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  1. Brief note regarding Adolin and Maya. When spren come to the physical realm, we know they lose intelligence/cognition until they spend long enough with a Connection to a radiant. Is it possible that, in the cognitive realm, Connection to a radiant could lend physical recovery over time? Could that mean a different set or distribution of powers?
  2. I like it. I'm not 100% sold on Sja-Anat and Yelig-Nar (might swap them) but I think there is real nuance to choosing Ashertmarn for Edgedancers and Dai-Gonarthis for Dustbringers.
  3. I'm new to these forums, but is this not a prevalent theory for the Unmade? It may be too simplistic in this form but, before finding out in this thread that a WoB says there wasn't a Bondsmith correlated Unmade, it always seemed the most likely fundamental explanation. To me, it fits perfectly when we look at the Nahel bond. From the notorious Spren article on Coppermind: “We don’t sleep; we don’t eat. I think we might feed off humans, actually. Your emotions. Or you thinking about us, maybe. It all seems very complicated. In Shadesmar, we can think on our own, but if we go to your realm, we need a human bond. Otherwise, we’re practically as mindless as those gloryspren. ” —Sylphrena on the nature of spren Unmade are obviously an order of magnitude greater in their investiture, and Heralds are cognitive shadows, but there are still undeniable links between them that seem well suited to this explanation. Yes, millenia of torture will change a person, but the changes found in the Heralds are too specific to their individual natures for their fallen states to be simply the result of trauma. It could very well be that there is a different type of bond that could allow a different type of exchange between two entities of this nature. With Nale, we do see that Heralds are capable of bonding Spren. These are good matches, and I think could be accurate. I would peg Ba-Ado-Mishram as Ishar's Unmade all day long if there wasnt an apparent WoB contradiction to that. I always thought Nergaoul seemed very likely to be tied to Jezrien and the Windrunners. Either way, the Heralds that we've met in detail have been shown to currently embody character traits directly opposite the virtues they are known for. Shallash destroys beauty, Nale cannot understand true justice, Jezrien avoids duty, Ishar's advice is actively destructive to the world he gave everything to protect. To me, it's not hard to envision a link between the strength/cognition/investiture of an individual Unmade and the depth of an individual Herald's insanity/value reversal. I'm not sure I agree with the hyphens in their name correlating to the amount of times the Herald broke, as that would allow for 15 total Destinations. Is that really all there were? I can be convinced but it seems low. Anyway, Nergaoul has long been present in Alethkar, which was once Alethela, the Silver Kingdom of War, and the lack of honor, remorse, and restraint that the Thrill encourages seems to match well as an inversion of Jezrien's heraldic principles. I could see your take, too, though.