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  1. Warbreaker deserves a sequel... Would like to know the possibilty of us getting one... How likely is it... that we may get Nightblood, even before SA first arc is done? Or maybe during the later arc?
  2. Sometimes lyrics from Hamilton are hard to remember... I mean they are kind of tongue-twisty... but such an awesome musical. I hope we get more musicals like that released or maybe some Plays too. And I like Satisfied... and I can't pick one. Every time I hear them, my favorite song changes...
  3. Some Anime are long... like 900 episodes long... considering that SA would have ample amount of time to develop characters and the world too. And in anime form, I think Shadesmar and Spren would look cool!!
  4. What is your favorite song from Hamilton? @Illwei My favorite always changes... today its "Quiet Uptown."
  5. SA in anime form... would look stunning!! A TV series always gives time to develop the world and a magic system. I think SA needs it.
  6. Changing characters? Oh no, I can't imagine that happening to SA, to any work. It scares me too...
  7. Turning SA into a movie... I don't know. How long does it have to be? I know, many things will be deleted... but still. It'd be like LOTR extended editions... only in SA's case, it will be the theatrical edition. I think if it does get made into a movie, the first movie will be the key. I think Mistborn will give us an idea of what we can expect. I can do nothing but hope.
  8. Yeah, I agree with you. I only posed the question... cause it'd be pretty funny to hear Kaladin sing. But Hoid did give him a flute... I think SA is pretty hard to adapt in any form. It needs dedicated minds to pull it off. The story itself is so complex and the magical system is intertwined into it. Maybe a TV series on the scale of Game of Thrones. But it'd be cool to watch though.
  9. I watched Hamilton recently and absolutely loved it... was wondering if any of Sanderson's stories can be turned into a play/musical... Daveed Diggs is my favorite...
  10. @DramaQueen You were my first friend on Shard... I loved our conversations. You made me feel welcomed and right at home... Thank you, Queen. @Adran Oathbreaker @Lieweaver You too, it was a blast talking with you guys. @Mist @Rosharan A.C. it was nice meeting you both... I just think this whole fansite and its members... it is such a beautiful thing, you are all beautiful. If I ever doubt there is less hope in this world, I'd remember you all... I will try to keep up with you all, as often as I can... Love you and see ya...
  11. I have no idea what I am doing here. Cause this is my first time, joining any fansite. I love Fantasy and Sci-fi... but I also love any good literature. Anyway, I encountered Sanderson's books through his BYU lectures. I watched them on youtube. Currently, I am working on my own novel. Anyway, I have read The Stormlight Archive series and also Warbreaker. I absolutely adore them. Kaladin, Syl, and Dalinar are my favorites. I have no friends who have read these books(yet)... so have none to discuss it with. Somehow I stumbled on this site and had been lurking on it for a while. And in doing so, I have read many fascinating theories that blew my mind and some great character analyzing and the understanding of the deeper concepts, people have shown... as piqued my interest, so here I am. I have no idea how to do any of this... post or poll... I'll try to learn and keep up with u guys... Journey before Destination, Radiants...
  12. If u find any... do let me know...
  13. I will have to read it soon... can't wait!!
  14. No matter how many times I read these books... every time I find some new things...
  15. Its next on my list. As soon as I finish Oathbringer, I'll pick it up. I am reading Oathbringer second time. so don't worry about spoilers.
  16. Hello, Lieweaver. What's ur take on Nohadon? I am just so excited to finally discuss Stormlight and some theories with others.
  17. yeah... the wait for november has already started... and I am reading Oathbringer again... probably will read the rest of them again, before we get RoW... so excited! I am so happy I got to know these wonderful works and brilliant worlds Sanderson as created. Can't thank him enough.
  18. I do hope and wish, that we get a Nohadon chapter or an Interlude. Even a novella on him would be really awesome, but that may be a bit too much.
  19. Like a cognitive shadow... and I really wonder what his real name is? And who he really was? There is so much mystery that surrounds him
  20. Yeah... even in the Stormlight world. it is very rare. Hey, Adran... do u believe that there is a chance of Nohadon still being alive, in some form?
  21. I think I agree with the result. Cause my fav is Kaladin. And I'm Edgedancer second, and Bondsmith third.
  22. Oh, sure. And Thanks!!
  23. Which is your order, Radiant?
  24. Adran, I am a Windrunner. Which Order do you belong?
  25. Drama is fine... and I just completed the quiz. I am a Windrunner... I will protect.