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  1. The sleepless are following a LOT of people. They're following the Ghostbloods, too.
  2. Agreed. It makes much more sense that the Sleepless were keeping an eye on Tien. I actually think it would cheapen Kal's story. It would basically mean all the time he spent in the army afterwards was for nothing. His pain was pointless.
  3. Hi!

    Hi! I'm a huge Sanderson fan, and I've brought many new readers to the flock by recommending Sanderson books. I still get chills when I read Kaladin speaking the first oaths.
  4. The difference here is that we were given clues to Jasnah not being dead: A - we never saw a dead body, and B - we heard the knife hit the wood floor. There were clues. The clues here were that Tien was a Radiant. That's cool. But I can't wrap my head around Tien somehow coming back to life. That would ruin Kaladin's story. It would be too much like the MCU where everyone lives and death doesn't matter.
  5. Why/how would Tien have faked his death? That's a bit of a stretch for me. Kaladin sat with Tien's body for HOURS. How would he have not noticed an extremely novice lightweaver (IF that's even the order he was going to be in) still breathing? Interesting theory, but I don't see it. He definitely spoke with the Sleepless, but Tien's dead.