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  1. This is possibility, in fact Scadrians will invent this in very near future, but but from way Ghostbloods were talking I was assuming they brought this idea from somwhere else. Also, if someone would invent this on Scadrial, why he/she is not famous and superrich already? Aluminium has in Cosmere additional value in comparison to our world.
  2. Transport will mainly go with ships, only the shortest part between planets will be caravans. Anyway, I dont think Silverlight produces its own alumnium. We know most advanced world in Cosmere is Taldain, Scadrial is second. So I think Ghostbloods recriuted scientist witch electrochemy specialisation on Taldain, and smuggled him to Scadrial, when they set him somewhere in the Roughs near bauxite mine.
  3. She also is able to handle Anti-Voidlight, and we know this thing if lethal for her. Did anyone STABBED Fused with Silver? Im almost sure no. Silver have no military aplications, why bother with soulcasting something like this.
  4. Can we be certain of it? Does anyone stabbed Fused with Siver Knife at any time?
  5. We know people from Lumar worship Moons. But because antrpomorphisation is in our nature, is possible that they have personifications for all Moons, and Thanasmia is simply name of this personification of Midnight Moon. But maybe indeed this is name of Midnigth Aether himself (herself?). Roseite Aether have name too, its Silajana.
  6. Definitly Re-Sephir wasnot full Aether, but just an Aetherbound, probably Corrupted (Unmade) by Odium. Also, there is another possible Aetherbound among the Unmade. Remember Yelig- Nar the Blightwing? This Unmade need host, and when absorbed (or maybe I should tell: gestate?) transforms its host into somthing rocklike, with purple color. And this is fatal. For me, it looks very much like Roseite Aetherbound, or maybe more like Roseite Spore Eater, with additional powers (Parto of Odiums power maybe).
  7. I think Spores need to be part of some Cycle. Otherwise, such a small planet will be completly drown under them. Maybe Spors have limited lifespan, and they spontanously transform into Investiture, and release some Air in the process? Considering fact Air is definitly made IN THE OCEANS (during Seethe) I see thin as plausible.
  8. Ok, my turn to create Super-Duper-Powerhouse in Cosmere! 1st. Species. Sighted Horneater. 10 points. Ability to see Cognitive Entities is super usefull, and not very common. 2nd. Mistborn - 192 points. 3d. Feruchemist - 192 points. 4th. Elantrian - 200 points. BTW, I think this is way too cheap for something weve seen Elantrain can do. 5th. Larkin - 5 points. This little puppet will devour any hostile Investiture for me leaving my oponents defensless, and their all magic usless. And may grows! 6th. Jar of purified Dor - 300 points. - Can be used as Atium too, why have the same price? 7th. 10 Primer Cubes, 5 points each. 8th. Aetherbound - 24 points. Roseite Aether. For Protection. Aethers work very good with Bendalloy Feruchemy too. 9th. Dead Shardblade - 12 points. In case of some physical obstacles. 10th. 1 Hemalurgic Spike - 12 points. Supercheap, and I can have Duralumin one, with Connection to whatever I want! Or rather, to whatever I steal. 11th. 1st Hightening. Just because I have 3 points left, so I can spend one. Why no Bondsmith or other Radiant? Because all Radiants can do, Elantrian can do also. They can be little awkward, because of their dependance of place, but 1st. weve seen workaround, and 2nd. I have two others sources of Power, Allomancy and puryfied Dor in Jar. Have Aether for Armor, Allomancy for easy fuel, have two ways to see future (Jar of Dor can work as Atium and Compounded Fortune), and any equaly powerfull enemy will be powerless from my Larkin (or Leaching).
  9. Probably map is only part of system, and second part is "converter" of available Investiture to Dor "Standard" or Connection shennanigans allowing Elantrian to tap to the most available local source of Investirure. Or maybe part of Devotion and Dominion power remined in Spiritual Realm (actually it is very likely, because this is where Shards are mostly) and proper Aon program can draw it directly.
  10. Autonomy is probably the worst idea, because this intent would tear Harmony apart. He would fight not just to maintain the balance, but also not to split himself. This is actually my favorite. For two reasons. First, Honor is Shard of Rules, Restrictions and Comands. So, with this one Intent combine, Sazed should be able to set rules when his Preservation Intent works, and when Ruin. Second, Honor is already splintered, dont have Vessel, and is not mixed with other Shard. Should be easier to pick part of it. Of course, it will not be easy at all, but easier than with other Shards.
  11. This is actually exact reason why he would run tests again and again. With sloght changes to envirnoment and parameters of reaction, he will run tests until he will succeed. I have different idea. Wasnt Wax's safebox coated with significant Aluminium layer? Aluminium is actually not essential in construction of something like this. We dont even know if Set was using safeboxes. So maybe to create Atium and Lerasium you need to first "disconnect" metal from Shard, simmilar how you need to "disconnect" Lights from Rythm, in process of creation of Anti-Light. So in this case Aluminium Box would work similar to vacuum tube. And Ettmetal disconnected from Harmony would be more simmilar to Atium-Lerasium, so would be more possible to divide it. After all, VenDell thinks you cant divide Ettmetal untill Harmony remains whole, but if Ettmetal doesn't "feel" Connection to Harmony...
  12. I had other idea. Maybe Harmonium can be safely ingested not through stomach, but through lungs? It was told that Harmonium reacts with air less violently than with water, and many metals has a little different properties as dust, than normally, thou normally metal dust is more reactive - example magnesium, or aluminium. But this is godmetal we are talking about, so can behave counter-intuitive.
  13. No, all Atium was burned away by Elend's men during Catacendre. This is why now scientists wants to divide Harmonium into Atium and Lerasium. Atium is considered to be mythical, and only personwh has some of it is Marsh. New book isnt called "The Lost Metal" for no reason, so I think we will get answers soon (still dont think Southerners have extra Ruin, they definitly needed more Preservation to live throu Catacendre)
  14. Dont think so, because extra bit of Ruin was always materialized as Atium, and Southerners are direct descendants of people who were already in the South during Final Empire Days. Harmony of course could manipulate theirs spiritwebs to add some Ruinous to them, but I dont think he would. Entire society driven by Ruin is little bit dangerous, dont you think?
  15. Wait a minute. From new released chapters we know Harmonium reacts to water, but not to Acids, what is abnormal, because Alkalic metals reacts with water because it behaves as weak acid. But whatever, this is Godmetal, should be abnormal. Point is, in human stomach there is very powerfull acid, with pH around 1,5. So if Harmonium is not reacting to acids, we need "just" deliver it to the stomach not touching tissue, and within stomach human should be able to burn it safely.