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  1. Thanks so much for the link! I was actually taking notes on everything Tamora and Brandon said during the event, ahaha. Totally forgot it would be available on YouTube afterwards.
  2. AAAAAND THE DUCK WALKED UPON TO THE LEMONADE STAND AND HE SAID TO THE MAN RUNNING THE STAND Okay, I apologize for the outdated Internet reference, but upon seeing the forum title, I just had to. Huge props to your brother for having the patience to drag you into the Cosmere fandom. Glad you're here to join us on the journey! Who's your favorite Cosmere character and why? If you can't pick a favorite, then list your top three.
  3. Amazing work! I follow you over on Instagram and I live for your Cosmere content. This is one of the best Hoid depictions that I've ever seen.
  4. I haven't read A Little Hatred yet, but I totally know what you're talking about. I blasted through the whole First Law trilogy a couple of months ago, and I have to say, Abercrombie knows his stuff. He's definitely earned the title of Lord Grimdark. Over on Reddit, I had a discussion with some people about how Gavinor will most likely be the heir to the Alethi throne, considering Jasnah's desire to avoid marriage. Jasnah is obviously not a touchy-feely, motherly type, but I could see her empathizing with Gavinor and being a strict yet understanding parental figure. From what we know, Jasnah underwent some trauma when she was still young, and that most likely led Ivory to form the Nahel bond with her. Gavinor seems to be on a similar course, as of Oathbringer, though we won't know for sure until Brandon shows us his path in greater detail.
  5. Stormfather bless, that was powerful. Being able to see how strongly Lift empathizes with those around her, even if it's not obvious at first, was one of the major aspects of Edgedancer that changed my opinion on her. Although the quiz says that I'm a Truthwatcher, I also ranked pretty high as an Edgedancer, so sharing a Radiant order with Lift makes me happy. Ahahaha, always. Life is fleeting (no pun intended), but pancakes are forever.
  6. Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to read Edgedancer on my previous thread! I finished it a few days ago, and now that I've had time to gather my thoughts, I have so much to say. I didn't like Lift very much, but after reading this, I have a newfound appreciation for her character. Brandon captured her voice, mannerisms, and behavior so well, and her character development was fascinating to follow throughout the novella. He gave us glimpses of her more Edgedancer-esque side in her interactions with the orphans, Szeth, and Arclo the Sleepless, so getting to see the depth of the person who she's becoming and who she'll be was truly moving. The scene where she hugged Nale on the rooftop of the Tashi's Light Orphanage legitimately gave me chills. Although Brandon specified in the Arcanum Unbounded postscript that Tashikki won't have much of a role in the series going forwards, I liked the way he explored the culture and society there. The non-Vorin countries on Roshar have drastically divergent views on the Heralds than the Vorin countries do, and learning about Tashi and the Nine, along with the ten varieties of pancake, was fascinating. I'm especially intrigued by Arclo's presence and abilities, so now I'll have to keep a paranoid eye on any random cremlings that show up in unprecedented locations in the future. Overall, this made me hyped for the next Stormlight novella that's supposed to be included in the TWoK kickstarter rewards. I have faith that it'll be on par with Edgedancer, perhaps even better.
  7. I think that people have discussed this before, but I'm curious about where Gavinor Kholin's character will go in the future. Over on Reddit, there's been a lot of discussion about him growing up alongside Oroden, with them becoming good friends and striking up a bromance grand enough to rival Adolin and Kaladin's bromance. People have also proposed the idea of him becoming a Knight Radiant in the future, most likely because he's undergone serious trauma at such a young age. Thoughts?
  8. Hello there, Aegis! I hope that you have a blast reading White Sand. It's definitely a bit offbeat compared to the rest of the Cosmere works, but I found it interesting and enjoyable, especially because of Khriss.
  9. Hi

    Hello there! Welcome to the 17th Shard. I finished Wheel of Time a few months ago and I partially agree with your verdict. A lot of the ships in the Wheel of Time series seem contrived or cheesy, though I absolutely love Nynaeve and Lan. I remember being heartbroken after what happened with Sazed and Tindwyl: that was a good romance in the making.
  10. This was an absolute delight to read! We haven't spent a lot of time reading chapters or interludes from Sylphrena's perspective, and I'm especially excited to see where Brandon takes her character arc after this chapter. There were so many tidbits here that piqued my curiosity, but here are a few moments that really piqued my curiosity and got me thinking about what Rhythm of War truly entails. 1. The fact that Kaladin has apparently been sleeping better and has new duties of some sort Hooray for Kaladin sleeping better, but also not hooray for the fact that he seems more emotionally perturbed. Syl says that he has "two brains" like she does, which are his "light brain" and "dark brain", and observes that he'll continue to have the dark brain if he continues on his current path. We saw that Kaladin was backsliding and struggling near the end of the previous book, so will he keep on spiraling downwards? Hmmm. 2. Syl's conversation with the Stormfather According to the conversation, Syl believes that Kaladin will be Dalinar's champion, and thus, she needs to be the best spren that she can in aiding him with the battle to come. I'm curious as to how she arrived at this conclusion, considering that Kaladin seemed to be in dubious shape after the events of Oathbringer. 3. Syl's conversation with Dalinar I think it's adorable that Dalinar addresses her as Brightness Sylphrena. She thanks Dalinar for something that he did in forcing Kaladin "to change", which calls back to her previous musings about his new duties. At this point, I'm fairly sure that the "change" involves Kaladin taking up more missions involving field medicine or other forms of aid. When and how did Dalinar decide to facilitate this change? I feel like he hasn't taken Kaladin's depression into consideration, as far as I know, so what exactly prompted him to realize something was amiss? Also, her talk with Dalinar about him Connecting things together seemed to foreshadow an even greater act of Connection in the future, one on an even grander scale than him uniting the Realms during the confrontation with Odium. I haven't thought a whole bunch about the role that Syl's going to play in Rhythm of War, so this got my wheels turning quite a lot! Super fascinating.
  11. Out of curiosity, how many of you managed to snag a spot for the Politics and Prose event on July 9th with Brandon and Tamora Pierce? They had a limited run on available slots, so I signed up as fast as I could and got a ticket before the event filled up. I've seen a couple of other folks on Reddit saying they signed up as well.
  12. My little sister and I both watched it yesterday for the first time! We were really obsessed with the musical when it first hit the scene a few years ago, and we know the majority of the soundtrack by heart. But we never got the opportunity to see it in real life because the tickets were super expensive. Being able to watch it on Disney+ was an absolute blast. I think my favorite King George moment was when he pranced right into the middle of "The Reynolds Pamphlet" sequence and started throwing the papers around with the rest of the cast. Jonathan Groff absolutely slayed the "You'll Be Back" and "I Know Him" vocals, but his mannerisms and accent gave his performance as King George some extra flair.
  13. Hey there, everyone! I'm currently trying to read Edgedancer, but I feel like the biggest impediment to my progress is that I didn't read it when I should've. I went straight from Words of Radiance to Oathbringer. Now, when reading Edgedancer, I'm just frustrated because it's basically WoR Lift and her craziness all over again. I know that Edgedancer is supposed to follow her personal journey after her interlude in WoR, and I know that Lift is supposed to be immature and everything, but Edgedancer just feels like a pain to read. Should I keep trying to read it and get to the end, or just take a break and come back later?
  14. Hi

    I haven't read Six of Crows in ages, but it's such a good book! It's been a huge inspiration for my own writing, prior to my discovery of the Cosmere.
  15. Hi

    Hello there! Welcome to the 17th Shard! I'm very social-media shy as well, but I finally plucked up the courage to make an account on here and over on Reddit. I like your avatar as well. Is Kaz your favorite character in Six of Crows? Awesome story! It's nice to see another person who discovered Brando through his novellas. My first Brando book was Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell.