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  1. Be wary of hummingbirds.
  2. It seems a bit obvious, but nobody else has done it. Raoden?
  3. @IAmTheStick, Thanks!
  4. The "paning of cakes" may seem a bit overkill, but the purpose of the language is to be confusing, so maybe you're spot-on!
  5. Something like that. It doesn't translate very well.
  6. Definitely Windrunners. The question is: What form of investiture do they use?
  7. In the words of Emperor Palpatine:
  8. It's not translating anything for me. When I generate a random sentence, it puts the same sentence in the other place.
  9. I did not know about this one. I used to use, but the website is gone now. I would still like to learn it rather than using a translator every time.
  10. Is this some sort of sacrificial ritual?
  11. "Not of the yetting yet. Wasing the place when I was a goat."
  12. I think Patterblood would work pretty well.
  13. Who else would like to see High Imperial on Duolingo?
  14. I picked it up; then I put it down. Then I picked it up again. Then I put it down. Then, I repeated this many more times until I finished it. It's a fairly long book, but, of course, it's great!