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  1. Didn't Malata unlock an Oathgate in Jah Kaved? How would she do that without a blade? Do people think she has an Honorblade or am I missing something?
  2. The Fourth Bridge is insanely cool. I wonder what its bead would be like in Shadesmar. Would it say "I am a ship." or "I am a bridge?" Or would it go full Stormfather and say something like "I am the Fourth Bridge, carrier of kings, Bondsmiths, admirals and smelly bridgeman!"
  3. One way of adding a bit of redundancy to propulsion would be to use both a set of conjoiners and reversers which would function with a bit of delay. That way, the pair of the chulls would be moving one ship in the same direction while moving opposite directions themselves. This would also allow for one crew to keep pulling the ship while the other changes directions. I think that Roshar at the moment is not advanced enough technologically to create an entire structure out of aluminum. I suspect that they don't have a way to even get enough metal. And IIRC there was a WOB saying that it would be hard to soulcast aluminum, but I may be wrong about that. As before, I'm not sure if this technology even exists on Roshar. This leads me to believe that methods of local propulsion for those types of ships of sufficient power and efficiency would be magical in nature. Another idea I had was to use a pair of platforms floating on water, in a cistern of sorts, and adjust the vertical position of the main platform by changing the water level in the cistern. While the speed of climbing and descending would decrease, the safety of the crew of the ship would rise as the failure of the mechanism would result in a gradual descent, rather than a sudden crash to the ground. This would also allow for the ship to remain afloat at least at some distance for the ground if the water was drained from the sides of the cistern and not from the bottom, leaving the ship out of reach of regular foes. But this method is also flawed and I struggle to say if it would be better than the current one.
  4. I was recently rereading Oathbringer and I think there might be a little bit more to Adolin's words that "Almighty used some of the same stuff he put into Shardblades when he made you.” when he was talking to Kaladin in Shadesmar.
  5. oathbringer

    My questions are mostly about the issues brought up in Oathbringer, so here I go. Who's helping Sigzil with the scribe duties in Bridge 4 now? How was Oathbringer the book received by the public? What was the reaction of the elite, especially in the nations with heavy Vorin worship? Did any important man learn to read to show support to Dalinar or in defiance of the church? Sebarial had some sort of scheme to tax the Oathgates. Did he manage to implement it in any way, since Navani gave the privilege of Oathgate regulations to Thaylena? Did the Alethi make any big structural changes to Urithiru to help deal with the plumbing problem? Have they managed to make any of the towers mechanisms work, with the Sibling sleeping and all? The synopsis for the RoW says that the coalition fought for a year, but how are the armies supplied (and deployed for that matter)? Did any member nation set up temporary garrisons on the ally borders or do they march straight from the capital most of the time? Are the casmfiends actually going extinct?
  6. The Spiritual realm has 1 dimension of space and 3 dimensions of time. Three-dimensional time is what allows seeing alternate futures and not just the future and the past. Rock will be the first cook on Roshar to use a fabrial oven/stove. Mistborn era 3 will be about the protagonists trying to stop agents of Trell from starting a World War level conflict.