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  1. Ati

    aha (tee).
  2. *smacks himself in the face* *or rather he doesn't because he took a vow not to hurt anyone* *so he smacks himself in the face in the CR*
  3. But how would he have the scars?
  4. Hold up. I did read that story, but I don't remember seeing that anywhere. What does Handerwym tap?
  5. This is the cosmere, not Halo, Cortana. Please tell the Master Chief to fight the Covenant and the flood somewhere else. By the way, did you get here by "tearing a hole in subspace?"
  6. myself (obviously), vin, kaladin, dalinar, khriss, Kelsier, silence
  7. The end of this novels seems very similar to the end of Mistborn Era 1. Was this the original idea behind mistborn?
  8. Eric seems mysterious. He disappeared for a while. He "fought" passively, more verbally and by dodging. His reflexes are insane. When he fought, his appearance changed... Seems a lot like Hoid. Anyway, being that he is the son of one of the Daysiders, that can't be... Unless he fooled that person and just was a really good actor. He seems like a very strong candidate for Hoid. Odds are he isn't , but if he isn't, who is? Hoid always appears!
  9. I'm back. The thing is, I'm only home for today, and then I have to go back, because the school is in a "bubble" so we are able to stay open. So I can only be home for one day every 3 weeks, and I can't leave the house or have visitors. It's okay though. I read white sand prose and aether of night while I was there.

    1. Hoid the Drifter

      Hoid the Drifter

      I also ate instant noodles (finally. It was difficult, but I didn't need to go to Taldain. Taldain doesn't have Internet, but earth does. #amazon4ever!)

  10. yeah, but the reaction was a bit weird...
  11. oh, by the way, what's the "mourning" referring to?
  12. The grand inference The grand incorrectness the grand indelible ink
  13. Point: If he also compounded investiture and always stored connection, he wouldn't have a spiritual connection and he would have increased compounding. Maybe he stayed alive like that...
  14. No. ... Duh, it did!