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  1. Happy Storming Birthday!!!!

  2. This. Gemheart is like bones, carapace or hair - Kandra would simply absorbed. Of course, probably they would need some cognitive shenanigans to work with it, but is totaly possible to get gemheart, not only grow it.
  3. But Kandra can bond Spren like any other being, so it need to just bond some Mandras. Besides, this would be necesery to pretend being Chasmfiend, because they always have some Mandras around.
  4. Right, but there is more than one bindpoint in the body, and many of them are not lethal, or even dangerous, dont see why for Aluminum Spike will be different. Just need to find good, not dangerous bindpoint.
  5. Polish complementation: Endowment - Obdarowanie Radants: Windrunner - Wiatrowy (is more like Windy One?) Skybreaker - Niebiański (funny, this matches better with Heavenly One) Dustbringer/Releaser - Pyłowiec/Wyzwalacz Edgedancer - Tancerz Krawędzi Truthwatcher - Widzący Prawdę Lightweaver - Tkacz Światła Elsecaller - Przywoływacz Willshaper - Kształtujący (Wolę) Stoneward - Strażnik Skał (is more like Rock Guardian) Bondsmith - Kowal Więzi
  6. She does tell Adolin about her past. Just off-screen. Rythm of War, chapter 9, Contradictions:
  7. compunding

    But this is basicly cheating! You use one magic system to overcome limitations of other. I dont see why this cant work. Tin compounding is even stronger than other compoundings, because works easy in both ways. You can store spared (during burning Tin) senses in metalminds, so you would have senses less than normaly enhanced or even totaly normal with some senses (remember, F-Tin is selective, unlike A-Tin), and you can also later burn those metalminds. Probably bad idea would be burn them in normal rate, unless you will have 9 more to store, but to enhance senses to Savant level you need just around 1/5th of normal speed of burning. So I would say Tin Compounder can less likely become Savant, because he need to burn Tin much less intensive.
  8. But there is this text about "Touched by Unmade", can be abou BAM, but there is also other Unmade with Power wierdly similar to this description - Re-Sephir.
  9. Probalbly because he dont have direct controll over them. They are part of his power, but, like other Spren, are independent in terms of actions and will from source. He even need The Nine to order Fused, cant "send" Orders dirrectly to their minds, like Harmony can do with Kandra. He can tell them "Stay on Braize or die", but thing is, many of them are insane and probably dont even understand this! Others can disobey him, like Leshwi. So he would need to reclaim his Investiture from them, but we know de-investing things is hard, dificoult and exhausted, this will weakened him to the poit Cultivation will kill him.
  10. Not exactly. Everstorm allows Fused to reborn without Odium direct itervention, but they are still Odium's Cognitive Shadows. Odium can't stop them from reborning, but he can reclaim his Investiture and simply stop their existence. Its more like you can carry trunks himself, or send them with mail (and now you dont have control over them) but you can also NOT send them.
  11. theory

    @KandraAllomancer Thanks man, for apeciation! And your observation is very interesting, because we dont see Dustmother anywhere else (if it is true). Im still convinced to @Lightspine theory about Heralds and Unmade, but this still can match, because it was probably after Taln was released from Braize (im not fully convinced he broke, I think Odium find a way around Oathpact, but this is another story).
  12. @Use the Falchion All of this is true, but still relying on converted from enemy's side whimsical child is in my opinion very, very risky. Remember when I told you, that Duel Has no Time limit? That was your answer, but that's not all possibilities. Dalinar can use this Time to figure out some Connection Shenanigans, free Gavinor from Odium, and make wierd unpredictable swaps. Much easier to exploite is this record about champion being "unharmed". This will be much faster, without any detectable preparations, and also without Time to react. And this not even need to be Gavinor, this can be literaly anyone from Urithiru.
  13. Dalinar has experience with visions, and talking with gods in it. He will be able recognise this. And that was Raise, not Taravangian. Nothing in contract obligate Dalinar to this. CHampion mus be "Unharmed" but nothing is about helping him reach Urithiru. It is Odium Champion? So let Odium find him and bring him. This is also another problem with champion from "other side", and child especially - he can be taken away and be in place beyond our controll. None? Ashertmarn have this power as well. Also, I think Manipulating Emotions is one of the most basic usages of Investiture so, though I dont have any evidence, I think every Shard can do this. Also, "taking away pain" seems to be simmilar to intensive Soothing (like is described in E2). Also I think information about Duel is public - because it means also truce. There is also another problem with Child Theory. It relies only on fact Dalinar will be his Champion. What is not set in stone. Odium cannot be sure about this, because of Renarin. Dalinar would not kill Child, Kaladin neither. But Szeth or Jasnah will, if this would be what is needet.
  14. In Polish is also obvious, but not immedietly. "Ardent" is translated as "Żarliwiec", what comes from "żarliwy' what mean "passionate", "zealous". Intensive, passionate prayers are "żarliwe". But this word comes from "Żar" what mean "embers".
  15. Wasnt the one in Chasm jumping during fight against Kaladin? Also, why partial Lashing would cancel ability to jumping? With this, they should be able to jump even better (but slower, like on the moon), not worse.