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  1. Ha. The other night i decided to start malazan. I got one page in before i was back with warbreaker.
  2. So i finished the wheel of time right when the lock down started here (mid march). Moved right into stormlight, then mistborn era 1, then elantris, then anything non spoiler in arcanum. I started warbreaker, really enjoying it but around 300ish pages i just stopped. Havent read anything for about a week. Maybe time to read some non brandon stuff? Do yall ever get burnt? What do you do to refresh?
  3. The wheel is super
  4. The first trip through the ways.
  5. The world really breaks into something huge in book 4 (if i remember right). Like youve been running through a hallway for 3 and half books and then you run right into a huge open field filled with all kinds of stuff and people you didnt even know was there.
  6. The wheel has some great character growth/development. There were characters that i hated at the beginning that took my breath away by the end. There were characters i loved at the beginning but did not like at all by the end. I never found one book to stand out as much more than the others with the exception of 1 and 14. Really enjoyed eye of the world (read it before i even knew who sanderson was). The final book was one of the most epic books ive ever read. Think i read it within 48 hours, one eye blood shot and the other bone white.
  7. I loved the wheel of time but im glad i read it before diving into the cosmere.
  8. Im still listening to blind guardian
  9. Video game, slay the spire. Board game, journeys in middle earth.
  10. Hi

    I heart nynaeve and lan, they were well done.
  11. Hi

    Pattern is most interesting but id be lying if i didnt say sylphrena
  12. The problem for me is premeditation. Premeditated falls on the negative and authoritative side of things.
  13. Hi

    Thanks for the props on the name. Dont really have a favorite ship. I can say that going from the wheel of time to cosmere was refreshing though. Wheel of time ships were absurd to me almost across the board. Brandon is better at writing ships. Sazed's ship was bittersweet and felt real to me.
  14. Hi

    Favorite sando book, way of kings. It was like being in the cave with plato but instead of shadows on the wall there was an HD projector. Favorite magic system, weaves of the wheel of time. Favorite sando magic, dont have one yet. Favorite character is the king's wit. I love the character, the title and the function of the wit. I am considering wit to be his own characterfor this ranking. Have yet to read non cosmere. Lightweaver US covers.
  15. I really enjoyed edgedancer and i read it after OB....right after OB. I found it to be a great way to float down from stormlight. Much the opposite of the novels; short, super tight and zany. But radiant through and through. Lift is like a robert anton wilson character being radiant, its great.