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  1. theory

    This makes sense but I have no idea why it can also manipulate pressure. If the Windrunners didn't get more squires, I'd say that pressure manipulation is a resonance.
  2. A slug enthusiast has entered the forums, I see. Welcome and thank you for the Coppermind work, this community wouldn't be the same without people like you.
  3. Aren't they already working as couriers in Era 2? Still cool, though.
  4. @Zoey @Benkinsky @HSuperLee
  5. Kelsier could've decided to use the Set so that the Basin finally moves past the nobles and titles.
  6. One of the scenes with Kelsiers crew in the Final Empire, when they were all relaxing and pretending to speak in Spook's slang. "Wasing not of wasing is." The duel in WoR. Marisi using Bands. "My sin be hidden."
  7. @Oltux72 Like the third one
  8. Got tired of thinking of ways to kill a planet with F-Iron-equipped rods from god, and decided that it would be fun to speculate how Scadrian society can incorporate the Metallic Arts in other aspects of life by Era 3. Just in general, I would argue that Allomancy is generally better suited for commercial uses than Feruchemy, at least when comparing the same powers or tasks that can be accomplished with either Allomantic or Feruchemical ability. Supply departments wouldn't need to worry about employees storing attributes without blanking their Identity first, for one. It also ensures that given a certain amount of metal, employees will be able to work for a set time unless they flare too often. You'd have to account for subjective tapping amount/speed with Feruchemy. What I came up with for conventional, not mechanized, uses: Allomantic and Feruchemical pewter for carrying heavy things. Fixing things with Allomantic electrum. Schooling with Copperminds, especially if compounding allows to duplicate memories. Could be better than books if duplication is possible and affordable. Feruchemical and Allomantic iron for high-altitude work. Feruchemical zinc for emergency services and better driving. Allomantic roads like in the Final Empire. Copperminds for taking witness testimonies and treating people who suffered recent mental and/or emotional trauma. Feruchemical bendalloy for (military) rations. Potentially with pictures of foods stored in them, if taste also translates. Feruchemical tin for absolute personal soundproofing. Allomantic iron for finding all of the small screws that roll of the damn table. >:( Allomantic and Feruchemical fabrials (ettmetal machines): Allomantic zinc and brass for improving workplace productivity. Feruchemical iron for everything, but vehicles in particular. If you can convert Allomantic pulses from bronze in electric or digital form you get an automated Seeking device that can automatically recognize metals being burned. If you can convert blue lines from Allomantic iron or steel you get an automated metal detector, maybe even a scale for weighing large objects. Feruchemical zinc for "overclocking" computers. Feruchemical brass for cooling everything and helping to overclock computers. Allomantic cadmium for storage. Sounds expensive, though. Allomantic electrum for self-driving cars. "Flying" cars, trains, skateboards. All thoughts, ideas, and critiques are welcome.
  9. After a God King dies, how long can they last as a Cognitive shadow? They are seemingly the most Invested people we've seen so far, but the Breaths are not fully part of the soul, so would they even help? And if a God King doesn't form a Shadow - since he/she is one already - let's just say a regular person of tenth Heightening.
  10. There is an Oathgate in Shinovar, so he can get back to Urithiru fast if the plot goes in that direction. That might also allow Adolin to become a Champion, if he and Shallan will be going to Shinovar as well.
  11. This clue was supposed to help people who had no idea that there are 16 metals. If Yomen didn't spill the beans, there was no way for the wast majority of Scadrial to know that at the time. 16 doesn't fit logically if it's meant to point people to the metal that ISN'T one of the 16. The fact that atium mistings are a thing. God metals are supposed to be usable by everyone. In fact, that is another change Brandon wants to make for a film adaptation.
  12. That is why Brandon wants to change the whole 16 thing for a film adaptation, I think. The more you think about it, the less sense it makes.
  13. Also, it's worth mentioning that not all Shards are equal in terms of how well their Intents mash up with people. For example, I'd much rather have Cultivation, Preservation, or Endowment watching over my planet than Ruin, Odium, or Honor. In the cosmere, there is a part of the pantheon you respect but quietly wish to be as far from you as possible.
  14. Harmony seems to be doing well, under the circumstances. It will be interesting to see how the southerners treat him in their religions. Endowment seems to act similarly to Sazed, sending out Returned when she thinks it's worth intervening. But I suspect that she caused the Manywar by pushing the Five Scholars to create Nightblood, which may or may not have been a deal with Cultivation. If that is the case, then she goes a step beneath Sazed. Honor, Cultivation, and Odium killed a planet with their schemes and are in the process of killing another, so they go to the bottom of the list.
  15. Mistborn powers are generally more useful in day-to-day life, so that's what I'd choose. On a completely unrelated note, seeing this topic's name gives me flashbacks to that... thread. I can't even imagine what will happen after Lost Metal is released.