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  1. I made a haiku Then I realized it was bad So I tried again
  2. Granted! You grow a moustache to match theirs that grows at extreme speeds and will never stop, soon we will see tangled 2 I wish for my water bottle to be forever full of clean and delicious water.
  3. *bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh* You make me lose the game twice a week, Tuesdays are supposed to be my day off I guess.... @Matrim's Dice @Condensationand @revelryintheart, my apologies, friends
  4. technosupport

    technoblade never dies!! we must repay this injustice a thousand times over by eliminating cancer from existence in a way that isn't slowly poisoning ourselves, blood for the blood god! I was thinking the same thing when I read it! And now I even carry the Art of War everywhere in my backpack
  5. "I already had chocolate chip zombies" - @Condensation
  6. “Found a new way to flirt with plastic tableware” - @Spock
  7. I was going to write this as a response to my original status update, but I forgot comment mechanics don't allow many lines :rolleyes:

    Also I storming know I'm going to miss some people, so if you don't see your name here, please know I love literally everyone here, and you are amazing, I just happen to be functioning on about three brain cells at the moment 

    (Also it seems to not want to @ some people, and others I forgot their shard names, so sorry if it's a bit wonky here for the names/nicknames)

    @AonEne you are amazing my goodness, such a good friend and really just such a cool person overall. I really look up to you in many ways, thanks for being such an awesome inspiration

    @Mist another true inspiration to me, you're really fun and honestly just very smart, I know everyone jokes about you being the responsible one, but it really is true, you are so appreciated. But you're also super fun and cool outside of that too, and I've enjoyed having you as a friend 

    @Chasmessian I cannot begin to describe what an amazing friend you have been to me over the past year or so, thank you, truly. From out random conversations on bagels to our deep life discussions, I have enjoyed every storming minute of it. *virtually ruffles hedgehog*

    @FriarFritz/NOAM you are an amazing, lovely, loyal friend who's kind to everyone, you have always cared, you are amazing, and you are the best (platonic) valentine I've ever had (I swear I almost definitly cried that day)

    @Channelknight Fadran you are really nice and friendly to everyone, thank you for being you

    @DramaQueen of course you and Fadran's names must be close; You are such a wonderful person I've enjoyed every conversation we've had, you are lovely and loyal to everyone, and have taught me a lot

    VENNIEEEE  You are the probably the most optimistic supportive happy person I've ever met, and you have truly inspired me as well, I love the way you happily greet everyone, are constantly looking out for everyone's well being, and just generally super super caring. Thank you.

    TRUTHIE you are going to run the world some day, you are so storming smart! I have loved getting to know you, and I think you are destined for a wonderful future. 

    @Blessing of Potency You are also really cool and confident, you are quite fabulous and lovely

    @Doomstick you are so kind and cool!! We really need to get that civ 6 game to happen one of these days, *hisses at life stuff*

    DARK you are lovely and kind to everyone! You got this friend!

    TAKEN you are amazing and such a thinker! I love the way you are open to new ideas and I have enjoyed every conversation we've had, serious ones and regular ones. I like the way you really value the people around you, you value our opinions, our life, our feelings. You are so cool

    CYNI you are amazing and kind!

    @Vapor*HUGGSSS* I enjoy being around you and your wonderful personality

    @Condensation you are fabulous and loving to everyone around you, I will never forget you were the first ever person I interacted with extensively on the shard, and it was when I realized this forum was really really pog. Thank you for being your amazingly kind and sweet you

    @Nathrangking you are an amazing poet and writer, thank you for putting up with me for so long with our rp-ing adventures during my time in FotT, you are truly an inspiration and I learned a lot about poetry from you, thank you friend

    @KyL I don't know if you'll ever see this, but you also taught me a lot about writing and invention, I enjoyed getting to know you through rp-ing adventures

    also that never ending chess game will always be a special memory for me

    @Emi you are amazing and wonderful! I love your quirky wonderful personality, and you are an amazing artist

    PUNNY you are actually so hilarious, I aspire to reach that level of punning, but also I have enjoyed our interactions and hope to have more

    @Spock I love your personality so much!! You have been a huge help on my twitch and discord, and great friend. You are so nice too, and I really truly enjoy being around you

    @KnightofIron I have enjoyed our conversations, and you are also a caring and cool person who I've enjoyed talking too

    @revelryintheart I've also enjoyed getting to know you, another person who introduced me to the kind culture of the Shard

    @Hen You amazing friend, it's been a hot second, but I have also really enjoyed getting to know you as well, you incredibly kind and loving

    Meta, Affie, Dannex, Jester, Flying, Twig, SuperiorCiderCan I've enjoyed y'all as well, you guys are all AMAZING and I literally love ALL of you. 

    Reading this back I realize that a decent portion of this doesn't make sense and it's because I'm quite tired and the day after my shardiversery is over in about fifteen minutes, however I hope at the end of the day you all realize what amazing human beings you all are, and that I love you and every moment we've had


    *dies in cuteness overload (for the third time, I think)*


    Also I might be adding to this over the next several days as I think of more things I love about all of y'all and more people to mention

    Well, it's been a year, and I have loved every storming moment I've been on the Shard. This is my last thank you and it is to Chaos and all of the mods. This place couldn't exist without you, I never would have met all the wonderful people I've met here if y'all didn't make this amazing place, and also keep it safe and uphold the wonderful culture it has. Thank you so so so much, you have helped so many of us so much, and my thankfulness for this place will never end

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    2. Chasmessian


      ^This^ you need to link your amazon prime account with your twitch account.

    3. Flying


      HAPPY SHARDIVERSARY! Even though I'm responding a few days too late

      That dog is also adorable

    4. AonEne



      You're so incredibly cool and funny and I love you toooooo, and you're making fantastic, enjoyable content so far!!! Thank you for being both wise and fun to talk to!! 


  8. It's that time of year.... I can still hardly believe it's been an entire storming year since I joined the shard :blink:

    There are so many people I need to thank and I can't believe I have had the honor of knowing over the past year, it amazes me, however my parents are making me go to bed now, so I won't be able to tell y'all just how amazing you are until tomorrow, but in short, just know that my experience here has been amazing with every single person I've met. You are all fabulous and lovely, truly, thank you. 

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    2. Condensation



      It's been great to get to know you, I hope you stick around for a long time!!!

    3. Tesh


      Happy Shardiversary!

    4. The Awakened Salad

      The Awakened Salad

      I’m very late but happy Shardiversary!

  9. "All I know is that when I first woke up, my very first thoughts were 'Vertical Gastropodical Inclination (or VGI): the action of a snail crawling up a wall'" - @Chasmessian
  10. The happy, depressed hippy who gets too disappointed and writes horrible rom-com comics and is confused at the unending future of the Radiant Sharders plus their bloodthirsty kittens is named Andrew.
  11. chapter by chapter

    I would be interested as well
  12. “Oh I just tried to throttle Santa” - Venture
  13. “Tell, is it hard being shipped with the metaphysical concept of bad luck?” - Venture
  14. That gives me hope I still have it Translation: I am feeling down, I just realized I am losing the knowledge of High Imperial (or a more loose translation, I am losing the ability to speak High Imperial). I wish I could speak High Imperial to people more frequently (more loose translation, I wish I had more people to speak High Imperial with regularly)