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    Reading. In addition to (obviously) Brandon Sanderson's books I've read the basic classic Fantasy books - LotR, Narnia, Harry Potter - the ones that were popular in my country a few years ago - Riordan's mythologies, Artemis Fowl and the Inheritance Cycle, some books that I won't categorize like His Dark Materials trilogy, the Inkworld trilogy, the Underland Chronicles, Seven Wonders (by Peter Lerangis), the Sunlit Lands trilogy, the Books of Beginning trilogy, the Bartimeus trilogy, Lockwood & Co., The Chronicles of Pridain, Sabriel out of the Old Kingdom series, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Spiderweek, (the two last ones I remember, but didn't like too much, really) some random Fantasy books from the local library, Ella Enchanted (apparently), the Last Unicorn (it's an amazing book, you should read it) Five Kingdoms and Beyonders by Brandon Mull, The Homeward Bounders, Archer's Goon, the Worlds of Chrestomanci series, Fire and Hemlock, the Magids duology, Black Maria, the Time of the Ghost, the Power of Three and Hexwood by Diana Wynne Jones. I also write sometimes.
    Life? What is that? Never heard of such a thing, sorry. Now, if you allow me, there's this book I'm trying to read...
  1. Didn't watch them! And I believe Stromekiin refers to the RP Sanderson Elimination, the Shard's version of the game Mafia. TPBM has read the Magnus Archives' transcript.
  2. What happened to Ta'veren Kaladin? What happened, in my opinion, is that you tagged Thaidakar and then pressed enter. Then, suddenly, the word Ghostblood appeared right after the tagging. Each try at erasing it resulted in multiplying it. You panicked, you tried to keep erasing it, but the problem just escalated. So, you decided to risk your life and summon the Lord Rulers of the Shard. There's no need; from now on, try to put a comma or a dot after each tag. I think it'll solve the problem. Also, you're probably on your phone. Just guessing. Snakes, apparently.
  3. Most definitely. I even mentioned it in my introduction here. TPBM sees Humpty Dumpty from Alice Through the Looking Glass as their model for logic. (Doesn't cross my rule, since the post was about Alice in Wonderland specifically.)
  4. It's a nice enough idea, but it doesn't work if what you're looking for is truth, only if you look at the consequence. The thing is, if it's truth you're after, believing in God "just in case" doesn't really cover it up. It works only under the assumption you're afraid of the consequences there'll be if you won't believe in God and you'll find out that there is one. And if there is an omniscient God, I'm not sure he'll be taken with the "belief just in case" idea. And the only reason I wrote this post is because of a weird, obscure Doctor Who reference that managed to sneak in. Sorry about that.
  5. Ben stepped out of the car, closed the door behind him and took his suitcase out of the trunk. His father opened the window and said: "Don't forget to tell us how you settled here. Have a good time, learn well and make new friends." "I will." Replied Ben, already starting to walk toward the university. "Goodbye!" "Goodbye!" Said his father, closed the window and drove away. Ben stopped before the gates to the campus, taking the sight in. The university, he knew, was founded by Sod Owlson, who was of Wanderer descent. Specifically, he was an Owlson, of those focused in collecting knowledge. Even after the animals which they resembled meant nearly nothing, the Wanderers remembered and presented them: owl faces, signs of wisdom and knowledge, were engraved to the pillars of the gate. Ben realized with a start that he stood there for too long. He blushed a little and went on, looking around him with a smile on his face. The campus was beautiful, including the buildings with the wonderful union of old and new, the grass, the trees and the ponds. When he was close to the dormitories, Ben stopped and pulled his student card out of his pocket. It said he was stationed in Ignatius hall, room number 27. He went there. Apparently, it was on the second floor. He lifted the suitcase up the stairs, found his room, and placed his suitcase on the bed to the right from the door. He then sat on the bed, shot a quick look on his watch, pulled a history book from his suitcase and started reading. He was the first to arrive at the room.
  6. Impossible. My posts are boring, there's nothing to like about them.
  7. True. But someone did. I'm no longer a misting, but a silent gatherer is not much better, I should think.
  8. Yes. And it seems Blake wants to assassinate me. Sadly, I'm afraid he failed. You both are my first victims.
  9. Well, because of you I'm now a silent gatherer. Now, allow me to cut your veins and transcribe your death rattle, it'll only take a couple of minutes, and then you won't feel a thing.
  10. Did you just... Upvote all my posts in the previous page? I'm sorry, but I disagree with your statement. I don't post plenty of upvote worthy stuff. I post some that pass unnoticed, I think, but not that many. At least, looking at it from the "people upvote things they find funny" angle. From the "you should upvote theories/posts that much effort was put into" angle, though, I have even less upvote worthy posts. Though I'm probably also far less funny than I think.
  11. I went to your activity page, to the posts option, and counted how many posts there are on each page. Then I counted the ones on the last page, did the multiplication and added the amount on the last page. It doesn't include status updates/replies/posts on profile pages, or news replies, or anything outside the forum's threads.
  12. Worry not! By my calculation, including forum games, you have 2396 posts! So your rep/post ratio is way lower than you thought.
  13. Says a person who didn't resist the siren song of forum games. Just because it doesn't appear in your post count doesn't mean it's not there. And somehow, I'm the "senior Sharder" here (I'm around for nearly two years), and still have the worst post to upvote ratio. I refuse to blame RPs; I just don't write upvote worthy content.