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  1. Yeah, it is very understandable. It is more important that everyone stays healthy and safe. But I do hope that we will be able to go back to campus eventually. That is such a mood!! College tuition is not cheap. But, studying the first few lessons is still something! Getting a head start does not hurt. Thank you! Do you have to do any type of math for nursing or have you been freed of the burden? Spending the day reading sounds so nice!! It has been a long time since I have had time to do that. Omg yes Adolin does not really know what to do with Shallan at times. It's the most hilarious thing ever. And I definitely agree, they are very wholesome ❤️ Dude!! Daniel is also my go-to booktuber. I love his reviews and his recommendations usually suit my taste. It's also awesome that you have someone to relate to!! I always appreciate it when youtubers are open about their personal struggles, since it helps others feel understood.
  2. It's such a shame that everything is online now. I really hope you will get to experience your second year on campus though! It's so cool that you already studied some subjects over the summer. I definitely would not have the motivation to do so hahah, so I have respect for your motivation. Thank you! I hope so too. I start off with statistics, which is not my thing at all. I love psychology, but the one thing I could do without is definitely stats. Shallan's wit is one of my favorite things about her! Brandon does such a great job with writing her jokes. Also, Adolin and Shallan's first meeting was one of my favorite scenes. The way it occurred made me laugh a lot. I hope you enjoy the rest of their interactions! I also watch Daniel Greene!!! He was also the one who convinced me to read Kings of the Wyld! I am about 70 pages in and I am really enjoying it so far. Let me know if you pick it up! I'd love to discuss it with other people.
  3. Thank you!!
  4. Thank you! I love the pun in your signature haha
  5. I resonate with the school x reading struggles. Reading fantasy during the academic year is so difficult, since uni is so crazy. Nursing is such an interesting career path! I wish you a lot of luck and I hope you enjoy your studies (even though college is crazy)! Are you excited for your first year? Also, if you're interested, I'm majoring in psychology and heading into my second year of college. Thank you for the annotation tips! I will try again with my next book and hope it works out haha. Yes!! Shallan's character development is so good in WoR! I also loved her flashbacks a lot, since they helped me understand her personality more. I am going to start reading Kings of the Wyld today! I've had it standing on my shelf for a bit, so I think it is time for me to see whether it holds true to the hype.
  6. Thank you!!
  7. I feel you when it comes to Mistborn!! All of the characters are amazing. I agree with your top 3 though! Those three characters have my heart. The entire Mistborn era 1 series had me procrastinating for my exams, but I just could not put the books down. Brandon does really know how to make sure that you don't stop reading haha. Annotating is so fun! I have tried doing it multiple times, but I always end up getting too wrapped in the book. Before I know it, I've read a hundred pages without annotating a single thing. Do you happen to have any tips for successfully annotating? No problem How are you enjoying Words of Radiance?
  8. Marking anything as a favorite is so difficult! I feel like things change all the time, since there are always more secrets Kaladin is just too pure for this world. We must protect him at all costs haha. Who is your favorite character from Mistborn era 1? I also spoiled myself through watching Stormlight vines! Searching Stormlight memes on Pinterest is also a way to accidentally spoil yourself (I speak from experience). Good to hear that Avatar is still good! I will definitely put it on my to-watch list. Currently, I am watching the new Netflix show ''Cursed'', which I would definitely recommend (if you are looking for anything to watch haha).
  9. Thank you for the tip! I will definitely make sure to do so!
  10. I am very indecisive about who my favorite Stormlight character is, but at this point in time I would have to say Kaladin! I love seeing him grow as a person and he has made me cry a lot. For best series from the Cosmere I would have to say Mistborn Era 1, since the magic systems are my favorite. Also, it was the first Sanderson series I read, so it holds a special place in my heart. But, I think Stormlight might beat Mistborn after Rhythm of War comes out. My Order is Truthwatcher! Edgedancer was a very close second though! What would your answer to these questions be? I have watched Avatar the Last Airbender years ago, when I was still a kid. But, I have actually been considering watching it now that it's on Netflix, since it would be quite nostalgic!
  11. Hey everyone!! My journey into the Cosmere started at the beginning of quarantine, so I am still quite new to the fandom. So far I have read Mistborn Era 1, Stormlight Archive (except Edgedancer... oops), Warbreaker, and Elantris. I plan on reading White Sand and Mistborn Era 2 somewhere in the future, but first I am considering starting the Wheel of Time (which I have put off for a while since the series is dauntingly long). None of my family or friends are fond of reading fantasy books, so I am happy to have found a place to share my love for the Cosmere