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  1. damnation, and here I naively thought my idea was at least somewhat original. Aw well
  2. Most other forms of Compounding are obvious in their effects: Iron Compounding gives much greater weight, Gold Compounding gives much greater healing, Bendalloy Compounding assures you’ll never get a bad case of the munchies ever again, etc etc. Other forms of Compounding are a bit more mysterious but nevertheless somewhat guessable: e.g. basically all of the Spiritual Feruchemy Metals (Fortune, Connection, Invesititure, Identity). However, one metal stands out from all the rest in that nobody really knows what it would do if you Compounded it: Copper. I’ve seen people guess ‘perfect recall’ (as in, Compounding a copper memory perfectly ingrains it into your brain without it ever fading); however, I also have an alternative theory. Compounding gives you a much greater quantity of whatever you’ve stored in your metalminds, and that being the case it makes sense to me that when you burn a copper metalmind you gain duplicate versions of the memory that’s inside it. Now, you may be wondering: What’s the point of that? What application could having multiple versions of a single memory have? Here’s where you have to remember the crippling disadvantage to copperminds: Once you store a memory in a coppermind it no longer exists in your head. You can either have it in your head or in your coppermind, but never both at once. And every time you remove it from your coppermind, the memory degrades a little more. Feruchemists developed a few tricks to get around this, of course. Remember the scene where Sazed has to write information down on a piece of paper in order to remind himself of what he had stored in his coppermind? But it’s a limited and less than ideal method. With Copper Compounding, however, this limitation becomes null. You could burn a coppermind, duplicate the memory that’s within it, and then store one of those duplicates in another coppermind while keeping the other(s) in your head. Moreover, with the creation of copper medallions, it becomes possible to share memories with others. Depending on how many duplicates a Copper Compounder is capable of creating (it should be quite a few considering it’s repeatedly said that Compounding is supposed to enhanced Feruchemical power ‘tenfold’), you could widely spread information depending on how many unkeyed copperminds you have available, all the while keeping the information in your head as well. It’s interesting to think about what might be possible with this skill. What is the limitation on how many memories you can duplicate? If a Copper Compounder had a coppermind like those of the old Keepers, where it contained centuries of inherited knowledge, could they duplicate those vast stores of knowledge into other copperminds? Imagine being able to keep infinite backups of valuable memories and information. That’s my theory, basically. And with medallions, Copper Compounding also becomes effectively the Feruchemical version of the printing press, able to widely disseminate large quantities of identical, reproduced information. Either way the main reason I like this theory is because I think it’s more in keeping with the original theme of Compounding: Instead of simply being able to store memories, you’re able to duplicate them; just like instead of only being able to store strength or speed, you’re able to enhance the power stored in the metalminds. What do you guys think? This is my first every theory post, so I'm curious what responses I'll get.
  3. I have to go with the Metallic Arts on this one. All those power combinations are just too fun to imagine, and there seems to be a lot about Hemalurgy that hasn't been explored yet. That being said, the Radiants and their spren bonding is definitely a close second
  4. Oh that's always a tough one! Despite my name and my fondness for Scadrial, I have to say my favourite character is probably Shai. I hope we eventually get to see more of her in future books, even as a background cosmere character Similar to above, though I love Scadrial, The Emperor's Soul really gripped me. The novella is well structured and flows very smoothly, especially in comparison to many other cosmere works. There is nothing unnecessary in the plot, and complex cosmere ideas are explained and demonstrated with suprising clarity. It really impressed me, and was definitely one of the books where I noticed BS's marked improvement in pacing
  5. Hello! I'm a long time Branderson fan who has dipped in and out of the online community as a lurker. Decided to finally sign up as a full-on Sharder. In my dreams, I'm a cunning Zinc Compounder Twinborn. In reality, I'm a socially awkward, fantasy-loving book nerd with a particular fondness for overly complex worldbuilding You can probably guess what first drew me to the Sanderson Sagas when I was younger