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  1. Irian sketched a drawing of sample A in his notes. It was a rough steel spike, about a handspan long. It was rather advanced metalworking. Irian wondered whether it was from Sel. It didn't have the marks of soulcast steel. The spike rolled over slightly on the table, and Irian reached to steady it. The spike rolled away faster. Then it rolled off the table and rang against the floor. "Storms," Irian muttered. He quickly got out of his chair, and went over to where it rested on the floor. It rolled away again. He fell down on his knees while trying to reach it. Irian decided that he hated this sample. They'd probably sent him to study this one on purpose. He noticed that his left hand was nearer to the spike then the right hand. He moved his right hand closer. The spike moved. He moved his left hand. The spike didn't budge, and he grasped it. "Ha ha!" He moved his right hand close to it, and he could feel a magnetic like resistance. His ring. On his right hand. He took it off, and placed it on the floor. Sure enough, he could now grasp it with his other hand. He grabbed up his ring, and went back to the table. He began to scrall notes in his paper, about... About that he'd discovered the spike was magnetic. Storming revolutionary. He sighed, and began sketching once again.
  2. The name I have chosen for the game is Irian, a darkeyes from Alethkar.
  3. Hi, I'm thinking of joining this game - Name TBD.