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  1. Hey, thanks for following me!

  2. Aww, same with you, too. People here are quite accommodating, so despite me being an introvert, I can really engage with the folks here.
  3. Salutations! Have you taken the quiz? What's your Order? What's your fave past time (besides reading)?
  4. Hey

    Welcome to the Shard! Favorite food?
  5. Hi!

    Welcome, welcome! Fave magic system? And your Order?
  6. Welcome, welcome. Enjoy your stay.
  7. Hello, hello. What's your favorite color? Uh, I mean, welcome to the Shard!
  8. Greetings! Welcome to the Shard! Your fave magic system?
  9. OH We share the same birthday! Haha! Look at that. :lol:

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    2. barold


      Yep!!! :D

    3. Adran Oathbreaker

      Adran Oathbreaker

      Amazing! This is literally my first time to meet someone who share my birthday. A pleasure to meet you! :D

    4. barold


      You as well, buddy! 

  10. Hello, hello. Congratulations on becoming a Sharder! Which is your fave Brando book? Or novella? Elsecaller here, btw. What's your Order?
  11. Welcome to the Shard! Do you know which Knight Radiant Order you are?
  12. Greetings! Congratulations on becoming a Sharder. Which Order of Knights Radiant are you? Also, have you read any of Branderson's novellas? Which one is your favorite? Again, welcome and enjoy your stay!
  13. Greetings! Congratulations on having your tier, and becoming a Sharder. Elsecaller here also.
  14. Greetings! Congratulations on becoming a Sharder. Which Order are you? Elsecaller here.
  15. Oohh. Willshaper. Nice! I have three on the top spot haha. BioChomatic Breath in Warbreaker, the Stormlight of course, and the one in Emperor's Soul.