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  1. Fox could feel Yani rebelling to that, though they both knew that was what they wanted deep down. Fox cocked her head, and smiled. She could certainly do that.
  2. She smiled faintly, "I'm really just bad this whole... people thing." She said waving her hands all around. Fox felt like crem, she knew exactly how to act, but she didn't want to act anymore. She wanted to be real. Unfortunately, it seemed that neither Yani nor her knew what being genuine really meant, nor how to get there.
  3. Fox would do anything to leave, to run, to hide somewhere away from all people and society. "No..." she said sighing grudgingly. "I'm just... really bad at this."
  4. Ask her how you can help. Yani commanded. Fox hesitated. Ask her. Yani said again. Fox wondered who was truly in control of this ship... waitwaitwaitwaitwait first, you're smiling too much, drop the smile, Yani said, appearing in a ghost like tanslucent form in front of Fox and imitating her with a huge overly fake and slightly creepy smile. So fox stopped smiling entirely. No nononononono! Now you look like you're about to kill someone! "What if I am?" Fox muttered quietly. Oh come on, stop being such a slonzte. Just a little smile. Fox tried a half smile thing, turned back to Ayia, and asked, "so how can I help?" Yani smacked her forehead, and whispered, you look like you're grimacing, fool.
  5. "So tell me about what's happening around here!" Fox said, again trying to be perky. You really are terrible at this, Yani said.
  6. Fox chuckled. "You could say that." Yani began dying of laughter in her head, making it hard to focus, so Fox said sternly under her breathe "compose yourself," though she couldn't keep back a smile.
  7. Fox almost glared out of reflex, but caught herself. She forced a smile and winked, something Yani had taught her was supposed to make her look cute or something. "That's me!" She said perkily anime style.
  8. Fox had no storming idea how she got there, but suddenly she was amongst a crowd of revolutionaries? What had happened? for some reason, she had no idea what the heck had happened over the last two hundred pages, couple of months, year, [insert amount of time since last Scarletfox post here]. She stroked her head, and it seemed... empty, somehow. Where were her mind demons? I'm standing right here, you know. Yani spoke from within with a smirk. "are you actually standing though? that's so trippy..." Fox said aloud, before remembering she was in a group.
  9. "Do you swear to eat the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth?" - @Knight of Iron
  10. I used to enjoy winter, but now I love the summer even though it's crazy hot where I live. All the animals come out and you can walk around barefoot and read books outside. There's so much you can do in the summer.
  11. Correct, what are the Arba Banim? TPBM has lint in their pocket
  12. I usually don't post status updates for rep titles, but I just realized I'm the King's Wit!!!! WOOOHOOOOO






    *narrows eyes*


    Don't do it. Don't you dare do it.




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  13. “I’m really tempted to ask for your address just to mail you a rubber duck” - @Truthless of Shinovar edit in order not to double post: “What are nuns usually made of?” - Truth
  14. “Murder is the answer” - @Chasmgoat
  15. “Hen is a zombie chicken” - Emi