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  1. Kiss Navani, Marry Dalinar, kill Gavilar. KMK Veil, Shallan, Radiant.
  2. .
  3. Kiss Ham Marry Hoid kill Himalaya Smedry KMK Szeth, Malata, Gavilar.
  4. Becomes an insomniac. *Inserts the Way of Kings Leatherbound.*
  5. I win
  6. Gets water to help unstick feet. *inserts Elhokar’s unfinished first ideal of Knights Radiant.*
  7. Gets Doctor Strange. Inserts Space stone.
  8. Oroden.
  9. Gets 100% on next test. *inserts Nightblood.*
  10. Haha. So funny. I can totally picture this actually happening.
  11. Gets to see friends. *inserts second week of school.*
  12. Gets funny video. Inserts funny video.