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    I hate that thieves always take things literally.
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    Worst earplugs become stupid Igloos that eat under red lanterns
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    for the sun, it’s like you are playing arrow roulette.
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    I’m not MiSiN anything
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    I got the moves like. . . Oh. . .
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    Stop knitting your pants everyone

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    Somewhere in Antarctica
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    Hockey, Soccer, Lacrosse, Golf, Skiing, Tennis, Running, Mountain Biking, Cliff Jumping, Hang
    gliding, Skydiving, Archery, Whittling, Hiking, Climbing, Ninja-Warrior, Ju-Jitsu, Parkour, DnD, Reading; Brandon Sanderson, John Flanagan, Brandon Mull, Stuart Gibbs, Suzanne Collins, Ernest Cline, Kevin Sands, and Tolkien.

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