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  1. Hey Waffles, just for future reference you should try to avoid double posting!
  2. Yeah! If I could go back in time, I'd give the elims a knight. I think it would've been smart, though we left a lot of distro up to RNG. Beedle was an attempt to do something different, though I agree that role needs some refinement. Striker and I have talked about reskinning this game for mistborn maybe, so we could rerun the rules. I like those ideas Araris! And to the elims, I am sorry that it took us so long to get you guys a pinch hitter. I promise we tried, but the one person who signed up to pinch hit never responded to our PMs, so we had to go digging. It took a bit longer than we had hoped. Some hilarious things that happened this game, from my POV: Link killed Zelda. No redirects, no interference. Link just straight up murked Zelda and it was the funniest thing ever. When Alv submitted that action, I called Striker laughing. Drake was presented on a silver platter, but no. TJ died. The turn purple died, I was driving my cat to the vet while Striker handled all of rollover. I was on the phone with him to help as much as I could while I drove, my cat screaming constantly in his kennel next to me. Finally, Striker tells me that the elim kill needs to be RNG'd. I say, nonchalantly, "wouldn't it be funny if it double shot purple?" Silence. "...It picked purple." When Kayla subbed in, her first message in the elim doc was "how do I kill Quill?" Quill lived to the end of the game. Every single time someone speculated about the way Zelda died, the dead doc lost their minds. Striker and I reunited a few days ago, and he promptly sprained his wrist. He typed all PMs with one hand for the entire rest of the trip. I had to squeeze toothpaste onto his toothbrush. We mixed up Waffle's PM and didn't realize until well into the first day. Jon and Waffle's roles should've been switched, but by the time we realized it, Jon had seen his role. That's how a newbie got a redirect role, one of the most confusing roles imo. Striker and I have quoted quill's "happy birthday waffles" post at least five times already. Steel, you calling Quill "Quillin" has become a meme over on the LU discord server. It's Quill's name there. We had a mod vc one night over on LU. (For those who don't know, I'm one of the head mods over there, and Quill, Waffles, Purple, and Attic are all mods too.) During this game, we added a few new mods to the team, and while we were doing our first vc with them, Waffles and Quill were scheming over in PMs on the shard. I was trying not to die as I watched them furiously plan while we discussed Modly Things in a voicechat. Kayla getting Revali, who is her favorite character, plus Striker unknowingly naming the turn she died "and then there were nine," coincidentally referencing kayla's fic "and then there were none." This is getting long, so I'll stop, but all in all this was a blast of a game. Also, got Quill to buy mistborn, so success!
  3. Okay my initial GM thoughts: This was the funniest game I have ever witnessed. It was the perfect storm of new players, sheer luck, and RNG nonsense to make some of the most comedic outcomes to every situation. I can't count the amount of times Striker and I lost our minds over voice chat while working on the game. Thank you guys for making this one of the most fun and also most hilarious experiences I have ever had.
  4. Kyson led his knights through the halls of the castle, gathering anyone who was still in the castle. By Link’s orders, they were supposed to bring everyone together and figure out once and for all who the Yiga are. They didn’t have much time to waste, with the Calamity coming so soon. It took most of the day to successfully corral everyone into the throne room. No one really wanted to be cooped up into one room altogether. Even Kyson was worried about it. Things could go south really quickly once the Yiga revealed themselves. But this was their best bet at finding the last of the Yiga before the Calamity came and it was too late. Kyson and his men stood at the edges of the room, by the doors in case anyone tried to leave. Kyson was half tempted to leave the throne room himself, but he was bound by duty. He had to do this. Link still hadn’t revealed himself from his latest disguise yet. The plan was to reveal himself at the last minute and draw the attention of the Yiga and then ambush them. Before the real Link could reveal himself, Linebeck, a salesman who had been unlucky enough to end up in the castle before the lockdown, stood up and said, “I am Link! I have gathered you all here today so we can finally root out the Yiga from amongst ourselves and-” He didn’t have a chance to finish as Jamut Whitemane, probably the most clueless man in all of Hyrule, pulled out the Master Sword and levelled it at Linebeck. Linebeck just smiled, and all hell broke loose. Half the gathered crowd, even a few of the knights, and Linebeck himself puffed away and revealed Yiga soldiers.They charged towards Link, cutting through regular civilians to get to him. “Get to Link!” Kyson yelled, his sword already drawn as he was running to help Link. “Keep them off of him!” One of his former knights, now revealed to be a Yiga, stood in Kyson’s way, sword moving for his stomach. Kyson dodged, rolling on the marbled floor of the throne room. He stood, puffing, and sprinted through the chaos, looking for the flash of the Master Sword. There he stood. Link, holding the sword high, surrounded by Yiga. Kyson swung in a wide arc, catching the side of a footsoldier and sending him careening to the side, screaming. He puffed away in a flash of smoke. Link fought beautifully, despite how outnumbered he was. Linebeck was gone now, replaced by a hulking Yiga with a huge, double handed sword that cleaved through the air itself. Link dodged this sword expertly, but other Yiga closed in, pressing him closer and closer. Kyson shouted, carving his way through the footsoldiers. Where had they all come from? They had appeared so suddenly, so perfectly, as if they knew all along this would be how it ended. One of his knights fell next to him, dead. Another fell nearby, sightless eyes staring upward, blood dripping from his mouth. Kyson grit his teeth and pushed forward. Link fought, he stumbled, he bled. Even the holder of the Master Sword himself could only stand against an army alone for so long. And he fell. Kyson watched, just as he reached the front of the army. The windcleaver sword caught Link in the stomach. The Yiga yanked it out, dripping blood. Bright red blood. The hero’s blood. Expressionless, Link collapsed just as Kyson ran his sword through the murderer. The Yiga puffed away, leaving behind so many dead bodies. Kyson had never seen a dead Yiga before. They always fled before death, but… The floor was littered with Yiga bodies. Had… had he done that? No time for thoughts. Kyson fell to his knees next to Link, shouting hoarsely for help. The young knight bled from a wound that had carved cleanly through his abdomen, eyes closed, breathing slow. Goddess, had he always looked so young? The facial disguise gone but clothes remaining, he just looked like a young merchant boy. Just a teenager. Oh Hylia, they had rested the fate of the world on the shoulders of a kid. Kyson clutched Link to his chest. Healers and scientists came. They pried Kyson off the boy, checking the wound, checking his pulse. He was dying, there was no saving him, the wounds were too extensive. They had to find a way to fit him in the Shrine of Resurrection with Zelda. Kyson heard their words, washing over him as he knelt on the floor. The healers took Link’s body away, leaving him covered in the young boy’s blood. He didn’t move, didn’t speak. He just stared at the pool of one hero’s blood on the floor, surrounded by the dead bodies of false ones. They had failed.   Savia’s hands sat uselessly in her lap. She couldn’t bring herself to do anything. What was the point? Light streamed through her bedroom window in Hateno, though it did little to ease her anxiety. She had fled the castle amid the chaos and trekked all the way home, avoiding monsters and stopping at stables for food and rest. Carriages didn’t run anymore. Too many monster raids. She could hear her mother’s worried voice float up from downstairs, discussing hurriedly with her father. They were debating fleeing Hateno, going even further east or south. Perhaps that would protect them, her mother said. Fort Hateno was good defense, her father insisted. No need to flee. Nothing would be good enough defense, Savia’s mind whispered. They had failed. So thoroughly and utterly failed. Zelda was locked away in the Shrine of Resurrection, with still more months to go until she was healed. Link was dead. The Hyrule Castle scientists were attempting to figure out how to put two people in there before it was too late, but Savia had heard it in their voices. She knew. They had failed. Perhaps she would’ve been better off joining the Yiga after all, she thought bitterly. At least in that case she would’ve had a chance to save her family. In the corner, her little sister played with her dolls, oblivious to their looming destruction. So innocent, a soft smile on her face. “I have you now, evil man!” With her favorite doll, she ‘slayed’ a ragged old one and held up her favorite triumphantly. Savia squeezed her eyes shut. Oh Hylia, why have you abandoned us? She stood, unable to bear the sight of her sister any longer. She braced herself on the window ledge and looked out on the fields. Somewhere, far in the distance, Hyrule Castle loomed, filled with chaos and panic. They would certainly release evacuation orders soon for all nearby villages, but it wouldn’t be enough. Savia had heard talk of the Calamity’s near-infinite power. They were doomed. She looked down at her hands, white knuckled on the windowsill. Hands that had held the dying as they bled out, hands that had accused the innocent, hands that had once been callused from brooms and farming rather than the knife she gripped so tightly at her waist. “You can’t have us, Calamity!” Her little sister declared. “I, Eshen, Hero of Hyrule, will defeat you!” Savia stalked out of the room, leaving her sister alone with her dolls. Down the stairs, around the corner, to the kitchen where her parents argued. They’d sent her away while they debated, still thinking her the innocent young farmer girl that had left for Hyrule castle so many months before. Did they realize how much these hands had hurt? “Savia,” her mother jumped, noticing her arrival. “You should go back up to your room, dear.” Savia shook her head, expression hardened. “We have to join them.” Her father blinked. “What?” “We have to join them. The Yiga.” Her mother glanced at her father, then laughed nervously. “Oh, honey, you do like to joke.” Savia scowled. “I am not joking. The Calamity is too powerful, I heard all of the talk of it in the castle. I saw all the death at the hands of the Yiga.” She glanced out the kitchen window, looking east. “There will be no fleeing. We will never be far enough away.” “You can’t know that--” “And we can’t know that we’ll survive,” Savia interrupted her father. “There is only one hope for our family. For Eshen.” She held their gazes, chin up, defiant. No longer was she the innocent young girl that had never faced danger. In those final weeks in the castle, Savia had witnessed death, had fled chaos and held knives to throats. And she could do it again, if it meant saving her family. Slowly, slowly, her parents nodded. “We… will think on it.” Her father said. Good enough. Savia stalked away, out the front door to sit in the fields. Long grass waved around her, blanketing her and blocking out sound. What would she do if her parents didn’t agree? If they decided to flee, securing their certain doom? Would she go with them? Would she secure her own fate so certainly? No. If her parents decided to flee, Savia would not. She would take Eshen from them and head west. To the Yiga. To join them. Her last hope. Her only chance to save her sister. They had failed. But at least Savia could live. Alvron has been removed! They were Link! Alvron (3): Steeldancer, Mist, quillinthestars Steeldancer (0): Alvron Player List: The Yiga have won! Congratulations to @Illwei @purplewhiteandgold @kaylakrue @Steeldancer @DrakeMarshall and @Araris Valerian! The Calamity is imminent. Docs and stuff! Dead Doc Elim Doc GM Spreadsheet I'm sure Striker and I will add our GM thoughts later. His wrist is just sprained, and I need a coffee.    
  5. Kyson stood at attention, flanking the grand hall with his fellow knights. Or, what remained of them, as some had died in the bloodbath the day before, and others had fled amidst the chaos. He suppressed yet another sigh at thinking about it. No use dwelling. Put it away, move on. That's what he did. That's how you became a good knight. Hopefully tonight would be uneventful. After the chaos of the fight, he couldn't imagine even more chaos. It seemed unfair. Of course, Hylia didn't care about fairness. Kyson squeezed his eyes shut as a continuous shout from the next hall over grew louder as the messenger ran. He stumbled into the grand hall, shouting, blubbering, face white as a sheet."B-body in the hall! Body in the hall! Oh goddess Hylia above, oh three golden, oh--" his face drained of all color, and he collapsed forward, unconscious. Kyson sighed and stalked out of the grand hall, flanked by his fellow knights. The body wasn't too far from the grand hall, tucked into a corner. But as he approached it, Kyson's hair stood on end. There was no blood. Certainly, the person was dead, whoever they were, but the distinct absence of blood made his skin crawl. Had someone moved the body and dumped it here? With a sigh, he knelt to observe it. There was something supremely inhuman about the way it looked. Not a drop of blood to be found, limbs bent in weird ways but not as if broken, rather as if they just functioned that way. A single stab wound in the chest was the only injury he could find. Kyson shuddered. What in the world? He stood and, once again flanked by his fellow knights, left the body in the hall, guarded by some others, to go report it to the proper authorities.   Ashbinger has been kill! They were a Hyrulean Postman. There will be a removal during this Day turn. There is no vote minimum (though no one is removed if no one votes), and tied votes result in a random tied player getting removed. This turn will end at 9:30 am CDT on Sunday, July 18th. Player List: PMs should be sent out already.
  7. That's the turn! No more posting or PMing until next turn is up!
  8. They took the butler next. Savia shouldn't have been surprised. She'd known for ages that the guards would eventually come for Hyrule Castle's staff. Horatio was the obvious first choice. No one ever saw him for more than a few minutes at a time. Perfect for him to hide his Yiga allegiance. So they said. Savia felt it her responsibility to witness this one. This was one of their own, a worker. Leaving the castle or not, she needed to be here for Horatio's death. It felt important. It didn't take long for her to see why. Horatio did not waver in front of the guards, or the sword brought up to him. He barely flinched as his sentence was handed down on his head. His eyes twinkled with something, fierce and unyielding, but knowing. Insanity? No, his eyes were too clear for that, though Savia couldn't imagine anyone but an insane person being so calm in the face of their own death. But he wasn't insane. No, Horatio knew something. When the first guard moved to grab him, his hand froze in the air. The guard's eyebrows drew together. He tried again, but his hand did not move forward. Another guard on the other side, probably assuming Horatio had somehow dodged the first guard, tried to kick the aging butler's legs out from under him. His kick didn't connect. Just like the first guard's hand, his foot stopped a few inches from Horatio's legs. Horatio's eyes twinkled. "I think we have some things to discuss."   attic_gremlin was attempted to be removed, but survived! attic_gremlin (4): Ashbringer, Devotary of Spontaneity, WhiffleWaffles, quillinthestars This turn will end at 9:30 AM CDT on Tuesday, July 13th. Player List:
  9. Yes there is, but they came to us and mentioned they would be unable to post for these past few days, so they're not being caught by the filter.
  10. Gg mat you played a heck of a game
  11. The castle was as quiet as its occupants. It was as if the boards refused to creak, the stone refused to settle, the flames refused to flicker. Stillness, solitude, anxious quietness. Savia could hear her heartbeat louder than anything else. The castle's occupants--what remained of them--had barricaded themselves in their bedrooms, refusing entry to anyone else. Savia didn't have that luxury. She still had a job to do, though there was much less to clean now that the castle saw less activity. For that, she was grateful. Savia passed the throne room, what was now the judgement hall. The doors were closed save for a small crack that let a small twinkle of golden light into the dark hall. Someone screamed. She squeezed her eyes shut. How many more? How many more will die before we solve this? She peaked through the crack in time to see the guards seize the man on the floor. Azmine. She'd seen him around, though he was quiet. What had he even done to arouse suspicion? Head bent, feet dragging, he deflated and let the guards drag him from the throne room. Savia pulled back from the door, tears welling up unbidden. She blinked them away. I have to leave. The thought hit her as if it had always been there, just covered by a hazy film that kept her from realizing it. What was the point, the use, of staying here? It was a death trap. Surely, she would be up for execution soon, and no money she had made would save her family from that devastation. I will leave.   Azmine_king has been removed! They were a Hyrulean. Azmine_king (3): Ashbringer, Steeldancer, Alvron Szeth_Pancakes (1): Azmine_king Steeldancer (1): Devotary of Spontaneity This turn will end at 9:30 AM CDT on July 10th. @attic_gremlin This is an inactivity filter warning. If you do not post this turn, you will be removed or replaced. Player List: