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  1. but for some reason, I was able to get over that. I'd really like to see more Early Years books. I really liked those, and feel like there are many more stories to tell. I think he's beating a dead horse with all these new Royal Ranger books. Even Brotherband is getting a little tired.
  2. On the contrary, I liked the Royal Ranger but hated the other two.
  3. I remember trying to listen to the first book and giving up.
  4. The Emperor's Soul, as expected, is the runaway favorite.
  5. As requested, I have now made a poll for the best Cosmere novella/short story. I used the stuff in Arcanum Unbounded, excluding White Sand because as I understand it it is a graphic novel. LMK if I'm missing any.
  6. The consensus at this point seems to be Oathbringer.
  7. Favorite book: Emperor of Nihon-Ja RA or BB: RA Favorite character: Halt
  8. I voted Elantris, but there's really nothing to choose between it and The Way of Kings. I mostly did it because I felt it didn't deserve last place.
  9. Nope, this is just for novels. I can do another one for novellas if you want. Or you can do it. Either way.
  10. Okay everybody, time to officially figure out what the Shard's favorite Cosmere novel is.
  11. The first 2-3 movies are all right, 4-6 (haven't seen 7 and 8) are basically just a frantically paced highlight reel of the books.
  12. No, actually, but thanks. I've stayed away because I've heard it's a little more mature than his other stuff. I perfectly confident I can handle it, but I had planned when starting the Cosmere novels to read it a little after, and now I'm in the midst of the Hercule Poirot mysteries, so it might be a while.
  13. Any part with Jesus in it is pretty good. I do like the part where Nathanael is like "How do you know me?" and Jesus is like "Ah, I saw you sitting under that fig tree" and Nathanael is like "Whoa you must be the Son of God!"
  14. Okay, that is... both disappointing and reassuring at the same time.
  15. I once heard someone say on the phone to somebody else "I'll be there in 10-15-20-25-30 minutes"