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  1. Jasnah-Lopen Actually this is my best friend's ship. I was explaining all the things about the books. İt ended like this.
  2. A few year ago I was a devout Muslim. Now, I don't know what I am and I don't care.
  3. I am worse off than you. I live in Turkey and Turkish translation of Oathbringer was released last year. It was terrible to wait for the book two years. I am sure the same thing will happen again.
  4. Ezhel - Allahından bul I am sure you won't understand the lyrich but I think it's a good song and you will like it. Song name is "Allahından bul".
  5. Then,,,,, Hehe
  6. I have no problem with it's taste but when I see it, I can't eat. İt's same with garlic. İf I see and eat, I try to swallow it without chewing.I don't eat most food so I got used to it. I want to tell you something interesting. I ate mushroom at the first at the age of 18. Until then I always thought it was bad food. Now I loooove mushrooms.
  7. Well guys, I searched the translation of hehe and İts means was so meaningless. I think it was translate wrong. So I have a question. Is that the way you laugh? I think so, but here we laugh like this: asjajsjakaksaajshaajsha
  8. Tastes and colors are indisputable so I respect onion lovers. My family sometimes eats raw onion and almost all of the turkish dishes contain onion.
  9. I think onion should be excomminacated from all food.
  10. Many people I know find watermelon and cheese very tasty together and I remember that I ate tangerina and plum with salt and it wasn't bad. These things are normal around here.
  11. I remember that Oathbringer's translation was published 2 years later. I wish they published new episodes every week.
  12. Thank you very much.
  13. You are very nice, Thank you. There were so many eartquakes in 2020 that I stopped counting. There have been disasters like sandstorms and tsunami that have never happened before in Turkey. But it was the worst disaster. I hope it never happens to anyone again.
  14. Frankly I am not the main hero of what I want to tell but I will do. 3 Day ago in Turkey was an earthquake of 7.0 intensity and after this there was a flood in the city(İzmir) The announced death toll is 100 now. People collecting donations for the homeless, they are trying to help them. 90 hours after the earthquake a 3 year old girl ws recqued alive. This such a miraculous event but then I found out that the girl's Mother was dead. The things that happened are very sad. But the brutal mindset of other people that hurt me More. I have read many Turkish and foreign comment stating that İzmir deserves this. I think every act and avery thought that makes human life cheap is disease and I realized that this disease has no religion and race. (I am sorry for my bad English)
  15. I can generalize that Turkish men are fond of watching footbal match(of course there are exceptions) Most Turkish women complain about this and find it meaningless. But I can't say the same for weighlifting. Some like it, some don't.
  16. Bizim hakkımızda ne tür kalıp yargılarınız var bilmiyorum ama bir sorunuz varsa cevaplayacağım. I am a Turk
  17. I can't explain my thought on this guy because my english is bad but I can say that I get angry.
  18. Good bless Google translate. Thanks anyway.
  19. I want to do many think but my english don't let me. Usually I will read. I am trying to improve my english. Maybe I can do what you say later.
  20. Thank you. My favourite book serie of Brandon is Stormlight Archive. I am like Brandon's Turkey herald. Ten minute before my friend sent me a message. She had never read Brandon Sanderson and she said that Kaladin is a fool. I introduce the books and this forum.
  21. What does E! F! Y! mean? ( I feel like I am a spren. I can't understand anything)
  22. I was finding strange that how can I walk. I don't know is there any body think about it but this is so weird. We just want walking then it is happening. So I was trying to understand that how we doing this automatically. I was stopping in the middle of the road suddenly, then I walk slowly. I try to not think what the other people around me had thought about me.