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  1. what about horneater white? straight vodka? never mind apparently you should ignore me
  2. I'm not saying it's not cool; i'm saying it's stupid to be a fullborn, giving multiple ways to knock down a skyscraper, then be in all the orders of knight radiant, allowing more ways, and pairing with duralumin, giving more ways, and piling cytonics on top, paired with duralumin and tapping investiture... rithmatist is the most useless of all of them. it's too much. you'll die because you'll spend too much time choosing an attack, and you'll forget about double gold. oh, if I burn a gold metalmind and use duralumin, does it heal more?
  3. brandon generally switches off between cosmere and non-cosmere to take a break, so it's not that crazy. the problem is that he should be doing rithmatist 2 which is years overdue and instead he's doing book 3 of a new series. also, he could be finishing alcatraz. pretty sure the next book is mistborn era 2 book 4: the lost metal. there are only at least 6 books left in mistborn after that, and 6 stormlight, and Nightblood, and elantris 2, and... you get the point. If he dies before finishing the cosmere, I'll go to the CR and kill him again!
  4. fair point.
  5. you are asking for me to get jasnah to soulcast you into bacon. (I think soulcast bacon is considered vegetarian.)
  6. wait, one of us is a fullborn? also, i can't beat him up in the physu=ical realm anyway, so these powers should be irrelevant
  7. yes, but if we base it off of rithmatist, a few years can mean like a decade. so realistically speaking, when should I expect book 6?
  8. yeah, i'm pretty sure of survive, and change is fact, but why do you think unite? You think dalinar's a dawnshard? also, inspire? where'd you get that, @Chinkoln?
  9. Ok, if i violate these, you have no chance of hurting me, so what're you gonna do? I already violated the ones that I am physically able to!
  10. and moash? like everyone. I'm actually an edgedancer but in my about me I said I'm a lightweaver because, y'know, hoid did you read alcatraz and have you every broken a chicken?
  11. But if you're on roshar and there's stormlight around... you don't need to be on taldain
  12. 2 questions: how does alcatraz break the talents? (I know what he did but how did that cause talents to break?) also, is there going to be another book where this all gets resolved?
  13. composition also or just lyrics? I compose also, I have a few questions for you, to welcome you to the shard: Who's your favorite character and which character do you hate the most? What order of radiant are you/ do you want to be? If you could choose one allomantic power, what would you choose? What about one feruchemical power? if you were a twinborn, what would you want to be? Of all the powers in the cosmere, which one do you most want to have? which of sando's books do you like the most? This includes not cosmere books like reckoners, legion, rithmatist, cytoverse, alcatraz How many more questions can i ask before you stop reading this?
  14. According to the law of 16, there are 16 shards. I noticed that there are 4 dawnshards. Is this because the are the root of all the shards, and 4 is square root of 16? Also, who and what are the other ones?
  15. maybe sand master?