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  1. fellowship of the thing

    "I put a sign up by the door, that's why she's asking." Queen turned to Judi. "Yes, we're hiring. Do you have any experience with candy?"
  2. fellowship of the thing

    Queen had begun reaching for the candy, then stopped at his question. "I have no idea. I only just met you, and I didn't really meet you." She handed him the candy. "Sorry."
  3. fellowship of the thing

    "Hello!" Queen greeted the customer with a smile. "What can I do for you today?"
  4. fellowship of the thing

    Queen reentered the shop, starting a new batch of licorice.
  5. fellowship of the thing

    Queen stepped up beside Fadran, her more adventurous attire replaced with a blue dress and a green apron with plenty of pockets. Queen smiled and grabbed them off the shelf behind her, then stepped outside and pinned a "Now Hiring" sign beside the door
  6. From the album SPOOOOOOOOK

    I redrew Spook.
  7. Queen's help-even-if-you-have-no-clue-how-to instinct kicked in. Which basically just meant she got closer to Martin and looked at him with concern.
  8. "It's okay to stay out of the fight once in a while. Especially if you aren't in a condition to fight, and...from the look of you, you probably aren't."
  9. "That's because I've gotten really good at...avoiding things, lately." Queen let out a dry laugh, then sighed. "I hate it."
  10. Queen stayed out of the way of the fighting with her new mechanical animal friend, keeping an eye out for anyone who might need medical assistance. In her nervousness, she pulled a whisk from the tool belt around her hat and began fiddling with it. Queen? Tchanta! Where have you been? I could ask you the same thing. Do you even know half of the Fellowship anymore? Queen's hesitance was answer enough. I've been learning things while you've been in ignorance of everything. Queen sighed. Where do I start? Tchanta mentally pulled Queen's attention to Ayia. That might be a good place. You've been introduced, and she seems a little overwhelmed. Queen's reluctance was evident. I don't like her. Too bad. Go. Tchanta gave her a mental push that transferred to the physical. Once Queen took her first step in that direction, she would've felt embarrassed to stop, so, she walked to Ayia's side. "Hi. Are you alright?"
  11. It's been wayyyyy too long since I've read Leven Thumps, so I don't remember the ending. But I do remember that it is a very good series and the reason why I am constantly in search of toothpicks with purple fringe.
  12. Queen grinned at the mechanical creature. "Thanks!"