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  1. Wasn't ice merchanting a thing until the early 1900s? I was under the impression that early refrigerators still used ice for cooling. And it's not like everyone can afford electricity - a lot of people would still use old tech because it's cheaper and familiar.
  2. Why you shouldn't try to Soulcast missiles.
  3. I agree with what you said here, but those quotes don't really confirm it. The fused got the first ideas for anti-Light from Shards telling about antimatter. From RoW Chapter 65:
  4. A big problem here is that the CEO changed from a man with eons of experience to a new guy. When Navani and Raboniel discovered anti-Light, Rayse didn't do much - but Taravangian did. Taravangian might not have gotten the knowledge Rayse had access to at that point.
  5. I always assumed that the reason Shards don't give away technology was to prevent people from killing their planets Ashyn-style and becoming disinterested in research and science, like Sazed inadvertently did to the people of the Basin. In Odium's case specifically, he already pushed humans to experiment with magic they already had - and they nuked their planet. Not the best approach to raising an army for galactic conquest, especially when your forces are mentally fragile.
  6. I assume you mean that the news of mortals having anti-Light is what surprised Odium, not the anti-Light itself. It would be weird if a Shard didn't know something about the fundamentals of the cosmere and Investiture.
  7. Is it an actual object, or is it some sort of unreachable backdrop thing? Is it a star or some natural Invested lightbulb that provides illumination? Could you go to it on a plane or a rocket?
  8. Ash and smoke are exactly what you get in an early industrial revolution - there's just not enough people in the Basin for it to really show. Not really Neuromancery, yes, but I doubt that a bunch of regular old humans could pollute so badly that the sky will change color.
  9. Elendel factories are doing that already. Shadows of Self Chapter 3:
  10. Most likely, I think. Maybe a conjoiner made out of musicspren or something like that. There is a chance that Roshar might be stuck with Spanreeds for some time, but fabrials should allow for some form of voice communication.
  11. I always assumed that she was talking to her spren. Modern fabrials are a new thing, so I doubt it's anything technological.
  12. It seems that it's one of those religious themes Brandon wants to explore. Like the Bible being a retelling of real events that got changed and mistified more and more with each retelling/revision.
  13. The first half of Stormlight takes place about ten years before the Wax and Wayne series - around 300 years after the Catacandre. Meaning that Kelsier had a little less than that to establish the Ghostbloods because he arrived at the south 10 to 20 years after the Final Ascension.
  14. Tones and rhythms are not unique to a planet or a Shard - they are a property of all Investiture. Bronze pulses are rhythms of Allomancy, in a way. Rhythms are sounds, so you could write them down. Finding a rhythm on your own seems to require either training or supernatural help, so I incline towards it being possible with Perfect Pitch. All Investiture manifests in three states: Gaseous - the Mist on Scadrial, the Lights on Roshar, and Breath on Nalthis. Liquid - in stationary Perpendicularities. Metal - Atium, Lerasium, Raysium, Trellium, Harmonium, Sharblade metal, and so on. They have different properties, but still fit into one of those categories. Apparently, color is also important but the places where it shows are not necessarily numerous. So congratulations, you have figured out cosmere mechanics on your own!