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  1. Yep,I do that as well. It's pretty normal, actually.
  2. hmmmm. Maybe something less well-known. Maybe the Way of Kings?
  3. Awesome! Yeah. I don't know a single other Sanderfan irl. What's you favorite character?
  4. Just wondering. Because one of my favorite hobbies is to cliff jump. I'll post a vid soon.
  5. *shudders thinking about it* Yeah, it's pretty crazy right?
  6. hehe. I have one sister, she is 11 and I already know she will be the most annoying teenager ever.
  7. This is a club for only oldest siblings. No, vapor you and Connie can’t join. Sorry. Unless. . . Never mind. @EmiTheNinja
  8. Welcome to the Shard! Yeah, everyone else is bad when compared with him, but at least we have him. What is your favorite Sanderson book?
  9. So. . . Now everyone in Adolin family has bonded a spren. Everyone, but him. His *Parents* are bondsmiths, his brother is a (corrupted) Truthwatcher, and his wife is a lightweaver. (Who did I miss?). Honestly, I feel bad for him. Adolin would male an amazing Radiant. Everyone around him is becoming gods, and he’s left to sit and watch. I guess he can fight, but nowhere as near as Radiants can. I know that there are multiple theories on Adolin reawakening Maya, and bonding her. If this could actually happen, what order do you think he’d be in? Do you think Adolin will bond Maya? Do you feel bad for him?
  10. 'Connie the kidnapper' as her name grew to be. Have a secret trapdoor behind a bookcase, because, duh. Ypu have to pull on Mistborn to open it.
  11. "I mean that in a good way."
  12. You are cooler than me. Period. Can anyone else verify?

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    2. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      @AonEne is the coolest, guys. The rest of you are tied for last place.

    3. Bearer of all agonies
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      Ene has transcended coolness. :P 

      Dunno what my opinion counts for, but I feel like I have more interactions with @Condensation than with @Bearer of all agonies. (Sorry, Bearer)


  13. "I once knew a real axalacious bloke. He was great a phsycological fights. He could really get inside someone's head."
  14. Yeah. . . Sad isn't it? I hope she's ok.
  15. But I veiw you even cooler than you veiw me.
  16. "Or you are one of those 'Spearish Chaps'."
  17. Yeesh, DramaQueen. Come back please!
  18. rep points arn't real, and don't count. It's how we veiw each other.
  19. I just like saying revelant quotes.
  20. *thumbs up* And im cool, though not as cool as you.
  21. idk, it's from O.
  22. "I'll take a pastry or seven."