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  1. I think this can be helpfull: This has to be proper metal to be metalmind. Anything other doesnt matter. So probably yes, Feruchemist can store Atribute in metal traces in body - but probably this would be very small amount. Also in our body metals often are in compounds, what make them unaccesable for Allomantic/Feruchemical use. But I dont see why having tiny metal fullerens going through veins would not work. Besides, of course, not very big charge. Also, as far we know, there is no limit how big metalminds could be. They are not very big due to convinience, not because it is impossible to be bigger.
  2. We know also Singers before Humans come to Roshar were "forbidden to touch" at least some Surges. And also Surges they have, they use differently than later Radiants or Fused - we saw example of Stoneshapinig with Songs and Rythms, was saw also Progression with the same technique. So we can assume Singers could know how to use other Surges with Songs (and atracted by them Spren) but were forbidden to use them.
  3. Technicaly in people's body nothing changes (from physical Point od view), just their Cognitive Aspect is affected. Btw, this is Adhesion, not Tension. This also can work for Moash - if his Cognitive Aspect sees him as blind, he will be, even if technicaly his eyes and nerves are not damaged. I think is because different parts of tower are different fabrials (with different metals/gems compositions) and he is able to delegate part of himself to run this fabrials (like semi-autonomous mini-splinters).
  4. But not immedietaly. He was able to run from the tower. And are you sure it was Spiritual Tension, and not Tower Suppresors or Anti-Voidlight Tone? Yeah, probably. Dustbringers, on the other hand, dont strike me as Cultivation ones, but... They have this deal with controling themselves... Like controling growth... But still, they not have use of Growth on little scale, when they can have whole tower working for them.
  5. We didnt see many usage of Cohesion (Venli is too fresh with powers), only one Radiant who can use Transportation is Jasnah (who practicly dont use it, she focuses more on Transformation), while Oathgates can teleport in Physical. And change of shells shape is normal function of Parshendi physiology - so redirecting Progression to fuel it is not wierd. Also, they are Cognitive Shadows, and CS can change shape. I think he has in mind old Radiants, in time when Urithiru was fully operational. Can you stop? I thoght I told everything clear. I. KNOW. THAT. Spiritual Usage, or maybe better call it Esoteric Usage of Surge, dont have physical effect. Yes, it can. But noone knows how. But it can. Yeah, Im not sure on this two. Simply Cohesion is to me more related to Cultivation, there is also thing with Venli's Oath accepted by Cultivation,
  6. Of course, all things have soul. You seem to not understand what I want to tell. Surge works in all 3 Realms. But there is different effect if Surge is used to change physical object (Made him fall in wrong dirrection, change into other matter etc), the "basic" usage of surge, and is different effect if you use Surge in some process, on more esoteric atribute, but without change of physical appereance of object (like make people change, connect them mentally, gravitatet to himself, even Connesting Realms, etc). This is what I understand as Physical or Spiritual Usage of Surges (Maybe indeed Aspect is wrong term) I think it is fuel, and is interchangable if Connection is right, and is not influencing type of Magic. We simply to differentiae those thinks. BTW, Moash is running on Stormlight, right? So how he isnt surpressed by changed Tower Fabrials? Is he running on Voidlight inside? Or he has so strong Connection to Odium so he is immune to effect (Like he is equivalent of 4th or even 5th Oath?) Fused seems to have totaly normal Surgebinding. I think Red in their eyes is becuase they are Corrupting Sparks of Life of Singers, rewriting it, to take over bodies. Not think so. Like higher, Lights can be interchangable. More likely, Surges are from both Shards, but some of them are more of one Shard than another. Still is problem with Nightwacher, why she would grant Adhesion and Tension, but I think this goes due to nature of Godspren - so large amount of Investiture agregated in one mind is closer in nature to Honor than Cultivation. Large amount of Investiture makes Realms closer, so Godspren is in nature similar to Perpendicularity and this is why they can bring Light from Spiritual (not produce - Investiture is not made, is pulled from Spiritual Realm). So this would give us 5 more-Honor-ish Surges, and 5 more-Cultivation-y. This will go like this: Honor: Adhesion (of course) Gravitation Tension Division Abrasion Cultivation Progression (Of course) Transformation Transportation Illumination Cohesion If you look at Surgebinding Chart, you will se they are divided in those groups by diagonal line. Also, Honor's one seems to be more related to "Joining" things, while Cultivation ones are more related to "changing" things.
  7. No, but Aimia was good and running some Time after Recreance, untill Dai-Gonarthis somehow destroyed it. And we saw Aimian, and he doesnt seems to be affected by Recreance. For sure not like Parshendi.
  8. Venli is first Parshendi Radiant EVER. So if there was Radiant (not just Bondsmith, ANY Radiant) earlier, had to be human.
  9. Few moments later near Perpendicularity for example ;-) Because maching Surge-Void are in my theory closer related than different Surges. Also when you have normal Spren and Enlightened Spren or full Voidspren, they are rather similar amount of Investiture (Like cars with simmilar parameters) and compared to Godspren should have smaller capabilities (in terms of raw power, not usefullness) because Godspren is much more Investiture (like Train is bigger and has much larger capacity than car). So if we compare Bondsmith to Stoneward, Stoneward still would have some Spiritual Tension, and Bondsmith also have Physical Tension (We know that), and even if they have the same Physical-Spiritual Ratio of Surge, Bondsmith Surges would be much stronger, because how stronger their Spren is (Again: Car and Train). And power in Physical Tension seems to be not very important, so even if Bondsmith have potentially much stronger Physical Tension, it simply would be no need to use this Surge whith large amounts of power. I found some nice WoB: As you can see, this is not just Shallan's imgination. It is related to her powers. Yes - they affect only physical objects.
  10. Not exactly. Shallan is not working on them directly. She just draw and let people live up to image. Also, to change something, you need first have Vision/prediction what to change and what it will look like. So this is possible future. But still, this is not imagination, like you imply. This is vision of distatnt things. There is not. Look this way: You have car (this is spren). This car have some transportation capability - has room for passangers (This is Physical Surge) and trunk for luggage (This is Spiritual Surge). But can be car with almost no room for passangers and very big trunk, like pick-up (this is Voidbinding, Shifted Physical-Spiritual ratio) And now compare this to the train (This is Godspren). Train can transport people and luggage, and even if can transport more People than cargo (ratio of People - Cargo is shifted to people, mean Physical-Spiritual Surge is in normal ratio) still can transport much more cargo than your Car, even if this is clearly transporter. Is this clear? Is clear to me... I think Adolin would notice this and mention, if this would be more times. This is something odd, and what not normally happens. And we have Adolin point of view many times, would be something like: "Like always when Renarin heals him Adolin sees his Radiant image" I have also another idea. Maybe those images are one of "normal" Truthwatcher powers? Maybe only this remains for Renarin from normal Ilumination? This Order is known as TRUTHWATCHERS - but we didnt see much of "Watching" in them - maybe this is it - they can see Truth about people and show them who they TRULLY are? I need to find this, but it was also in Words of Radiance, during Shallan's travel to camps. When she encounter deserters. Ok, good point. But still it works for my theory too ;-) Much stronger Connection between them, this can matter. I always think Dalinar simply dont know how to make this mask, or dos not try to, because should be able to do this.
  11. Yep. Should I count people completly changed after viewing drawing Shallan made for them? They are literraly around her. It's Words of Radiance Chapter 30. And right after that Shallan draws Shallash destroying her Statue. At this time she dont even know how Shallash look like, not even mention imagine Herald during something like that. I don't remember any other Renarin's Patient mention something simmilar, and also Adolin was healed by brother many times and this happened only once, so this is not effect of Progression, but rather unconcous usage of Illumination. I think we have little misunderstanding. Of course, this is spiritual, like every usage of Investiture but is difference between usage of Surge on physical objects (like Transformation one matter into other, or Gravitation into wrong direction) and usage on human's soul, or other minds (like Transformation human into better version of himself, or Gravitation towards many people to lead them). We even have this explained by Pattern. This is, I think, difference between Spiritual and Physical Aspects of Surges. I dont need to. Why this is problem? I tell for the 3d time: Standard Surge has Physical and Spiritual usage. So Any Radiant with Tension can use it Physicaly, or Spiritualy. For Bondsmiths This can also have something with how strong Bondsmith Spren are - of course Spren who is embodiment of Planet-size Strom, entire Mountain or Life itself will be powerfull enough to overcharge Surge. Why has to be gravitational field? Can be pressure. But also I dont see ANY trace of Spiritual Adhesion in Reverse Lashing. No Connecting People with their past/future, leading, ore something like that. This is still physical usage of the Surge(s).
  12. It happens definitly too often, to be just "Hope". Hope can be few times, not with literaly every person she met. Plus is also Yalb Survival Thing - she even don't think during this drawing, she made IT like Vision. From all we've seen, Renarin's Progression is like every other's. I'm not - because i'm not telling that standard Surgebinding don't have Spiritual Aspect. Of course IT Has. But focus still seems to be on Physical part, with noticable but weaker Spiritual part. Voidbinding seems to have this proportions reversed, with very strong Spiritual Aspect, and noticable but weaker Physical Aspect. Eeee, no. Reverse Lashing is still Physical Adhesion. Spiritual Adhesion is what makes them very good leaders.
  13. What Renarin sees also not always is truth. He saw for sure his Death from Jasnah's sword, and his Father as Odium's Champion. And what Shallan do seems to have more in it than just imagination. Those people often BECAME like those pictures. I think rather the latter, but more like cooperation between Physical and Spiritual Aspect of Ilumination. There is Physical Adhesion, Surge of Vacuum and Pressure. But maybe this is why there is no Void-Adhesion (or is? Envoyform anyone?) Because extremaly Spiritual Adhesion was allready taken (Bondsmith).
  14. That's not fully true. Standard Ilumination HAS some futuresight. We've seen few times, Shallan was drawing Yalb survival, also was drawing "possible future" for many people - what is very similar to what Renarin to Moash. Renarin's Progression works normaly, so his "Void" Has to be Ilumination. And maybe Voidbinding is Surgebinding shifted extremaly into Spiritual Aspect of Surge (as Basic concept). Maybe we can try guess other effects of Voidbinding with this pattern. But they probably would not be as dramatic as for Truthwatchers, because of central position of them on Voidbinding Chart, what suggests they are the strongest Voidbinders.