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  1. I agree. She has access to connection. Probably a Ferring but she could be a full Feruchemist.
  2. A Terriswoman named Axindweth (we know she is a Terriswoman because of her name and rings) gives Venli the gemstone containing Ulim. She is working with Odium, but she could be sided with the Sons of Honor. She is a Worldhopper who “left the planet” when discovered by an agent of her own kind, presumably another Terrisperson. Interestingly, a month or two ago on another thread, it is mentioned that there is a man in the prologue who wears many rings. Could this be the same man as the agent that discovered her? If so, who is he working for, and why?
  3. RoW was an excellent book in all the right ways for me. I realize that others might have differing opinions, but I think this book has some amazing, astounding, bewildering plot twists. We now have new lore, new magic systems, and new plots. However I have a few things I did not like: Sending Dalinar and Jasnah away to Emul. This felt like it was done only to get them away from Urithiru, and we got very few chapters from their veiwpoints. However, I did like what we got. The info dump. There is just so much information that just got dropped on us, from lore to light combinations to anti-Investiture to Kelsier of all people being hinted. I love how we got all the information, but it kind of hit me like a train. A minor thing, but I am wondering how Lasting Integrity maintains its gravity alteration. It’s really a small thing, but I found it annoying. Perhaps I am spoiled with Brandon always explaining magic systems. Some of the Pursuers lines were kind of cringey. He spotted some cliche villain lines that I didn’t quite like. Once again a minor thing, but still annoying. As @Necessary Eagle has said, I expect I will get over the initial shock and emotions of reading a book like this. I will undoubtedly find it much better on a reread. The book is like a smooth rock that has a few imperfections; you can’t help but notice the flaws, all the while ignoring the perfection it holds.
  4. RIP Teft.
  5. Invention... My soul is broken. Innovation is so much more suited to the Intent.
  6. I’m just going to reread part one until my book arrives. See y’all in the threads.
  7. So you’re an alpha beta gamma delta kappa zeta reader? Edit: or are you epsilon?
  8. Yeah, I was thinking Ashyn.
  9. This. Don’t. Just... don’t. The surge of Division is much more precise. Lightweaving gamma rays around is bound to cause more than a few problems.
  10. I think it might have taken too much Stormlight, especially considering the giant’s weight and the Stormlight-stealing creatures.
  11. This is somewhat unrelated to Dawnshards, but the Sleepless seem convinced that the Radients will destroy them, especially Dalinar who has made the choice of honor (probably his 3rd oath). Arclo is a rouge Sleepless as the Sleepless council mentioned. As for this Sleepless council, they seem to give authority to age. A Sleepless’s age goes back to time their swarm was “Separated.” Could this be the result of a Dawnshard dividing them? One of the Sleepless mentions that “you were not yet Separated during the scouring.” So he was partially separated, as the Sleepless said “not yet.” (Maybe I’m reading too much into that “yet”). Nikli also notes that “When the swarm that had become Nikli had been Separated...” So all Sleepless go through a kind of Proto-Sleepless phase where they are a swarm but not yet Separated. The oldest Sleepless seem to have authority, but Nikli mentioned that the oldest is the “oldest of the swarms on Roshar.” On Roshar. There might be older swarms out there, especially considering that the Sleepless aren’t native to Roshar. Only twenty Sleepless accept the rule of the first swarm. Why not all?
  12. So, I’m going to list what we learned from Cord here along with some of my speculations. The Horneaters consider themselves the “guardians of the pool,” presumably Cultivation’s perpendicularity. People from the Spren world, presumably Worldhoppers, come from the perpendicularity to trade. Rock drew a bow known as the “bow of hours” which signaled the dawn of a new millennium, heralding the “years of change.” However, by most of Roshar’s time it is a hundred years or so since the last millennium. The Horneaters seem to follow a different calendar. The person who draws the bow of hours is possibly called the “Fal’ala’liki’nor.” According to a treaty with the gods (Spren) and the Horneaters (or as Cord said, the “Seven Sacred Peaks”) a god (or Spren) cannot harm a daughter of the drawer of the bow of hours. This might extend to other family members as well. This pact is ancient and probably holds other stipulations as well but doesn’t extend to the Sleepless. The Sleepless do not want to harm a “Sighted one,” which seem to be people who can see Spren.
  13. Ok, I thought you were kidding there.
  14. Should I make a Dawnshard discussion or something?