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  1. I've taken the test twice, and gotten Truthwatcher both times!
  2. I think of Aegis as a type of shield or protection, I know that it has origins with the shield of Zeus given to Athena, and that there is some connection to a Viking's coat of arms. That being said, my name has very little to do with the meaning/ origin of the word and has a lot to do with my favorite Pokemon lol.
  3. Hey, thanks to everyone for replying. My favorite character is either Steris or Dalinar. My favorite book is Oathbringer, with Warbreaker as my least favorite. If the short stories are included as options, then my least favorite is Sixth of the Dusk. My favorite magic system is Nahel Bonding/ Surgebinding, by a long shot.
  4. Hi, I'm Aegis, I go by he/him pronouns. I've read every cosmere book excluding White Sand, but I've began reading the prose. It's nice to meet everyone!