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  1. I personally think that Hoid is revealing some cosmere/realmatic secrets to Jasnah. These secrets can only be shared in private, and thus the rumors of a secret relationship. Hoid has a goal, Jasnah has a goal, and they both aren’t ones to get distracted. I don’t think there is anything to the rumors.
  2. This. We shouldn’t make assumptions without concrete evidence.
  3. Let’s see what Shallan thinks about it. She knows Jasnah somewhat well, and can probably inform us through her viewpoints.
  4. Soon. Ok, so soon. I can wait that long.
  5. Investigating the Shin is something I am all for. I know we will learn about them in detail in Szeth’s book, but more information about them will be interesting.
  6. It might be released on Tuesday along with the preview chapter.
  7. ...I can’t decide if you’re joking or not. I have no idea where I’ll be in twenty years, so I have no idea if I’ll still be on the shard in twenty years. Some people might remain, many will go. We will see a large influx of more members, after more and more books are released. I do predict that some theories made now still won’t be resolved in twenty years. Brandon seems to enjoy keeping secrets until the grand reveal.
  8. Welcome to the Shard!
  9. theory

    Willshapers would be Starspren. When Venli first saw Timbre, she noticed the connection: “are you one of those Spren that moves in the sky at night?” (Not perfectly accurate). It makes sense for Starspren and Lightspren to go together. After all, stars do provide most of the light in the universe. And Starspren are always moving around in the sky at night, almost like they are exploring the sky. Exploration along with freedom and resoluteness is a core Willshaper attribute.
  10. There there are so many advantages to each one... I’ll just list the ones I think I would rather have. (Not listed in any particular order) Gold: can help in life-threatening situations. I’m not often in those, however, and I don’t really want to be extremely sick for a time even slightly sick all day doesn’t sound great Zinc: spend some time doing something mindless and then spend some time being smart and thinking fast? Sounds great! Copper: I’d never forget a thing. Except those things I want to forget... I can stuff those in a coppermind and bury it far away. Steel: I’d love to have a nice little speed boost. It doesn’t even have to be like 5X speed or something, just a little extra would be great. But storing it... that would be terrible. Maybe while I read or something I don’t necessarily have to move fast? Brass: could keep me warm when I want to be and cold when I want to be. Very convenient. Bronze: I could be a lot more productive if I didn’t have to sleep some nights. And in the morning I could be completely awake. Very useful. Pewter: a good little strength boost would be nice once in a while. Bemdalloy: if I want to eat extra, I can if I store in a bendalloymind. And if I’m hungry I can tap into that excess. Duralumin: I could be basically invisible to everyone if I wanted to be, or very persuasive if I wanted to be. Many applications. Iron: losing some weight to move a bit faster would be like what I’m looking for in steel, except without having to store anything. Tin: I don’t have to see/feel/hear/smell/taste what I don’t want to, but if I do I can see/feel/hear/smell/taste better. Honorable mention: cadmium. I’m not a swimmer, but if I was and I had this that would be awesome.
  11. SA, easily. Either A: an Artifabrian or B: a Willshaper who loves to explore or C: a weird combination of both.
  12. He could simply just have an effect on people that makes them relax and calm down. Not everyone is an Investiture-user in disguise. But you never know...
  13. By using a form of Investiture detection, Nazh could easily find the sphere. If the word got out that the Thrill was in his possession, it would place him as number one on Odium’s hit list.
  14. Roshar doesn’t exactly need guns. They do have Shardplate and Shardblades, after all. In addition to that messing around with explosives in a high-oxygen atmosphere is probably pretty dangerous. Fabrial technology also has many more uses than propelling bits of metal around, so I can see why they are more interested in that than in guns and gunpowder.
  15. This is actually very even. Wayne can dodge gunshots unless at close range, but he can heal them if he gets hit. Spook has less skill with dueling canes than Wayne, but can sense vibrations in the air which help him dodge attacks. If Spook has a shotgun or something he could just load Wayne with bullets at close range.