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  1. The Shadow let her arms drop as a man asked her if he could help her, but the tension in her arms was still there, ready to dart into her jacket. She wished that she had sewn that extra pocket under her wrist so that she could let a knife drop into her hand without him seeing, but she banished the thought. She was fairly certain that this man was no civilian offering his help to a lost young woman, so The Shadow straightened, met the strange man's eyes, and announced is a confident voice, the tone a bit higher than normal, "My name is Arlene Rivera, and I am here to join the Ghostbloods. I assume you're one of them?"
  2. Thanks! That's good to know, (about Ene), I wasn't sure who ran TUBA, so I just tagged all of the members who appeared to be responding. I do have one question that's kind of related, but not really. I'm fairly new to Alleyverse, but I know TUBA was originally created to counter Dark Alley. I read about them on the wiki, and I think it said somewhere that the Dark Alley no longer exists, but people still talk about it from time to time. So... is it still a thing?
  3. Hello, friend! Welcome to the Shard! What's your favorite type of animal? (if you like animals)
  4. *Loses*
  5. I too love normal watches, and I would have a tan line if I tanned at all... I literally only take off my watch for showers and sports. What are some of your favorite butler characters? One of my favorites is Alfred from Batman. (to be honest I like Alfred from The Animated Batman better than the one from the live action films)
  6. It is late at night for where I live. I am bored. Someone please say something. Or maybe we could just discuss something random.... Let's talk about pocket watches!!
  7. Theoretically, if I had a character who wanted to join TUBA, how would I go about doing it? @AonEne @Sorana
  8. A pen is offered, It cannot be written with, The writers are sad
  9. You get Iridium from Germany. *inserts Loki's scepter*
  10. I just lost the game. You're welcome.
  11. Hi!

    Hello, friend! Welcome to the Shard!
  12. The Shadow crept up to the door, unsure about whether this was correct place or not. She was ready to join the Ghostbloods, but could never be too sure about informants being correct. Of, course, if this was the wrong place, she could always take care of the informant and make sure he never misinformed anyone again. The red hair that fell around her face disgusted The Shadow. Who ever thought red was good hair color? It made you stand out, and made it nearly impossible to blend in the shadows. That went for the blue eyes, too. Too shiny and reflective of light, completely ruining the whole 'melting into the darkness' thing. Of course, that was just what she needed right now, something different. She wore a dark blue denim jacket over a black sleeveless shirt with a skull on it, as well leggings underneath a black skirt that ended around her mid-thigh. The Shadow formed a fist, ready to pound on the door, but then realized that The Shadow would pound, but Arlene would knock, so she gave a few soft knocks to the door with back of her hand, then leapt into the shadows of the building to the right. She wanted to see who opened the door before they saw her, which would be inevitable considering her ridiculous appearance. Her right hand instinctively shot into her left sleeve under her wrist searching for a knife, but then remembered she had placed her knives elsewhere in this stupid jacket. The Shadow shot her hand in a pocket on the inside of the jacket, and her fingers materialized around the perfect knife. If the Ghostbloods decided to just attack her, she would be ready. Edit: @Sorana
  13. The Shadow crept through the night, reaching into the left sleeve of her black turtleneck shirt and grasping at one of the many obsidian throwing knives she had hidden. Fiddling with it comforted her as she glanced suspiciously at the surrounding street. She found it strange to have no mists enveloping her. The absence made things a bit more fair when it came to sensing others' presence, so she didn't have to worry about an unseen tineye or mistborn attacking her unaware, however it was a very unnerving feeling to be able to be seen by anyone who passed. The Shadow always worried that there was someone watching her, following her, ready to pounce, but there rarely ever was. She approached a non-descript building that blended in with the dark of night, a single lamppost reflecting light off her stark black eyes. There was a sign nailed above the door: Anarchy Incorporated Bringing down organisations From beneath her cloth, The Shadow smirked. This was definitely what she was looking for. With her left hand, she reached into one of her trouser pockets, and pulled out a folded piece of paper with writing scrawled onto it. With her right hand, she reached into the small pocket beneath her wrist, and pulled out the three inch triangular knife she was fidgeting with earlier. The Shadow slapped the paper on the door, and with the knife tightly grasped in her hand, she pulled her arm back, then yanked it forward, mercilessly impaling the paper into the wood with a deep thunk. She stepped back to admire her work. Determining that she had completed what she had come to do, The Shadow gave a few mighty thumps with her fist on the door, and proceeded to swiftly and silently take off into another dark alley, her black curly ponytail trailing being her. The note she left behind read: Anarchist. Nice set up. We have a common goal. Who knows, maybe I'll end up in your little tea party eventually anyway. I intend on bringing down as many guilds as possible from the inside out. What is my incentive, you may ask? Guilds are a large source of money, I've heard, and I want it. I also find great joy in causing strife among those who sit in power. Your people may see me around. Let me re-phrase, your people may see what I've left behind. Just wanted you to know that you have some competition. Or maybe, you have an ally. Your choice. - The Shadow P.S. If you want to meet, you're going to have to find me first.
  14. Meredith sat in the shadows of an alley, rummaging through her backpack. Yes, she very much was liking the alleys in this city. They provided a home for lost Shadows, protecting the darkness and void. She glanced at the shadows fading into the light. The poor things. Killed by the very thing that created them. All Shadows need light to exist. Meredith knew this better than anyone. The Shadow had just stolen from three different households. The owners of the houses didn't even know that it happened yet. Ah... The thrill of stealing. It wasn't that big when doing petty theft, but it was still worth the trouble. Meredith also wanted some tea, and had run out of chrysts. Realistically, she wouldn't be able to get tea that night. She may not be able to enjoy a relaxing night with tea for years, well, at least until she had completed her mission. Meredith could hear inviting talking and laughter coming from that nearby tavern, what was it called, The Bleeding Spike? Oh, how she wanted to join them! To morph into some rich noble, or a serious no-nonsense teacher, or maybe, just a lonely girl who needed some company. But, no. The Shadow knew what she needed to do. She clasped her black leather bag shut, and heaved it onto her back as she stood up. Though anyone who saw her probably wouldn't be able to discern her features from the dark, she had her hair pulled tight into a pony tail, the black curls falling from the scrunchy. She wore a black turtleneck and a thin black cloth covering her mouth and nose tied in the back. Her black leather boots stuck out from beneath her black trousers. What she hoped was the most distinctive about her appearance was her black eyes. Meredith used eye drops, but that was her secret. The entire eye was black, making her look as if she was brimming with darkness, that yearned to escape. The Shadow took a step into the light. The tavern, the laughter, was just to her right, but the way to The Anarchist was to her left. She glanced toward the white washed tavern, light seeping from the door and walls. So inviting, yet so opposite from everything that she thought she was. She turned to her left, and strolled off into the night.
  15. Domi, domi domi! You guys I just joined the Alleyverse and am so hyped! I was so bored today that I spent a good two hours making my character, and then another three hours reading about Alleyverse on the wiki and on old threads.

    I saw that a bunch of y'all are Alley... citizens? (is that a thing?) and I am so excited to join y'all!!!


    1. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      Awesome! I... haven't touched that place in awhile. I should probably get back to posting there.