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  1. Haha! We did it! Bro why didn't you shoutout wiz in the final paragraph. He put in the WORK
  2. Alright it's been four hours so I'm double posting. I know I'm not the inquisitor, which leaves the options of <Fifth, TJ, Aman, Araris> Fifth can't be the inquisitor bc he rolled steel C1. He could be the convert, and would be a likely target for that conversion, but not inquis. Aman is claiming Thug. Would rule out inquis, but could've been a convert target maybe? I have Fifth and Aman tentatively in my non!inquis sus pile. Leaving <TJ, Araris> Araris was scanned by KasWiz yeah? So that's two of us scanned and "confirmed" not inquisitor by wiz. Thus, Araris.
  3. Ash targeted Stick C1 I forgor to scan C2 because life C3 I saw mat do nothing C4 was my fifth scan sorry for lack of responses, life has been running me over, but I will prevail!!
  4. Unfortunately not much to offer. Apparently I was unable to tineye fifth lol
  5. Well, that's nice! Wiz Okay, I guess that also implicates me tho, looking at the thread, because kaswiz scanned me and Aman and Mat want me dead. Especially Mat lol. Best defense I can give is that a wiz scan would set me up for a viable misexe in the event that Wiz flips elim. Glad my feelings about Mat are looking correct tho. Also he did nothing last night, according to my scan, so that also lends itself to v!mat and Wiz being evil
  6. Busy JNV Mat's engagement with the thread and more aggressive tactics read village to me, so I don't want to join that wagon
  7. That's fair. Better than exeing an innocent and giving the elims yet another number closer
  8. HI SORRY I FELL ASLEEP Okay, not elim reading Mat, obviously not gonna vote on myself, can't find a reason to vote Stick other than the snapping thing, which I think was already met? Idea of stalling for time feels... mostly okay? I worry it's a waste of an exe, because I'm not strongly e!reading JNV. I'll tentatively add my vote to the JNV pool, but it's a strong tentative.
  9. And that’s what I needed from Mat thank u i voted on you for gut btw but your response to the exe pressure reads v to me, thus I retract
  10. Not again Sounds like there's already a big ol PM trust group yeah? Which inevitably means a lot of us don't know what's going on behind the scenes. Kas voting himself feels NAI, to be honest. Feels like RL is taking its toll. Though Kas, I'd prefer if you didn't vote against your wincon, to echo what Mat said. V reads on Aman and Fifth. Aman feeling like the previous LG (not a bad thing, helps me read him lol). I'm going to place a vote on Mat for now. Sorry old pal, your posts are reading like your elim posts
  11. Unfortunately a lot of this comes down to what could've been coordinated in the doc. Which, if you read the doc... didn't really happen. We tried, though. We had an open wolf the entire game, but that also didn't really go anywhere (re number 3)
  12. I appreciate that! Haha. Yeah things were a little rough out here but it was partially due to irl things too. Things are getting better over here soon I hope. unfort for me you are very good at SE lmao, and I am not so good