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  1. Solving people's problems directly is a subpar outcome to making them figure things out on their own. Harmony or Sazed's approach since Ascension seems to be pushing people into developing solutions. After stumping the North's tech growth by solving people's problems for them, it makes sense to me that he'd lead his people to a way to have atium again and explore it in more depth instead of directly solving Marsh's aging. I'd even say that this action actually give a little credence to Saze claiming that "he had it in hand". This one interests me the most, though a simple answer would be that Marsh just refused, for whatever reason. I don't see any scenario where Kel would deliberatly refuse to help his brother attain longevity.
  2. If you haven't seen this same discussion in the old topic, don't look at it now, but it's pretty mild in comparison, honestly
  3. It's more about the general drive to overcome nature than the constant struggle against anything specific like war, natural disasters, or alien invasions. I don't want to search for actual quotes, but Saze says so himself in Shadows (I think )when talking about how Basin's perfect climate stunted North's growth. WW2 is the most extreme example in this case because the need to produce a lot of... everything really, drove people to develop techniques, processes, and alternative solutions. But in general, a people with a reason to see what's on the other side of the ocean will get there faster than those who do it out of curiosity.
  4. The book didn't add much to what we had before. All new tech North gained is still in the early stages, if effective against an opponent that (presumably) still uses spears and swords. I'm waiting for era 3 to see what the South is all about, but my preliminary judgment is that if the technological age Kelsier wishes for comes to fruition, Scadrial as a planet/civilization will be more dangerous than Roshar. However, Rosharan magic users will always be stronger than Metalborn, especially with the new restrictions on Compounding, Dawnshards, Bondsmiths, and two(?) active Shards. On Compounding specifically, it looks like a steady supply of purified Investiture might eliminate the need for it. All Compounding really does is fuel the Feruchemical attribute/effect with Preservation's Investiture, but now we know that you can supply it externally.
  5. They were in the middle of stopping the world from getting nuked and invaded by an alien army. Caring about stray prisoners at that moment is plot armor and protagonist privilege
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  7. Did we see any indication that Bondsmiths can manipulate Connection at a distance? Because if not, they just have the power of an atomic bomb at a range of a cocktail straw.
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      Ookla the Frustrated.

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  9. theory

    That malatium is made from another alloy instead of base godmetal.
  10. theory

    The malatium thing still irks me, even with the WoB. (WoP?) We're at the point where fixing these oddities means that it breaks other things around it. If this is the case, we'll end up in a situation where the fundamental part of the worldbuilding of the series is referred to incorrectly for more than three books straight,
  11. I wanted to write a long response because this topic confused me for a long time. But after RoW - specifically reading the Sibling and other spren throw around contradictory information - I'd rather just wait for book 5. Too much happened in a space of a few days, possibly even a single day, and yet it feels like we're still missing critical information. Did the Radiants break their oaths or did their spren just end the bond as the Sibling did? If all orders broke their oaths, whatever form it took, on the same day and Windrunners were among the first, how did the rest of the Orders get the communication? Were there no Radiants in seclusion or in Shadesmar who just didn't get the memo? It seems too convenient but, knowing Brandon, it all makes sense, somehow.
  12. theory

    This makes sense but I have no idea why it can also manipulate pressure. If the Windrunners didn't get more squires, I'd say that pressure manipulation is a resonance.
  13. A slug enthusiast has entered the forums, I see. Welcome and thank you for the Coppermind work, this community wouldn't be the same without people like you.
  14. Aren't they already working as couriers in Era 2? Still cool, though.
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