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  1. "It was a joke, sorry. I really am grateful for what you did for me. So...thanks. Even if it did cause me more pain than I've ever had in my life before it did anything to make me better." Lyanör flashed Verim a small smile.
  2. "Even I'm not being completely carried the whole way," Lyanör muttered, mostly jokingly.
  3. Lyanör smiled back, but she still felt somewhat guilty for the trouble she'd caused them.
  4. Lyanör nodded. "Was...was I the only one who got hurt?"
  5. She obeyed, taking shaky breaths and trying to stop her sobs. Eventually, her breathing mostly returned to normal and she realized that all the pain was gone. She still felt rattled and weak, but she pushed herself out of Elya's arms, using her as a stabilizer as she got her feet under her. "I think I'll be okay to walk on my own. Thank you."
  6. Lyanör normally would have protested at being picked up like a child, but all she could do was sob into Elya's shoulder.
  7. Lyanör let out a scream, feeling like she was simultaneously being torn apart, squashed, stabbed, punched, shot, and every other pain she'd ever felt in her life. She thought she'd been in pain before, but this was beyond anything she'd ever felt before. Her eyes watered, but she wasn't aware of anything her body was doing. All she felt was the pain. She screamed and whimpered until her throat was raw and nothing else would come out. Her body contorted and squirmed, trying in vain to find a position that hurt less than the rest. Nothing she did worked. All she could do was suffer until the pain ended.
  8. My favorite food? That's what I'll assume. I'll say...ummmmmm............Zuppa Toscana.
  9. fellowship of the thing

    Queen rushed over to kneel beside him, taking care not to kneel on any sharp bits of glass. She pulled off her hat, taking a bandage from the tool belt that was buckled around it and wrapping the bandage around his back, tight enough to keep the wound from bleeding, but not so tight that it would be uncomfortable. "Does anywhere else hurt?"
  10. Hey can people ask me stuff? I'm noticing lots of AMA posting, but I haven't been getting any questions and I feel left out :-P
  11. Kiss Dockson, MARRY SPOOKYBOI, kill Breeze. That was easy. David, Mizzy, Megan
  12. According to Fadran's OP, girls are perfectly welcome here, so we can't be intruders. :-P
  13. "I...don't know. I think I should be able to heal on my own with time, but if you think it'd be best if I'm fully back on my feet sooner, then...I'll take Verim's option. Otherwise, I'd rather not have that much pain just for a fast recovery."
  14. fellowship of the thing

    "Flicks and twirls!" Queen exclaimed. "Are you alright?"