the morning and, alternating every hour and a half between giving speeches and participating in debates, go until about 10 at night. It has been crazy, and I hope that I am soon to the end of it. Technically, there are two more days to go, however I will only have to complete if I break (advance).

    I will find out if I break in debate in about fifteen minutes, so I'm a little bit nervous about that, especially considering that I've only ever broken in debate once, and that was last year at an abbreviated tournament where half of the people who broke didn't continue competing to finals, but just got an instant invite to regionals (but then covid happened and I ended up never getting to go). So.... again, I'm nervous. If I break that'd be freaking awesome, but at the same time it would be very stressful and terrifying.

    As far as speech goes, I still have two more preliminary rounds to get done today and I won't see if I'll break there until tomorrow.

    So anyways.... sorry I really haven't been on much, but the last couple of days have been extremely stressful. Online tournaments are like normal tournaments but with all of the fun ripped out of them and added stress...

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    2. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      Alrighty. Fifteen minutes was forty-five minutes ago. Updates?

    3. Ghanderflaffle


      I’d say based on the fact that she hasn’t been on in a while, she made it.

    4. Bearer of all agonies

      Bearer of all agonies

      Good luck! 
      I know you can do it! :)

  3. The Shadow smirked, shifting in her seat. And she had tried something similar all on her own... what a fool. Then again, she never really wanted to take over the world...
  4. The Shadow, who had been remaining quiet for most of the conversation, leaned forward again smiling. "Count me in." She said decisively. @Channelknight Fadran @Condensation
  5. The Shadow wondered if she had found a fellow member of the Ghostbloods. This could be very good.
  6. The Shadow suddenly had the urge to make use her little obsidian knife.
  7. The Shadow glared at the new comer. She had felt like glaring at someone all day. Then she turned back to the woman. "What kind of mark do you want to make?"
  8. The Shadow sighed and leaned back again, staring at the glass in her hand. She probably shouldn't trust it. So, this was another guild, another meaningless dictator trying to influence and control people, causing meaningless wars and hurting people not involved. She wasn't interested... in joining. However, this could prove to be very fruitful. "What would this guild do?"
  9. The Shadow leaned forward revealing her ash covered face. "What kind of sorts?" She demanded.
  10. The Shadow paused briefly to take a glass of ale from the waiter, before saying shrewdly, "for what are you recruiting? I usually work alone."
  11. The Shadow sighed, "So what brings you here this... fine night?" She asked. Everyone around had felt the explosion, and she reasoned that most people would be hiding at home, not out and about meeting new people. She was very suspicious that someone would obviously go out of there way to approach her. The Shadow tensed for a moment, a thought entered her mind, maybe this person was sent by the Anarchist, maybe the Anarchist had planned on blowing up the Shadow all along, and when it failed had sent an assassin to finish the job. How did he find out? On the other hand, if this person was from the Anarchist, the Shadow could use her. She would continue this conversation.
  12. The Shadow would never turn down a free offer, "go for it." She said smirking.
  13. The Shadow slunk into the tavern, hoping people would not notice her. She would not risk returning to her home in that beautiful dark alley. Storms, this was not good, she didn't have almost any resources and had barely made it out alive of her last shenanigans. Something told the Shadow that things were going to need to change for her to get anywhere. Although, when it came down to it, she had done what she had gone to do. The Trader's Heaven was no more, meaning hopefully the Ghostbloods and TUBA would have less access to weapons when they needed it. Then the Shadow's thoughts turned to the Anarchists. Storms she hated that man, she was going to get him for this. Storm him, if he had just waited a bit more to let her get out... then again, she probably would have done the same to him. The fact that she wanted the Anarchist dead hadn't changed as she worked with him for a time, nor did it now. The Shadow took a seat in the corner, hoping the shadows would cover her. She lifted a hand to her face, flinching at the touch on her chin. She normally had this covered. This was very dangerous, but at least she was alive. She hoped her eyes had returned to normal, the black could have melted away from the heat... hopefully. After making sure that she did indeed still have her right eye, she inspected her arm. It was good thing that she had lost her right arm and not her left, she might not have gotten the tattoo back, though she didn't really know for sure. She fingered the jagged burnt cloth that laid at her shoulder near where her arm had been torn off. Then she grasped her arm, so glad to have it. The voodoo magic of this place was extremely strange, however it did have it's uses. She sighed and leaned into the wall, momentarily closing her eyes. @Channelknight Fadran
  14. The Mull (the Windrunner) flew through the Hoid to showcase yet another sentient battery