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  1. I think Ishar has Ba-Ado-Mishram and that Shallan and Adolin will take it from him in shadesmar. One Ba-Ado-Mishram seems to be Adolin and Shallans next plotline not Kaladin's. Two, all those spren were gathering in Shadesmar near Lasting Integrity, not because of Adolin's trial but because of something else, we know that BAM made a connection that made deadeyes possible so what if they were gathering near BAM the thing that caused them to become deadeyes. Three, we know at least one Herald was at BAM's capture possibly more according to Kalek, Ishar could have taken it after the radiants trapped BAM or some other herald could have taken it and then given it to Ishar because it seems as if many other heralds have some allegiance to him with Nale going to Ishar for advice, and Ash saying something about going and asking Ishar something recently. I think the most logical place for BAM to be is with Ishar right outside of Lasting Integrity waiting to be stolen by Shallan and Adolin in an attempt to heal Maya and Testament.
  2. Those are some very interesting ides. Maybe you could also use adhesion and attach some around you to that moment in time, thereby temporarily freezing time for those around you.
  3. I assume you really mean the 1830s, as the infograph you shared says Michael Faraday made his most important contributions to the field in 1831, 1834, and 1839.
  4. theory

    I know it’s been disproven by stuff a billion times but I think Aluminum is Adonalsiums god metal.
  5. I just wanted to ask why is Jasnah all of a sudden so good at soulcasting botanical things that Kaladin trusts her to make medicine. I mean remember when at the end of tWoK when she made that foul thing of strawberry jam. Medicine needs to be precise and if you don’t use the right chemical compound it will at least not work, at most poison/kill someone. As we know she is horrible at organic substances so why would anyone trust her to make the correct medicinal compound so that it could be safely used.
  6. Not enough Dalinar, I felt like he was just banished to Emul.
  7. Nergaoul is red according to the coppermind While every other unmade that we have seen, either in the physical realm or the cognitive has been black. Ashertmarn - black - Re-Shephir - black - Sja-Anat - black - But Yelig-nar is different while all of his form is black in shadesmar, when he enters a host in the physical realm the eyes of the host turn red. Note: While we haven't seen Dia-Gonarthis, he is sometimes called the black fisher. But red investiture in the Cosmere is corupted investiture. But a lot of Odiums forces are red. I would like to thank for pointing this pattern among voidspren and Fused alike as well. Some of his spren are golden but the others are red, Ulim, stormspren, and Fused eyes. In Oathbringer there is even a quote where Pattern is translatting an Ashspren for the hero's and says, "There are many varieties, she says. Some of golden light, others are red shadows. Curious yes." In all all lot of Odium's own forces are red which means they are corrupted, then some spren are golden, and then finally most of his Unmade are black, but Odium's own investiture is golden and violet not black (as black is ruins color) so what is happening. And why are all but a few of his forces wrong.
  8. They are of course not unbeatable by normal people. Sure they can store health and other things but they are limited by how much they store and a direct hit to the brain or heart would kill them right away. So all Mraize would have to do is sneak up on the guy and stab him directly in the heart or brain and the Feruchemist would die. Sure he could be using a tin ring to enhance his senses but he wouldn’t use them all the time as he would want to save them. So again Mraize would just need to sneak up and stab and the guy would die. Also what do you mean Kel likes Hemalurgy I thought he hated it.
  9. I think all the red from the fussed eyes is a result from the fact that they were once of Honor before Odium convinced them to change sides, follow him and turn them into Fused. He may have just corrupted Honor's investiture to make them instead of using his own, as he didn't want to invest in any planet. Perhaps some of honors spren choose to change sides as well allowing Odium to corrupt Honor and Cultivation's investiture and those are the "voidspren". So maybe Ulim is actually a corrupted radiant spren loyal to Odium.
  10. I went back and it says that Nale was at BAMs capture. But other heralds including Ishar could have been there to or Nale could have given BAM to Ishar as we know Nale still takes advice from Ishar. So if Ishar has told him to give him BAM he likely would have.
  11. So far it seems as if Shallan and Adolins next step is to find BAM and release her, as they both have deadeye spren and Kalak indicated that BAM being captured lead to dead eyes. However there are only ten days left till the battle of champions and they are stuck in the middle of shadesmar, more than ten days away from the closest perpindicularity. So by that logic BAM is most likely in shadesmar and within ten days journey. Kalak was there for the capture of BAM so he could have her in shadesmar. But if he did he likely would have told Adolin and Shallan at the end of RoW when they all talked together about BAM, dead eyes, and Maya. However we know that another Herald was there at the capture of BAM other than Kalak. We know acording to maps and RoW that Lasting Integrity is on the between Tukar and Emul right near where Dalinar and Odiums forces faced each other, and where Dalinar talked to Ishar. AT the end of which Ishar went into the congnitive realm. So he is somewhere close to Lasting Integrity in the cognitive realm. I believe that Ishar was the other Herald there for the capturing of BAM and that the radiants gave him the perfect gem that holds BAM. Because if he has it, Shallan and Adolin could get it from him within the ten days as he is right outside Lasting Integrity. But there is more, near the end of RoW dead eyes started gathering outside Lasting Integrity. The honorspren said it was because they were finally going to get justice, but what if instead they were drawn to BAM. Because again acording to Kalak dead eyes only occured after BAM's capture and said that BAM was conected to all of Roshar including spren. So the dead eyes could still be connected to BAM enough that they are drawn to where she is. In that case it would mean that BAM was near the border of Tukar and Emul, right where Ishar was, waiting for Dalinar. In sumation, another Herald was at BAM's capture, dead eyes who only exist because of BAM's capture are flocking to Tukar and Emul's border where Ishar is, Ishar went through a perpindicularity and is now right outside Lasting Integrity, and there are only ten days left for Adolin and Shallan to find and free BAM. The only logical thing is that Ishar has BAM.
  12. I don't know about most of it but I think he could be instictively using adhession to connect himself to the spiritual realm to sense (like atium) the future as he fights. After all investiture and surges often do similar things across the cosmere.
  13. We know that Testament is a new deadeye. So perhaps a few honorspren or just Notum's father attempted to bond again after the recreance before now and his windrunner betrayed his oaths. Or it could just be a typo.
  14. 1. Dalinar Why - Because he has said he will be his own champion in the battle of champions and if TOdium is locked away for a thousand years who will be the BBG. I could see a point being made that Moash could become the BBG to leave TOdium as the Mistborn Era 4 BBG but still. So I think Dalinar will have to die so that TOdium can be an evil force in the next 5 books. How - Dying to TOdiums champion in the battle of champions. 2. Venli Why - Because I feel like her arc is a contrast to her sisters. Eshonai started as the perfect willshaper, become evil, brought her people into the evil, and broke free just to die. While Venli was evil, became good, delivered the radiant spren to her people, and now it’s her turn to die. How - She will die sneaking into Kholinar to tell the Singers there they don’t need to follow Fused rule and can become willshapers. Luckily either Leshwi or Thude will deliver the message and willshaper spren to the singers to become radiant. 3. Ishar Why - Because it is high time for another Heralds death and who better than the Herald who most of the other Heralds take advice from. By taking him out the fused would be sending a clear message to the other Heralds that none of them are safe. How - He will die conflicted as he watches Dalinar and TOdiums champion fight not knowing who serves Odium and while distracted will be knifed in the back by Moash or El 4. Hessina Why - Because Oroden will be old enough to be a character in the next 5 books and he needs a tragic background and while I am sure the death of Kaladin would hurt, the kid has only met him a couple of times. And I still feel as if Lirin still has room to grow and what more would set that off than by watching Hesina struck down and taking revenge in the spur of the moment and realizing latter what he has done. How - I think Hesina might go out into a balcony to check on Kaladin who is in the middle of fighting fused or others and as she watches will get struck down by some nameless fused or Moash. I really hope Moash does this and Lirin somehow manages to then kill Moash though I don’t believe it will happen. I think it will just be some random fused. 5. One Unmade Why - I don’t know which it will be but we have seen Heralds die, and the Unmade are kind of Odiums parallel and now with the discovery of anti light I think one of them will be struck down. How - I have no clue but possibly one of the ones in Shinovar as Kaladin or Szeth could strike it down. Maybe Szeth does it with Noghtblood.
  15. I could definitly see Navani creating some kind of gong that when hit plays the anti-voidlight rhythms. This could be real useful in the final battle of champions.