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  1. This is brilliant!
  2. That's nice!
  3. I copied the images from the Coppermind and made the lines anew in Powerpoint, then drew on top of them - it was surprisingly easy with a little bit of practice!
  4. From the album Podcast logos

    Getting the glowing effect isn't easy in Powerpoint, but it got alright I think!
  5. From the album Podcast logos

    Made by Paleo, got quite much nicer than my Powerpoint-made ones!
  6. From the album Podcast logos

    Stormlight glyph saying MKMC, "Mer Kos Med Cosmere" in Womens Script around the circle
  7. From the album Podcast logos

    Such colour, much letters, wow
  8. From the album Podcast logos

    The less dramatic logo of Mistborn, this is used as main logo for the show
  9. This box is so much more fancy than mine! And shiny cards! Good video!
  10. Damn, I love this!
  11. Does this help? Not my field at all..
  12. If only we created such high quality content! "Den Norske Skårkast"
  13. Hei alle nordmenn! I shamelessly plugged in Discord, and figured I'd do the same here! We (two who have read most of Cosmere, and one who has never really read fantasy) have started a Norwegian Cosmere readalong podcast called Mer Kos Med Cosmere. We're reading the books in English and talk in Norwegian (Tr√łndersk and Bergensk, might be hard enough to listen to even for some of our fellow countrymen) and hope at least some want to listen! We should be on any podcast platform you like, or at Mistborn: The Last Empire parts 1 through 3 is out with the rest of the book on their heels! Feel free to listen, or contact us!
  14. I was trying to rein in the conversation and going back to the basics! Killing by electrocution is a hard subject, I find it hard giving you any good answer @Aspiring Writer If your killer can make a high voltage difference between their hands, and touch the skin (or something say a very thin cloth) on each side of the head it would probably cause a quick brain death. The ampere doesn't necessarily need to be that high. Someone could correct me though..!
  15. That means that most the (if correct and quite interesting to read) comments regarding lightning and armour and stuff is negated. You could have someone be able to form a potential different between their hands, then touch people on either side of the heart and even a small current would be able to give a heart attack. But, the second question sort of forms: Do you want the victim to die insantly from this?