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  1. From what I got, we can expect Queen to return after school's out.

  2. Hey, don't worry y'all! She's still alive!

    Discord DMs are pretty OP, ngl.

    1. Frustration


      she's gaining so many followers by not being here.

      (we don't have strikethrough here argh)

    2. Knight of Iron

      Knight of Iron

      we don't have strikethrough?

  3. it's been over two weeks

  4. This is the longest freaking two weeks of my life...

    1. KelsierWasTaken


      Oh no. Queen is gone again.

    2. Starborn42


      I'm sure she's just travelling or something :unsure:

  5. Before anyone panics, Queen did say she was gonna be gone for a couple weeks.

    1. Chasmgoat


      I was panicking before I saw this

  6. I think credit goes to Fadran, apparently he made a wish at 11:11 the day before I came back that I'd come back 2 months after I left and then I did. I would never come back because someone else was gone.
  7. Queen nodded. "Sounds about right. Now you can timeskip."
  8. "Wait, wait, wait. I need more specifics on the awkwardness of your interactions with her before that."
  9. No, I meant "who makes mac 'n' cheese without butter?" He does, and I find that so weird. But I will try to get the guts to tell him that he stole my heart.
  10. But it's so cheesy! Literally nothing but cheese. Kinda like mac 'n' cheese without butter. Like seriously. WHO DOES THAT?
  11. "What is there left to tell? What is there left to tell? You've told me that you had a childish crush on her. That is not the place to stop!"
  12. I almost did one time but then I chickened out. Maybe I won't next time.