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  1. Horns start blowing in the town square. It's execution time!
  2. Aww shoot. He fixes those too
  3. Godithwyn with a flick of the wrist finishes an Aon that fixes all the Windows you've been jumping through. He then orders his Obligators to start hunting down the whereabouts of all the inquisitors.
  4. I know you did. It's all windrunner's fault.
  5. Null tells me that windrunner is trading up kredik Shaw. We already talked about what I'm about to do. My Character is Godithwyn, an elantrian fullborn who is currently dwelling in Kredik Shaw. He killed the Lord Ruler.
  6. *pawn* pieces. Stupid autocorrect.
  7. I've been doing some work with Null on one of my games I'm currently calling transcendence. It's a trading board game where the players have different hero cards and board pieces. The hero has some special ability that effects the lawn pieces in the gameplay.
  8. My favorite character is probably Wayne even though wax and Wayne aren't my favorite books.
  9. Just wondering how do I get in on this campaign that Null's doing cuz I've already been talking to him about it and I already have a character in it.
  10. Elantris of course
  11. Am Null's younger brother. picked up the cosmere a while back and I am currently reading wax and wayne. I enjoy making stupid or broken dnd characters and I'm a genius when it comes to game design.