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  1. Is your PFP from the Tales of Arcadia? If so, 10/10 show taste

  2. I know that about a week or two ago you said you were leaving the Shard, but happy birthday! We miss you and hope that you can come back!

  3. Happy Birthday Bearer!! 


    Have and awesome day :)))

  5. Happy Birthday, Bearer!!! Well, tomorrow. And I don't even know if it's really your birthday, but happy birthday all the same. No matter if you see this or not, you are appreciated and missed- your contributions to the community were unmatched. Good luck with your life, and I hope to see you here well, and soon! ^_^

    1. Experience


      Happy Birthday Bearer! Here's an imaginary totally-not-invisible cake to celebrate!

  6. One of my chickens just died. 
    A neighborhood cat snuck into the coop and ripped its head off. 
    I will be leaving the Shard, maybe permanently. Because of many reasons. Bye. I love y’all. 

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    2. BreezeCauthon


      So long Bearer! It was great having you around.

    3. The Windrunner Supreme

      The Windrunner Supreme

      Goodbye :( (hopefully not for long)

    4. Liahona


      I saw this late, but I'm super sorry that happened. I hopw that whatever you do works out for the best for you.


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    2. Not an Ookla

      Not an Ookla

      AHA! You took all of the snow I was hoping to get today instead of rain!

      Make sure you go outside and stay safe!

    3. Condensation


      Ooh, lovely! Have fun!

    4. The Windrunner Supreme
  8. Welcome to the Shard! What is your favorite cosmere book?
  9. 1) I found a giant icicle today. It wasn’t just giant, it was big. Like, big. It was about two feet long, but alas I didn’t get a photo. 


    2) I learned a 360 on skis!!! It took me forever because I kept wimping out even though I knew I could do it, but I finally did it and didn’t fall and die. 



    1. Tesh



      To both things.

  10. Welcome to the Shard, @KolKhaos! What is your favorite Mistborn book?
  11. The god of meme making. Salad, how on Braize do you come up with all of these different formats? Respect to you.