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  1. Matter made from Investiture is still matter. Is no longer Investiture. So it shouldnt work. Also, Anti-tones seems to work better if something is more Invested (Has larger Connection to the Shard) and Scadrians are not very Invested, even Allomancers arent. Probably yes, but I think spike need to be directly resonated. Should work on metalmind as well.
  2. Yep, but it not mess with Metalminds, because they are keyd to your Identity, and every one of them has own Connection to you. Connection-manipulator will need dis-Connect every single one, one by one. And skilled Ferucheist can change Charges in the run.
  3. But he dont need store/tap plain Connection. We know Duralumin Ferring can manipulate Connection to very specific people/places. Plain Connection is just the most basic usage of this. And, something people often forget, Connection has two directions. If something is Connected to you, you are Connected to this aswell. Any Connection manipulation directed against Duralumin Compounder can be easily counter.
  4. As you wish: Brandon says clearly, it depends on Orders, what mean on True Spren.
  5. Its not about what brings joy to Radiant, its about Connection between true and lesser Spren. You can see similarities in Honorspren and Windspren apearence, also Creationspren and Cryptics are similar in some way (constant changing shapes), Mistspren and Logicspren as well.
  6. From Shards probably no, but there are other beings with magical detection. Seekers, detection fabrials on Roshar and Sel, Nalthian Lifesense, Odiums seeking Voidspren... Is plenty things what can detect you, and some of them are can be hostile. As member of cosmere-wide trade (criminal?) organisation he of course doesnt want to be detected by everybody.
  7. I need remind you TLR can manipulate Connection too. Duralumin Compounding is probably less diverse than Bondsmith powers, but probably can be used as countermesure.
  8. I think you misinterpret this. Yeah, any magic can be converted in any other. But in any case isnt that that easy like you first tell us. Only some magic systems can be fueled by any Investiture relativly easy. Allomancy isnt one of them. I exagarate a little earlier, because right, you can crack Allomancy and fuel with other Investiture. But... noone knows how to do this yet. Even Hoid. This isnt simple in this case. BTW, I think Radiant would benefit more from fueling Radiancy with Allomancy. The simplest magic system to use with any Investiture is Sand Mastery, I think.
  9. Not any fuel. Only Preservation Investiture work. I dont know from you took this about "any fuel". Allomancer work only on Preservations Investiture, and only by burning metals. Every Scadrian is Connected to Preservation (and Ruin), but Allomancers are Connected more. Those WoBs are about this. You cannot fuel Allomancy with other Power than Preservations... But it seems you can power Feruchemy with other power, but still you need to figure out how: And about Metalborn being Invested:
  10. To Live is probably most apropriate. I dont think simply items from other worlds wuold be enough to force Nale to murder. Kalak knows how to free Seon, so he has to encounter this type of foreign magic before. And Nale alone seems to be ok with Nightblood, The Most Dangerous Item in whole Cosmere.
  11. This "something else" was most likely Cultivation. But this is very interesting (and relativly popular) theory - Gavilar becomes Cognitive Shadow, invested by Odium, and will come back to take back what he thinks is his. Being Cosmere-aware he can know how to do this.
  12. Scadrial, of course. Its wierd, but in every fantasy I always like the most "technological" ones. Metalic Arts are awsome, and Hemalurgy is intriguing.
  13. Blessings should resist Shardblade, more or less. Also, Invested metal has magical properties even molded and alloyed, so I thing cutting Blessing in half would not destroy it. But if part of body with Blessing will be killed, this Blessing should lose Connection to the Kandras soul, so Kandra should go mad.
  14. And of course Stick. On witch Cosmere world you want to live?
  15. Yes, is specific. You need to be Connected to particular Shard. Radiants cannot breath Voidlight. Even Renarin. Lift cannot breath Stormlight. Hemalurgists cannot use Mists. And Vasher can feed on Stormlight (he has to learn this) still cannot Awaken with it. We know Returned can fuel his Body with any Investiture.