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  1. While I'm not as well read as I would like to be, I do have a current list as to what they are: 1) Mistborn sagas. I only recently finished the two eras but I think they're great books. Not much else to say 2) LotR. I'm not quite through Return of the King but they are a perfect example of fantasy, in my opinion. 3) Harry Potter. These books were a large part of my life and I have gotten to the point where I can open any of the books to any page and know exactly what's happening 4) Percy Jackson. Also a large part of my life and like with HP I can open any book and know exactly what's going on. 5) Magisterium. Not much to say other than I like them Not quite what I want the list to be but it'll change. Especially when I get around to reading Wheel of Time, Name of the Wind, and the Stormlight Archive