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  1. @Bzhydack It seems that you can use different Investiture to fuel different forms of magic. Although, as of Era 2, it seems that the best use for it would be in magical mechanisms where Stormlight might be preferable for some reason, like in South Scadrial Technology. However, using other Investiture to fuel a personal use of an Invested Art seems pointless in all cases except the Dor.
  2. Just had an idea. What if, depending on spren and gemstone combination, you could use metal to create either a Feruchemical or an Allomantic effect in a fabrial?
  3. Something to keep in mind is that all the versions of the suppressor fabrial were made by spren manifesting in the Physical real as a gemstone. Since we know that most or possibly all of those designs can be made using modern fabrial techniques, it seems likely that with a proper spren, gemstone, and metal we can make this kind of fabrial. It may be where enhancement metals come into play on Roshar.
  4. Maybe Odiums imprisonment on Braize allowed Honor (and possibly Cultivation) to set the terms of engagement, but forbidding him to fight would have set Rayse free. Similar to how Preservation persuaded Ruin to create humans with a promise that he will be able to destroy them eventually, Honor was able to bind Odium to Braize, allowing Rayse some influence over the system.
  5. @stonewalker16 I meant that they are trying to invert the Command itself, not the Breaths that were used to Awaken an object.
  6. The simplest explanation that comes to my mind is that Honor simply prohibited Odium from granting Adhesion to his minions. Possibly, as another measure to prevent another Ashyn. We see at the end of the RoW that Odium can corrupt Kaladin, and he is still able to use Adhesion. Odium says that if Dalinar became a Fused, he would still be bound by his Oaths, so it seems like Odium can make him something like a Bondsmith. However, my speculation Dalinar might be completely off if Rayse just wanted him to be the Blackthorn, but Bondsmith Oaths don't really allow that, so I'm not sure about that one. As the people above mentioned, Shards don't choose their magic system. That doesn't mean that Odium can't use what people in the world see as Adhesion. We see him Connecting to people and making deals like a Bondsmith. Because Shards have an understanding of the cosmere on a fundamental level and can manipulate everything on that level, saying that Shards can't do something seems wrong.
  7. After stewing on Lights and Intent things we got in RoW, I get a sneaking suspicion that what Navani did with inverting tones to change Intent is similar to how Awakeners break Commands of Awakened objects. Like using the senses granted by the Breaths to "attune" to the Intent of the Awakened object, then inverting it to break the Command or take it over, maybe?
  8. Seon may be cut off from the outside world, like a room lined with aluminum stopped spanreeds from working in Oathbringer.
  9. What would happen if a Surgebinder used duralumin enhanced Basic Lashing on an object? I assume that the Lashing would create a gravitational pull of more than a single normal Lashing, like what Szeth did to a balcony in the prologue for WoK, but since this Surge requires a constant flow of Stormlight, would it be like a very strong punch or am I completely wrong here?
  10. If there was a city populated exclusively by noblemen, he could have.
  11. Bondsmiths of old were not qualified for "unlimited power" either. While new Bondsmiths are more powerful, their Oaths are the same. You keep saying that Navani is unworthy, but the Sibling themselves accepted her Oath. So she judged her worthy of a bond after all. The biggest check on Navani or any Sibling Bondsmith is that their powers are tied to the Tower. So she is a lot more restricted than Dalinar in this regard. Navani's knowledge of fabrials and engineering with access to what seems to be unlimited Investiture is a more dangerous aspect of her, in my opinion. She is much more likely to break something with flying machines or fabrial guns than Connection.
  12. Sibling said that Navani isn't worthy for two reasons: They don't like Navani capturing spren. They don't like humans. But Navani is worthy. No one in the Tower understands city management, building infrastructure, and fabrials. She kept an entire nation running after its king decided to start going on worldhopping vacations after politics bored him. All these qualities are vital for Urithiru to function as a cultural, political, and economic heart of the Coalition. Rlain would have been a great Bondsmith, but not a Sibling Bondsmith, especially considering the circumstances.
  13. Coinshots would have an easier time because the damage of their attack is concentrated in a small area. In the last three examples you provided, the force of the attack is spread across multiple sections of the plate. So there is a way for Mistborn to get through, a difficult one, but it's better than nothing.
  14. That is assuming all these metals have useful effects and not something like gold or aluminum.
  15. My question is, why didn't the Fused unmake Cusicesh in previous returns if the nine Unmade they have now were just big and powerful spren?