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  1. I think the Sibling is slumbering inside the gemstone column, where it normally resides and powers the tower from. After all, Dalinar couldn’t infuse the column.
  2. The ship was attacked by assassins, and the only possible targets would be Jasnah and Shallan. He probably assumes that Jasnah was killed.
  3. Option 4: Yalb thinks Jasnah is dead. She was stabbed through the heart after all.
  4. First Dreams was the ship Kaza was on, one that went to Aimia and had it’s crew poisoned by the Sleepless. This seems like a potential reason for Rysn to go to Aimia, to search for survivors (there probably won’t be any unfortunately).
  5. I believe into is because Honor and Cultivation used to be their gods. I guess some aspects of their culture still remained when they turned to Odium.
  6. If each fused has one Surge, then who would the parallel for the Skybreakers be? Gravitation is for the Heavenly Ones, and I can’t see a Dustbringer parallel as a Lawyer.
  7. Certainly some must have been left behind. You oddly need part of a section to regrow Plate, and either Kaladin’s attacks or Amaram’s transformation must have left a piece somewhere.
  8. Maybe the Fabrial is in the core of the spear, while the aluminum is just a wrapping.
  9. Agreed, there is something we aren’t seeing here. Gavilar sent his “box” to Braize. That would require at least some help, and definitely not from this particular group of incompetents.
  10. Or he was killed or captured during the time skip.
  11. I assume those are the Squires spread out over all the Windrunners.
  12. Good point. Maybe Amaram was to keep her pointed away from the SoH, actively distracting her from their activities?
  13. If Gavilar married off Jasnah to someone outside the SoH, then that person could potentially discover Gavilar’s goals, being close to the throne. Amaram, as an ally, would be a far safer alternative.
  14. I think it is because Savanthood permeates the soul, although it can have some effects on the body.
  15. I agree, this could be what is happening. However, after using their powers for centuries, they could have become Gravitation Savants.