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  1. Tag everyone on the Shard and it's bound to happen.
  2. I... now that I think about it, the pineapple itself isn't great on pizza, but the pizza is still good. Also, cooked pineapple is supposedly bad for you. Edit: Apparently, I can't change my vote on a public poll.
  3. I believe it's somewhere near the beginning of this thread. That one has also been done. Sorry!
  4. Minor WoR spoilers.
  5. All that time... and you put in the wrong number.
  6. "I... I am Talenel 'Elin, Herald of War. The time of the Return..."
  7. "I am Talenel 'Elin, Herald of War. The time of the Return, the Desolation, is near at hand. We must prepare. You will have forgotten much, following the destruction of the times past. Kalak will teach you to cast bronze, if you have forgotten this..."
  8. You raise a good point. The key in that sentence is "self-professed." One can be a "self-professed" Christian without being a true Christian. True Christians follow the teachings of Christ. It's that simple.
  9. Welcome! Which world is your favorite?
  10. Yeah, I'd say so.
  11. You're welcome! Spoilered for size:
  12. @The Turtle Bear, just so you know, you're not supposed to post twice in a row in the same thread. You can edit your original post if you want to say more. I'm telling you this so this doesn't happen: Edit: Please don't give me reputation for this post. It's not my meme.
  13. It's definitely worth it to create an account.