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  1. No way!
  2. Did someone say Napoleon? Gosh!
  3. Happy Storming Birthday! 

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Happy Birthday Dear Blessing of Potency!

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Have a good one! 

    1. Blessing of Potency

      Blessing of Potency

      Thank you!!! I’m already out of responses... uh oh :P

  4. Welcome to the Shard, @Konaka! What’s your favorite cosmere book?
  5. That. . . Is too true to be true if it were true.
  6. Radiants when the Fused attack Urithiru:
  7. Renarin: Kholinar in Oathbringer: Tien meme!
  8. “I don’t really remember anything from before the fire. . . I don’t know what is happening to me.”
  9. “Uhhhh. I don’t actually have a name. I forgot it a long time ago. My brother just calls me bro, so. . . I guess my name can be Taln Cam.”
  10. I originally saw it on google while looking up all the different races. I saved it because it is awesome.
  11. But some people use Performance Reducing Drugs, like Elend. I personally think that using a coppermind is cheating. It is using someone else's knowledge or storage to find answers.
  12. Doomslug!
  13. I like eggs too. Especially because we get like six a day.
  14. I know, sometimes it’s just too hard to choose. Mine is probably Wit or Rock.