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    Reading. In addition to (obviously) Brandon Sanderson's books I've read the basic classic Fantasy books - LotR, Narnia, Harry Potter - the ones that were popular in my country a few years ago - Riordan's mythologies, Artemis Fowl and the Inheritance Cycle, some books that I won't categorize like His Dark Materials trilogy, the Inkworld trilogy, the Underland Chronicles, Seven Wonders (by Peter Lerangis), the Sunlit Lands trilogy, the Books of Beginning trilogy, the Bartimeus trilogy, Lockwood & Co., The Chronicles of Pridain, Sabriel out of the Old Kingdom series, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Spiderweek, (the two last ones I remember, but didn't like too much, really) some random Fantasy books from the local library, Ella Enchanted (apparently), the Last Unicorn (it's an amazing book, you should read it) Five Kingdoms and Beyonders by Brandon Mull, The Homeward Bounders, Archer's Goon, the Worlds of Chrestomanci series, Fire and Hemlock, the Magids duology, Black Maria, the Time of the Ghost, the Power of Three and Hexwood by Diana Wynne Jones. I also write sometimes.
    Life? What is that? Never heard of such a thing, sorry. Now, if you allow me, there's this book I'm trying to read...
  1. I somehow have. Still don't know how. More like you underestimated the human ability to annoy you on purpose. From my experience, "ninja'd" means: "I wrote a reply to something, and someone posted a reply just a nick of a second before I replied, though I saw it only after replying". Or something similar. TPBM has read at least a part of the bible in the original language.
  2. Well, technically yes, but I saw him on the Shard only after meeting in person, so... TPBM goes to school in Sundays, or did when he/she was at school.
  3. That's a great song! Too bad that the recursiveness of the song is lost here, though.
  4. Sadly, not the entire series. But some of it, yes. My favourites were Death's books. TPBM has already recovered from contracting Covid.
  5. Nope! Never dyed my hair, and never going to. I'm fine with its current color. Mine actually technically are. I have in my house a couple of physical Sanderson books, but none of them are mine, so... TPBM interacted with me outside of this thread.
  6. Discovery writing is a great way to work, I think. Not that I have any experience.
  7. spoilers for every movie

    Well, I watched the movie a week and a half ago. And it was amazing. There are a few things that seem kind of problematic to me - the whole legal part ends very quickly, Ned's magic abilities nearly act like Deus ex machina - but those are personal opinions, and overall they don't change the fact that I love the movie. And I probably should find a time to watch it again. At the cinema I watched, people cheered basically every time a character from a pre-existing film was shown (except for ones from the previous MCU Spider-Man movies), and it was... Well, I can say fun and I can say annoying, it was kind of both. Their excitement was pretty much understood and shared. I don't have a favorite Spider-man, and I don't see a reason to have one. All three actors (and characters are amazing, not only Andrew and his Peter/Spider-Man.
  8. @Knight of Iron, speaking of creators, it was a pleasure working with you on worldbuilding for LGFaD. You are smart, and very good at turning an innocent RP about searching for dragons to a world-is-ending, zombies and (theoretical) dragon zombies RP. That's a compliment, right? And let's not forget your elaborate work on the Realmatic theory of the RP... Long story short, you did a great job there. Hope that counts as a compliment...
  9. I kind of got into musicals lately, though my ability to watch them is limited. As far as I know, there aren't many musicals played anywhere around where I live, and I actually never went to the theater (well, I did to a movie theater, but that's different). I got to watch Into the Woods (not only the movie version), Hadestown (I blame Tesh), Tuck Everlasting, and after failing to find a full recording of the Broadway version, only listened to the songs from Jekyll and Hyde. I have no idea whether or not there's anywhere a nice, free recording of it. In relation to that: some of them are, but I'd hazard a guess that most people watch them preformed live on stage. Free recordings of full musicals are technically illegal, so even when there is a recording it's a bad quality one, and can possibly be erased by YouTube (I think).
  10. Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry, really. The thing is... I, personally, don't search for a love interest for Kaladin in every corner. Yes, I'd like him to have someone, but I won't start going off and wonder where is Tarah just so we could ship them again. It still is a valid opinion, and I really shouldn't have replied here on the first place. My bad. There are enough women in the Tower, I'm sure. No real need to theorize about the return of a former love interest. Then again, it's only my opinion, you may think whatever. If anyone thinks it's a better idea, I can hide both my earlier comment and this one.
  11. I'm a religious Jew, I believe in the God of the Old Testament, as you call it. I'm open to questions about Judaism - I had some discussions with @Ixthos in a PM about our religions.
  12. Basically everyone I got to interact with. I don't really have favorites. This includes Tesh, Knight of Iron, Jester, and... Well, basically the people I RPed with, plus a couple of others, I guess, including Nathrangking, Truthshaper, and... Well, it'll be a long list. Also, considering Ene: I was a little surprised when people said she was intimidating, since when I lurked here she wasn't a mod yet, and she seemed like a nice person. And no reason for anyone to mention me here, based on my activity level. I couldn't tag people for some reason - probably because I'm on my phone - so sorry about that.
  13. I have! Completely forgotten to include Terry Pratchett (and Neil Gaiman) in my list of books I read. Well, things like that happen. Well, I enjoyed it. I'm usually hesitant to recommend books to people. TPBM has finished high school.
  14. Depends on your definition of "supposed". There are multiple projects that I kind of started, and probably should finish, but no one but myself is there to make sure I work on them, so... TPBM has read the Chronicles of Prydain.
  15. Right, teachers! I remember having those. But seriously, well... I wouldn't say friends, but I'm on good terms with them, I guess. And it was this way when I was at high school, too, not only after I finished. So I guess you can explain! Also, Ballerina, you can Google it. My father works with it - I didn't get to use it much. TPBM has invented a story before (even if you didn't write it it counts).