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  1. Probably this. I dont remember, but Rysn didnt see any Parshmen in Shinovar, right?
  2. We know the most similar feruchemicaly in function to the Nicrosil is Copper. Copper also is wierd one. And Copper can store different memories with varius lenghts. So is possible that Nicrosil can store various different Investiture abilities, if someone happens to have more than one. But, of course, this is speculation.
  3. Just have assistent who changes metalminds in the run.
  4. But if one Ferring stored whole his weight going upwards in "Ferring Wheel", second Ferring going down dont need even tap metalminds, he can just stop storing. So he doesnt lose any charge, because he doesnt need tap.
  5. Why you're destroying my hopes... I wanna see Southerners, their cities (with skyskrapers and airship ports) and various magitech.
  6. 1. Probably You can use Full Lashing on large portion of ground to stick it together and behave as one. 2. Lashing seems to be directly dependent on Radiant Perception of proper Gravity. Probably for every Rosharan Radiant one Lashing is equal Rosharan Gravity. Things get interesting when someone from outside of Roshar will get Bond. I really want to see this, like Felt bonded Honorspren and his Lashing are stronger than normal ones
  7. Maybe MCUish "Sokovia action" - rip bunch of ground, lift and crash. Or pull asteroids or even moon down!
  8. I wanna see Harmony's Perpendicularity (ies?), Ettmetal mines, and more of SoScadrian Culture.
  9. Yeah, but we know also Magic Rules changed drasticly after destruction of Ashyn. Yes, on Ashyn Surges were unlimited and now the floor is lava, but this isnt the case now. Is very plausible Honor himself restricted use of Surges. He couldnt change Magic System, but he could bend its rules and weakened it indirectly (like Harmony changes Snapping - he didnt delete it, he makes it much less traumatic). So, we now talking about Surges now, and while they are impressive, it seems like they are not capable of planetary scale destruction. For now. And hopefully, never again. Shattered Plains are wierd to me, because they are different from anything we saw Surges are capable of. They bring to mind massive vibrations, so they could be somehow connected to the Rythms. But we can only wait, and speculate. BTW. What do you think, can Duralumin Compounder Connect himself to Cognitive Realm and hop?
  10. I have wierd and inexplicable fascination with Dai-Gonarthis, so my vote to him.
  11. We dont know, we can just speculate. No, Sazed was not providing Ettmetal to SoScadrians actively, because he wasnt primarly interested in South, and now he has his not-ingeration policy. From what we saw, Godmetal on Scadrial condensate near Perpendicularity. So this is probably where Ettmetal Mines are, near (above?) Harmonys Shardpool. (I also think Harmony has second Shardpool in the North)
  12. But this still is my point - this has to be near Bondsmith. We can have one, maybe two Bondsmiths in our army. This is not enough to fuel Radiants and Fabrials very VERY far from Roshar.
  13. Leave Roshar-planet? Yeah, I think so. Leave Rosharan System? Maybe. But still, we are talking about interplanetary distances. Even shards cannot use theits power anywhere. Yes I did. Ashyn is out of speculation because Magic there and then worked differently. And Shaterred Plains... We really dont know what destryoed it. So also out. Few kilograms was on one slider. To fuel two ships (and sliders too) across the whole globe is needet hundreds of kilos, or even tons. And this is just two ships, not even metioned bombs. Dalinar still is mortal. And reling on one/two person during whole campain in space isnt very wise. Bondsmith can be only in one place, and he doesnt have Shards to protect himself. Very risky. Also, Perpendicularity have only restricted area of influence (like few hundreds of meters, maybe kilometer in diameter?) Remember, we are talking about cosmic scale. Ekhem... We can use mists to get Ettmetal, Lerasium and Atium. Yes, this is now unknown how, but this is possible. And thx @Frustration, i have no intention to be banned, flaged or something like this. I simply dont use good words, because my english isnt very good.
  14. Hate this. "It happened in deleted scene, it is canon!" NO! If something was deleted, there was a reason to delete this. Right, we dont have this on-screen. But from who Suit get this info, you think? Anyway, destruction of temple is still much more than destruction of anything we see Radiants do. This was more theoretical, and even advantage for Rosharans, because they can bring conseal and active Fabrial. For Scadrians, I thout more about aluminum powder, gelle or foam, designed to isolate Invested devices. Also more theoretical now. Breaching realmatic border isnt as easy as you imply. Also, Is easier to go from Material to Cognitive (like even Lightweavers, order without Transportation, can do this) than from Cognitive to Material (even Elsecallers cannot do this anywhere) Only Bondsmith whitch we can consider is someone with Ishar's Honorblade, others cannot go very far from Roshar because their Spren are too essential to Roshar's ecosystem. But unlike Stormlight, Ettmetal doesnt steam away from storages. Most Stormlight is wasted during Highstorm. Stormlight easier to obtain? Yes. More abundant? No data about it. We still have to see SoScad civilisation to tell that. And even now we can tell they need hudreds, if not thousands tons of Ettmetal. just to fuel theirs Airships, ant this is probably not very basic use of it, of course they have more. Also, mists. Scadrial has mists.
  15. There is whole Civilization equiped with Ettmetal Magitech, so it is relativly common for me. And yes, normal spheres can hold Stormlight few days, but for even 20 days (Weeping) special large gemstones are needet. 20 days is not very long for military campain, and anywhere far from Roshar would be very difficult to have large amount of Stormlight without perfect gems or something similar in function. Yeah, im talking about it. Effect is limited inside the box, so Fabrial is not affecting envionment, while still theoreticaly active. Set is speculating, but Southerners are sure about it. And I belive them, this is theirs tech after all. It takes more Stormlight for larger object to Lash. Also more Lashings - more Stormlight. This would eat Stormlight faster than Laceryn. Also so large projeciles should have limited range, they also leak Stormlight faster so they are Lashed shorter. Not luck. Fortune So go and read what Spren are talking in Oathbringer. Stormlight is in Cognitive only if is brought from Physical. It NOT apear during Highstorms. This is why is so valuable. How large is Soulcaster's range? We didnt see more than maybe 20 meters... And gun can be full aluminum. And we didnt see Soulcasting from Cognitive (mean, cross Realms). As far we've seen Soulcasting full in Physical or full in Cognitive. It is possible, of course, but we dont have example, so this is probably more dificoult than "normal"Soulcasting.