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  1. Yes, I know it's December, but I finally finished Inktober. These last ones are all just speedy lil sketchies and I am not very proud of most of them.
  2. Anything queer counts as a gay disaster. You are welcome :))
  3. Yeah, it can be. At its root, though, it's just lack or less of sexual attraction than typical. ...and tbh this might be easier to do with specific questions so I would like to propose a q&a q&a (Queers and Allies Questions and Answers)
  4. Okay so at its absolute most basic, asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction, but it's also a pretty big umbrella, holding also demisexual, aceflux, reciprosexual, and others. There's also a pretty big range of sex-repulsed, sex-neutral, and sex-positive. It's possible for someone to be asexual, have zero sexual attraction, but still want to have sex at some point. For me personally, I'm panromantic asexual, but I also have some weird extra aspects of aceflux and demisexual. I don't have sexual attraction, and most of the time, I'm sex-repulsed. However, if I have a strong emotional connection with someone, I can fluctuate between sex-repulsed, sex-neutral, and sex-positive, but I still have no sexual attraction to them and still wouldn't necessarily want to have sex, it's just that I become more comfortable with the idea of having sex. (I'll stop there for now, continuing later. If you have any questions on what I've sent so far, feel free to ask)
  5. would you like an asexuality crash course?
  6. this isn't necessarily in response to Elf, just clearing this up for anyone else Not enjoying/wanting kissing isn't required in order to be asexual. It may be part of that for some, like Elf, but for me personally, it's not, and that's okay too. Asexuality (and other sexualities, too) is a spectrum. You don't need to check all the boxes of an identity for it to apply to you :).
  7. "I mean...the professor just said to practice; I think what we just did counts as practice. So, unless you think you need more practice harvesting or connecting it to you...." He thought for a second. "Actually, I'm not sure if I connected it to myself. But one more time, and I think I'll be good if you are."
  8. Tuncay took a breath. They were in my head. "Right. Uhh..." He first centered on his own mind, as well as his shade's. She encouraged him, pushing her towards Anmil's mind; a soft glow ahead of him. He pushed his consciousness towards it, and, upon contact, felt and heard Anmil's being. Not wanting to delve any deeper than necessary, Tuncay plucked a tiny bit out of the glow right at the front, then retreated back to his own mind. Was that it? He asked his shade. She bobbed her confirmation. He smiled faintly, then pulled back to the physical world. "Done."
  9. I have been Amity-ized

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    2. Ookla the Nerdy

      Ookla the Nerdy

      R.I.P Chibi Spook. You shall live on in water bottle stickers.

    3. Ookla the 3 Frogs ina Coat

      Ookla the 3 Frogs ina Coat

      I was gonna send a recording of me singing little miss perfect but the audio file was to large lol

      Chibi spook shall be missed but amity shall be celebrated.

    4. Ookla the Crow

      Ookla the Crow

      bro i love that song aaaaagh Little Miss Perfect SLAPS

  10. "You can." Might as well get this over with.
  11. "Well..." Tuncay focused for a moment. "I can sense your mind now, I don't think it would be too hard. But...yeah, I don't think my doorway would be the best place. Um." He hesitated. "Do you...want to come in?"
  12. "Uh..." Tuncay hesitated. "Harvest...each others'...minds." Don't really want a complete stranger in my head, but I guess it's unavoidable if I want to be a Mind Harvester...ugh.
  13. Oh that's a different version than the one I know. The one I know goes: Oh, I once knew a man He lived each day the same Safe and sane and swell And when they told me he died I didn't cry All I could say was, "how could they tell?" I wonder if it's Broadway vs off-Broadway or something... Edit: I found your version, it's the 1972 original Broadway cast recording. The 2013 revival is the one I know, and I think it's the more popular version, at least, it's the only one I knew existed. Your version: https://youtu.be/n7UsfwetiLI My version: https://youtu.be/LjqYqhq9xsk Now that I've listened to both, I also think the 2013 revival version is more impressively sung.
  14. Yes! All my recs so far are just in the first post.