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  1. Well, Culti maybe. Odium? Not Raise. Taravangian - yep, he could do something like that.
  2. Point is, Stormfather indeed starts bonding with Gavilar, so he is sending visions. But we think someone, main theory is Ishar, hacks to Connection between Stormfather and Gavilar and is impersonating Stormfather.
  3. It can first influence just few people, is actually very possible that started Influencing people with Honorblades, as they are most dangerous and maybe even have ability to resist, then Stoneshamans, and then rest. This can take few years. Also, why assume Ishar was using his Honorblade? He could use other magic, maybe Fabrial, or even offworld magic.
  4. We had literal words about hero dying before. Even few times. So im still not sure, soul hangs in Cognitive Realm for a while after death.
  5. Yep, this. And if im not mistaken, Stormfather wasnt affected by Jezrien's death. Other heralds, on the other hand, will indeed feel this. The whole aperance of "Stormfather" is awfully similar to what Thaidakar did with the Seon. Also, Stormfather never want to replace Heralds and set new Oathpact. But Jezrien indeed wants do exactly this. Is possible that Stormfather is giving visions, but Ishar is hacking to this Connection. First I thoght that this can be Unmade (more specificly, Dai-Ghonarthis) but indeed, Ishar seems to be better candidate.
  6. Probably not. Metalmind is spiritualy part of Feruchemist, part of his Cognitive Self. And object can be fully inside the bubble or fully out. So metalmind can be with Feruchemist inside, or can be outside but he would not be able to touch it and Fill it - because Bubble Border would be constantly between them. Still dont understand why dont simply use Bendaloy Bubble instead...
  7. Nope. Cadmium bubble is physically slowing time on the area, not just relativly for user, @Skaromas is right. Even if metalmind spiritually will be normal, feruchemist's storing speed depends on his reaction time, and his own perception, so slower time for him - slower storing. If you want to speed storing up, you need to use Bendaloy/Cerrobent, witch has reversed effect.
  8. Fortune is not Shard. Is more like function in Spiritual Realm.
  9. Maybe sunlight has also very powerfull radiation? Maybe even supernatural one? Like will kill not resistent life even hundreds meters underground. So is not just going underground, you also need shielding technology. This is actually easy. Form sort of Furnace on the ground, fill it with all stuff needet, and wait for day. Go around planet and just collect metal - sun is doing all job for you.
  10. Maybe there are underground plants and their roots and stalks are good for wood. Or in polar regions of planet are forests with half the year vegetation time (and are burned by sulight in other half, like eucaliptus trees in Australia). Of course, they also need to grow very fast.
  11. Gravitation is for flying, not Adhesion. And Dalinar doesnt have it.
  12. Yeah, but is many times implied that Auxiliary is killed (is very talkative, for the dead) because Sigzil break his Oaths - what is awfully Radiant-like. Maybe indeed Sigzil changes Order to Elsecallers, or maybe his Spren was heavily changed by Dawnshard.
  13. Nightmares are not fully physical, not those most popular ones - they cant really harm people untill feedet enough. So I see something like using theirs normal behavior against them. Nightmares normally gains physical form after few returns into Shroud - with collected Investiture. But Painter is giving them extra Investiture, and forces with this change of form of Nightmare. So I still think he and Yumi are using just two alterations of the same system.
  14. Lets quote: This is definitly something more than just physical exhuation. Dont see something similar from Painter, but maybe to bind normal unstable Nightmare there is no need for much Investiture.
  15. Person able to use Surges with Ashynite Magic System. Basicly get sick with proper Bacteria. Breath is piece of Investiture, but is also Innate Investiture (that can be given away). And yes, you can still use only one Breath for something, if you know right Command. We have also whole Invested Art with manipulation of Innate Investiture - Feruchemy. Considering fact that everyone has Innate Investiture, is not surprising to me that there is Invested Art possible to use by anyone with proper trainnig and skill.