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  1. I think that if Jasnah just stopped slavery legally, we'll see lighteyes and Highprinces institute version of serfdom on their lands. Released slaves will just be put into menial labor for 16 hours a day with horrible wages, part of which they'll use to pay taxes. Even Jasnah won't be able to solve the nation's labor issues with a proclamation or an edict just a few years after it lost its supply of cheap labor.
  2. It seems that I vastly underestimated the number of applications for extreme physical force. For some reason, I thought that only one of the powers of Pewter would suffice. I guess it says more about how little physical work I had to do in my life than anything else.
  3. I think the largest advantage of this combination is not the Compounding but the ability to store "excess" senses like touch or smell. It negates a large part of Kelsier's speech about the consequences of Tin. There is also a part of me that can't stop thinking that while Compounding is powerful, its usefulness is limited. Imagine how Era 3 will look like with Metalborn powers up for sale most metals when Compounded provide a lot more power than the wast majority would need in any situation outside of emergencies. The only practical uses I can see are Metalmind recharging and physical metals in firefighting brigades and rescue services.
  4. Remember, how in The Well of Ascension, Zane saw Vin's Atium shadow split when he countered a blow that she hadn't yet dealt? What if you could split your own Electrum shadow with Feruchemical Zinc? If you were analyzing what is happening to your shadow faster than your body can start to act, the effect should theoretically be the same. It can be useful in bomb disposal or electrical maintenance of dangerous systems.
  5. Something I'd like to point out is that Vasher is talking to Invested entities, not BioChromatic entities. So he mush have broadened the classification the Five Scholars came up with during their research of BioChroma to include all types of Investiture. Also, on the topic of Vasher, it may be the time to start thinking about how he can draw in Stormlight. It doesn't seem right to me that he would be able to slurp some Stormlight just because his Divine Breath gets hungry for Invested juice. If it was the case, anyone "in need" would be able to use Stormilight to fuel any other magic system. Unless the Returned are really like plants, eating sunlight in an Invested photosynthesis kind of process. The Read-Along article mentions a good theory on how he may be doing that.
  6. Do we know if the Singers can change form by bonding with True spren? Is Nahel bond the only way a sapient spren can be bonded with?
  7. I think you people are overthinking that comment about a Radiant of the Fourth ideal. Given what Raboniel had heard during this meeting, her comment likely refers to Kaladin, who, according to Lezian, might have sworn that oath. The epigraph is quite intriguing, however. At first, I thought that logicspren provide some level of automation or control over the function of a fabrial. If we assume that Oathgates operate using two spren because they fulfill two distinct functions, one oversees the mechanism that verifies the key and checks the destination while the other actually uses the Surge of Transportation, logicspren may act in a similar to the first one on a smaller scale. But since we haven't seen any fabrials that may require this level of complexity, other than the Oathgates themselves, it seems unlikely.
  8. I think that the theoretical value of Stormlight is in its properties as fuel. Roshar has an energy source more that is easier to obtain than electricity and which might be more efficient. We haven't seen any way to use it this way, other than by those with access to an Invested art, that doesn't mean that there are none. The problem is that the Ghostbloods are unlikely to view it this way, even knowing that they were to Scadrial and saw electricity there. What may be more likely is that Stormlight can be used in that method of slow aging that Silverlight and Seventeenth shard use. Also, Mraize's words about Investiture being hard to transport from its source has me thinking if the same holds for God metals.
  9. Well, we haven't seen a Singer bond to a sapient Voidspren either, IIRC. The two examples of those we saw were Ulik and the one that guided Sah and his group to Kholinar.
  10. I think we might have seen a human bonded to a Voidspen. Aesudan's "Radiants" were bonded to them, were they not?
  11. While it sounds great, I don't think that characters with mental issues healing them with magic is good for the Cosmere. If I understand DID correctly, the merging of personalities happens over time, and you can't just go "Oh, I am actually only one person!" one day and have all personas puff away. It also cheapens the experience of the people struggling with these illnesses IRL.
  12. Do we know why people thrash about while experiencing Honor's visions?
  13. Renarin made Moash see his alternative Spiritual self. Props to all who thought that his version of Illumination is a spiritual one!
  14. Well, Mraize is dealing with "Restares' cronies" the same way as he tried to deal with Amaram in Words of Radiance. Good to know that he is consistent if nothing else. It's a shame about Ialai, though. Hopefully, we will figure out definitively what she was trying to say during the entire wine conversation as I'm too dense to figure it out myself.
  15. That would break the challenge the Fused offered, and Sigzil doesn't seem to land any hits on her during their duel.