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  1. I loved eye of the world. I loved memory of light. Loved most everything written in between but no book stood out to me like the first and last...only scenes along the way.
  2. The wheel really does a number on you after you finish it. I had a few days of this empty but content feeling. Saddness and awe. Grief and relief. Proud and lost. Dat final book was such a barn burner. Never read a book that almost gave off steam while reading it. It stills calls to me on lonely nights..."do you feel like sweating out your palms?" It says "Kinda" i reply.
  3. Tis working for me now. Nice work.
  4. Maybe its just my phone but the vid wont play...on here or on youtube
  5. I feel that, in my early 40s. Im hoping i can last til the end. I got my father into stormlight a couple months ago and he is almost done with OB. Very excited to read the new one book club style with him. We are hoping we get to read the 5th would be an ending...not the ending but an ending.
  6. 2nd entry in The Ghostblood Tapes; Shallan Szeth's song is fairly straight forward. Its a music/art capture of one the first scenes in Stormlight. Shallan is different as are all the others. Shallan's song is not a scene capture but rather an impression left by reading so much about her through 3 books. Sometimes I wanna slip away But I always seem to stay Tell a lie so many times The truth becomes friendly You can draw it right off the page Don't wanna be myself today What else can I say? Don't wanna be myself today There's always another way Another way? You'll hide my hand I'll hide my face I cannot fail Behind my Veil I disappear into the work Taking rest here in the dirt Tell a lie so many times The truth becomes friendly It'll jump to swear by word Don't wanna be myself today What else can I say? Don't wanna be myself today There's always another face No one can see me behind my Veil
  7. I'm not reading aything til the book is in my cold dead hand...wait thats not how it works.
  8. Wit is amazing 100% of the time. Szeth was awesome at first but with the addition of a certain night colored sword he is easily at the top of my "whats gonna happen with this?" list. Dalinar, aka reverse darth vader is a Boss with a capital B.
  9. First era Mistborn has the craziest world building twists. When taking the first three books together, I felt the world was the main character...and it twists and turns until almost the last page. The world starts outpacing everything else by book 3. I had an opposite reaction to the OP. I was a little underwhelmed by mistborn at first and totally blown away by the end of era 1.
  10. Hi yall, hope everyone is doing well. Been working on a Stormlight project. Hoid's Walkman: The Ghostblood Tapes. The idea being that someone found Hoid's Walkman and a bag of tapes with the name Ghostblood on them. I'm doing the music and a friend is doing the paintings. Here is the first entry, Szeth.
  11. Ha. The other night i decided to start malazan. I got one page in before i was back with warbreaker.
  12. So i finished the wheel of time right when the lock down started here (mid march). Moved right into stormlight, then mistborn era 1, then elantris, then anything non spoiler in arcanum. I started warbreaker, really enjoying it but around 300ish pages i just stopped. Havent read anything for about a week. Maybe time to read some non brandon stuff? Do yall ever get burnt? What do you do to refresh?
  13. The wheel is super
  14. The first trip through the ways.
  15. The world really breaks into something huge in book 4 (if i remember right). Like youve been running through a hallway for 3 and half books and then you run right into a huge open field filled with all kinds of stuff and people you didnt even know was there.