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  1. Endovment is 5. We dont know about others, but because Brandon is taking inspirations from near-eastern culture, I gave the brief look into Kabal, jewish numerology. And what I found: 1 is tied with Bravery and Leadership, but also with greed and Egoistic manipulation, also impatience. Also worth to note that 10= 1 because is1+0. Bravery and Leadership? Reminds of anyone? 2 Is tied with femine nature, diplomacy, but also anxiety and apathy 3 is tied with elements of fire, water and air, selfcontrol and independence, but also egoism, cold and gambling. Autonomy. 4 is tied with determination, hard work, and love for nature. Cultivation 5 is tied with bravery, trade and independence, but also with tricks, gossips and lack of responsibility. When you look close at Returned, you can see corelation. 6 is tied with love and friendship, but also with puissance and envy. Also 15=6 Can be Ruin, one or other. Also Dominion. 7 is mistic number, tide with knowledge, peace, but also sacrifice and sensitivity. Also 16=7 and 16 - Preservation 8 is tied with responsibility, positive thinking, greed, fast judging and... ambition ;-) 9 is tied with Justice, forgivness, imagination and traveling, but also envy, greed and egoism. 13 is tied with unity and love, also giving everything. Devotion
  2. Not very possible that he has medalions. He dont have mask, so he isnt from South, and at this time Medalions arent known among Northen Scadrians. If he is just ferring, most possible is he is Connector. What reminds me... Do you remember Allomacer Jak's steward, Handerwym?
  3. More even, it can be Feruchemist from before Final Empire - we all know what Lord Ruler do to Terrrisans. Also, can be Feruchemist from 17th Shard, who live in Silverlight. We know population of Southerners live in Shadesmar, why not Terrisans? More interesting question is, Why he is here. Is he agent of Harmony?
  4. Not so wierd. Because Atium is Godmetal and can be also additionaly Invested - as Hemalurgic Spike or Metalmind. But now when I think about it, I see that Atium is somwat wierd, we know that Lerasium Investiture will interfer, if someone will use it as Spike. Easiest explanation is that Atium is less Invested than Tanavastium or Lerasium (but we have WoB that it is not true. Or Brando change his mind).
  5. theory

    Last chapter seems to confirm this Theory, in my eyes at least. It is something what Rock says: We know that Horneaters worship Spren. One powerfull Spren is Godspren, and we know where other two Godspren are - Stormfather in the sky, Nightwatcher in the Valley (underneath Urithiru). Only one Godspren can be on Peaks. Sibling. Also, Rock "goes to Gods" - I think literaly. He is going to into pools on peaks, and use Cultivations Perpendicularity to go into Shadesmar and give himself under spren judgement. There are Spren attached to Justice, Highspren. So is possible that Highspren will send him to the Sibling.
  6. I think is more like Goths conquer Italy. Those people was forced to abandoned their homes by some force (in this case by other tribe- Huns) and first were refugees inside other country, but after that they used weakness of previos country and take over.
  7. Upmade maybe? Wierd, but sugestive...
  8. Technicly, Preservation dont break Oath - he knows that he will be weaker than Ruin at the end. He delay him. Also, I understand whole thing as Honor using Cosmere-wide mechanic to bond Odium. First, Honor with Cultivations help are both stronger than Odium alone, so to make chances equal Odium had to "step down" and bring fight on human level. He tried to Invest as little as possible, but by creating Oathpact Honor forced him to Invest more - because against resurecting Heralds he need his own forces (Unmade and Fused). And doing so, Odium bond himself by Investing into system. And re-Invest is realy hard, and will exhaust him. So he has to go around. I also think Odium wasnt alone when he killed Honor. "WE killed you" remember? I think Autonomy has Avatar on Ashyn.
  9. Yep, thats right. Willshapers were freedom-seekers, but they also were engineers and builders. Even Venli was Listener Spren Sientist. Willshaper will explain all further, maybe even in-person. It was whole year, more and more Radiants apear in Dalinars forces, it will be nothing wierd if some Radiant from new order would come. I think, it is Shin. It is statet i OB that Shins HATE Spanreeds, but if they hate Spanreeds, they will hate Navanis Airship thousand times more. And they can use Truthless.
  10. Question is, why Nahel Bond (or equivalent of it for Singers) wasnt discovered earlier by Singers and Spren, why they dont try it? It is natural for Singers bond with Spren. It is possible that sitting in gemheart of Singer is too similar for True Spren to being traped/enslaved. Also is possible that true spren have more freedom, because if is bond with human, can move around in its form.
  11. It was about some constructions in Urithiru, right? I dont have time to search now. Kalami isnt artifabrian, but even then someone can recognise metal or that construction is Fabrial, without knowing function or exact mechanics - i.e. Shallan in WoR. Besides, I think cages of fabrial clocks are made from gold.
  12. We even have evidence of this - Navani, when she recive misterous message, just picks up ruby, and it was active (blinks). I think (and I mention in this topic earlier) that pair of conjoiners/reversers are made form one spren, and one spren exist in two connected parts in two gems simultanously. And have to be split during process. Maybe need zinc-brass cage to switch between modes (alert/recive/send) but for basis it dont need any. P.S. Can mod merge my two posts?
  13. Probably yes, Investiture can be converted one into other. Noone knows yet how to do that, but this should be theoreticly possible.
  14. Yeah, and because Dawnshards have power of Bonding, so this will be probably Honor. I have also theory about Ashyn, maybe we can Fuse them: