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  1. The happy, depressed hippy who gets too disappointed and writes horrible rom-com comics and is confused at the unending future of the Radiant Sharders plus their bloodthirsty kittens is named Andrew.
  2. chapter by chapter

    I would be interested as well
  3. “Oh I just tried to throttle Santa” - Venture
  4. “Tell, is it hard being shipped with the metaphysical concept of bad luck?” - Venture
  5. That gives me hope I still have it Translation: I am feeling down, I just realized I am losing the knowledge of High Imperial (or a more loose translation, I am losing the ability to speak High Imperial). I wish I could speak High Imperial to people more frequently (more loose translation, I wish I had more people to speak High Imperial with regularly)
  6. I can now say I have met two sharders in my life, because I finally got a friend of mine, @Cyclonical, to join!! He's super cool and is a really good rp-er, so I will probably be directing him to FotT and Siren's Call and stuff, but I haven't kept up with the popular rps... what are the new up and coming rps right now? Also I have a feeling that Cyclonical will get me back into rp-ing to some extent if I'm not careful

    But yeah, what rps have been active? And are there any other cool active threads going on we should check out too?


    If we're being honest here, I probably could use the intel just as much as him considering how long I've been away


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    2. Mystic Syn

      Mystic Syn

      From what I gather, the Masquerade rp has been really going; Star has been doing a good job with that and Guard has been telling me all about it he and I talk a lot :pp. Another rp, for the people that just wanna relax and have a good time, Queedran Candies is also a good start, since you can just drop in and no one will question. I guess Guardians of the Prophet is there too, but it’s been slow going and not a lot is happening I’m not saying this to seem like the rp I made is hard to get, but from an author’s pov with trying to obstruct my bias’.

      Tbh, I’m not in many rps since I have a lot to do irl and all that, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I mean, I will say that I have a plan for an rp in the future, if I ever hit 1k posts, but that’s not looking likely rn and I’m guessing that not many would join it anyways. :pp

    3. Scarletfox



      And let us know about that rp if you end up making it :ph34r:

    4. Isabelle6060


      My personal favorite RP is Tesh’s RP. “Let’s go Find a Dragon.” Cool stuff going on there, or at least I think so. I’m not an expert. 

  7. wasing the downing... wasing the justing of knowing of losing the knowing of saying the say. Wasing the wishing of having the saying the say on the nip of frequent. (not sure if that was right but still)
  8. Day 2 of having the vaccine. Can confirm, I feel like I was hit by a small train :blink:

    But I also feel happy because I’m one step closer to being covid free pogggg!!!

    1. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      I'm still recovering from mine :unsure:

  9. The happy, depressed hippy who gets too disappointed and writes dark rom-com comics and is confused at the unending future of the happy Radiant Sharders plus my bloodthirsty kittens is named Steve.
  10. L
  11. *shakes head in dismay* no one can dominate the last post wins thread for more than two days! Oh yeah also there are a bunch of mosquitoes that have moved into my area... i counted 25 bites at last count. It is indeed a bruh moment
  12. A common theme across the MCU is discovering the balance of/the existing battle between safety and freedom, and I feel it is continued very well in this show - I love it. It makes me think.
  13. I'm back? Maybe?

    Last time I tried to return I made a mistake and tried to get involved in rps again... and then I left for literally three days on a camping trip and when I got back there were about fifty pages of plot I had missed, I got so overwhelmed I ghosted everyone and yeeted myself out of here again xD

    This time I will not make this mistake! I am hopefully back, I finally have some free time now that summer is out and stuff, and tbh I downright miss you guys! However, I will not be participating in rps for quite some time...

  14. Fox could feel Yani rebelling to that, though they both knew that was what they wanted deep down. Fox cocked her head, and smiled. She could certainly do that.