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  1. I'm currently winning, but I don't know if voting is over yet.
  2. And things. Don't forget things.
  3. Some Yogi Berra-isms: "Ninety percent of this goat is half mental." "When you come to a goat in the road, take it!" "You can observe a goat just by watching." "A goat ain't worth a dime anymore."
  4. Beowulf
  5. -Quality Over Quantity: On Wayne, the new hit single by rap superstar Da King's Wit. Clearly, he's feeling ambitious today. We'll see how it goes.
  6. Yeah, fair enough.
  7. I wouldn't say that Survivorism has a particularly Christian doctrine, though the death/resurrection parallels are certainly there. Even in that case, however, the similarity doesn't extend beyond the actual existence of a putative death/resurrection... the doctrines are actually quite different.
  8. YEEESSS!!! Loki has been my favorite Marvel character since I first saw Thor, which was the first Marvel movie I ever saw. I've been hype for this since 2018 or whenever it was that the show got announced. I saw it. It was awesome.
  9. He is risen!! Happy Easter!

  10. What about Irish and Scottish accents? Where do they fall on the oldness scale?
  11. Some pictures of the little guy.IMG_20210401_172418.thumb.jpg.8b90b8d47c081731dc095c3edcb854d6.jpgIMG_20210401_172335.thumb.jpg.df09ee6d30b52ea9dbbf5721f09b5266.jpg

  12. Purely out of curiosity, is Islam really categorized as a 'Western' religion? I was gonna quibble that Christianity was technically founded in the Middle East, but that's a pointless assertion if even Islam is 'Western.'
  13. marvel

    Opinion that might be unpopular: I, at least so far, have absolutely no problems with John Walker.
  14. No, it actually was quite good. I remember watching the trailer and being terrified that the costumes from what turned out to be the 'Halloween special' would be the actual costumes.
  15. Worst comes to worst, we could just leave it a tie. EDIT: Well, actually, worst comes to the very worst, I could yield since it was, after all, I who messed stuff up.