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  1. Spreading Vegemite outside Aussie should be an act of warcrime
  2. That is so much better than my PowerPoint skills, and I though I was proficient! Colour me impressed!
  3. These are nice! Really wish I was artistic enough for these kind of things! How did you mirror them?
  4. This was storming amazing!
  5. This is brilliant!
  6. That's nice!
  7. I copied the images from the Coppermind and made the lines anew in Powerpoint, then drew on top of them - it was surprisingly easy with a little bit of practice!
  8. From the album Podcast logos

    Getting the glowing effect isn't easy in Powerpoint, but it got alright I think!
  9. From the album Podcast logos

    Made by Paleo, got quite much nicer than my Powerpoint-made ones!
  10. From the album Podcast logos

    Stormlight glyph saying MKMC, "Mer Kos Med Cosmere" in Womens Script around the circle
  11. From the album Podcast logos

    Such colour, much letters, wow
  12. From the album Podcast logos

    The less dramatic logo of Mistborn, this is used as main logo for the show
  13. This box is so much more fancy than mine! And shiny cards! Good video!
  14. Damn, I love this!
  15. Does this help? Not my field at all..