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  1. I also have a query, Ene asked me the questions for TUBA a long time ago, but I'm not in the PM yet. Do you have any idea when I can expect to be put in?
  2. Which was the perfect choice, really. Any other material would have...
  3. I was close on the height, too! I did not expect you to have long hair, though. I had no clue what color your hair was, but I was pretty sure that you'd keep it short. I want your hair now. Mine looks a lot like Queen's, just a bit longer. (To my collarbones.)
  4. I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. Strangest dream is posted in the thread called something like "weird dreams" Hmmm. Well, you've said that you usually wear jeans or sweatpants and a t-shirt, I think you have short hair, but probably not a pixie-cut, somewhere between chin and collarbone length. Brown, maybe black? You don't seem like you'd be a blonde or a redhead, don't know why. You probably have dyed it though, maybe purple or blue. I think you look your age, pretty sure you said 17? I think you're fairly tall, maybe 5'6"-5'8." Is that detailed enough? I don't know what else to say. Either when I was four and fell from a ladder going up to a slide and broke my arm or when I was husking corn and there was an earwig and I was in the car so I couldn't just chuck the corn as far away as possible.
  5. There are some flaws! And I will expose them!
  6. I'm sorry!!! I'll do better, I promise! I can't believe I haven't posted here all the time!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I don't need to go to sleep, though, my school hasn't started yet!
  8. Food. I don't need sleep, I need to READ ALL THE COSMERE BOOKS IN ONE NIGHT!!!
  9. "I suppose so. There is a boarding house near here, as well, but if you'd rather stay here, that's alright. Just make sure to lock up after the rest of us leave." Magnolia checked her watch. "Speaking of which, I'd better head. I have somewhere I have to be. Would you two mind taking care of everything here? Thanks." She rushes out the door, sending a hasty wave in their direction.
  10. Oh, ok. Interior design and architecture are pretty different, architecture is building, interior design is decorating.
  11. I like Toad. I don't know if I'll start using it, but I like it. Maybe Everlast? Or Time... I like the show Six, but I don't think I'd want it as my callsign. Treble's a good one, maybe. Why Architect? What are you referencing with that one? Thanks for the help!
  12. My brother pre-ordered Call to Adventure: Stormlight Archive Edition for me on a different site than Brotherwise Games because he had a deal, and it took forever to ship. (We think too many people pre-ordered on Brotherwise and they had to print more.) Anyway, it FINALLY SHIPPED!!!!! I can't wait! It'll still be a while before I get it, but still!
  13. Welcome!!! What's your favorite Sanderson book? Favorite character in a Sanderson book? What, besides read, do you like to do?
  14. *Fails because Rock is really hard to insult*
  15. Biology. Math is less fun, but I get why we all need to know it. Biology isn't really something that everyone needs to know and understand. Favorite flavor of popsicle?