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  1. theory

    Motivation wise- I think that if Cultivation wanted to assimilate Odium, then she wouldn't have groomed Taravangian so much to take up the mantle of Odium. Practicality wise - I think that Cultivation is too far gone as a shard, and that Taravangian as a new Vessel, will be able to outmanoeuvre Cultivation. Narrative wise - I think that Taravangian as Odium makes a much more interesting villain than Koravari who we know so little about, and who we haven't followed in their journey to deity. -------------- About Sja-Anat, I am not so sure that she couldn't enlighten radian spren before - I think that it more a matter of no radiant spren being willing to be enlightened/corrupted.
  2. Is this on his youtube channel too? I cant find it
  3. I would agree that he does have more connection to those orders, which is why I find it odd that what he says mirrors the Bondsmith ideal so closely. He is a curious fellow indeed!
  4. I had never thought about the parallels in them both being father figures for Kaladin- makes sense!
  5. I have not seen much speculation on this at all - though I may just be looking in all the wrong places In Chapter 43, Lirin says the following; "Because I will take responsibility for what I have done! I will work within whatever confines I must in order to protect people! I have taken oaths not to harm!" I feel that it is quite similar to the Third Bondsmith ideal, as spoken by Dalinar- and the general tone of what he says seems formal in the same way that the Ideals are often presented. I was wondering what your thoughts were on this?
  6. "Puck (paraphrased) Does Aona equal Love or Compassion? Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) You have it, it's just a synonym there. You basically have it Puck (paraphrased) Does Skai equal Devotion or Order? Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) You're not on there. But you are on on the first one [Aona]." Some cool ideas, though Devotion is already the shard of love according to this WoB.
  7. Ah- I understood that a person could over time interpret the shard's intent, but I had never seen that WoB about A Vessel has a say in how to interpret the Shard's Intent, though eventually the latter would overpower the former "if that holder [Vessel] no longer held that Shard, the Shard will not continue to be filtered by that person". Thanks for the clarification RJ
  8. Ah, Dalinar's interpretation, or the interpretation of the voice in Dalinar's head? Aside from that, I think that Dalinar's Intent would have to be very powerful indeed to reshape the intent of a shard from such a short amount of time.