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    Reading. In addition to (obviously) Brandon Sanderson's books I've read the basic classic Fantasy books - LotR, Narnia, Harry Potter - the ones that were popular in my country a few years ago - Riordan's mythologies, Artemis Fowl and the Inheritance Cycle, some books that I won't categorize like His Dark Materials trilogy, the Inkworld trilogy, the Underland Chronicles, Seven Wonders (by Peter Lerangis), the Sunlit Lands trilogy, the Books of Beginning trilogy, the Bartimeus trilogy, Lockwood & Co., The Chronicles of Pridain, Sabriel out of the Old Kingdom series, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Spiderweek, (the two last ones I remember, but didn't like too much, really) some random Fantasy books from the local library, Ella Enchanted (apparently), the Last Unicorn (it's an amazing book, you should read it) Five Kingdoms and Beyonders by Brandon Mull, The Homeward Bounders, Archer's Goon, the Worlds of Chrestomanci series, Fire and Hemlock, the Magids duology, Black Maria, the Time of the Ghost, the Power of Three and Hexwood by Diana Wynne Jones. I also write sometimes.
    Life? What is that? Never heard of such a thing, sorry. Now, if you allow me, there's this book I'm trying to read...
  1. Well, you probably don't remember it, but when you join the Shard there are a few odd jokes during the registration. One is that Rubix, one of the site's admins (I think) will own your soul unless you yodel with a sandal over your head, and that he'll probably sell it for a bagel in mere moments.
  2. Galard, who decided to go back to the kitchen to finish eating, raised his head to see the small group entering the room. He waved at Klave then resumed eating. *** After Klave left, Lightning lay down and went to rest.
  3. Hello and welcome to the outpost of Trutharchivist's Rambles! I'm writing here instead of my blog because I'm (supposedly) in the middle of writing a series of posts about the history of Judaism during the age of Enlightenment there, and I don't want to stop it. Anyway, let's jump to this week's topic: daemons.

    First thing first: daemons and demons are two separate thing in this context - I'm talking about daemons from His Dark Materials, who are constant companions in animal form that can talk and are largely considered to be the physical presentation of a person's soul. They can also talk, and act as if separate from their respective human even though they are in actuality one entity.

    More details about daemons: they usually are the oposite gender to their respective humans (or biological sex, it's not absolutely clear from the book), and touching them is considered a taboo and a horrible violation - since they are their human's soul. They can change shapes freely during their childhood, but they settle as one animal upon reaching puberty. They and their humans can't be too far apart - separating them causes them both pain, and severance - while possible - can cause death or lobotomization. Also, since I'm spoiling the book anyway, consensual daemon touching can be an act of love - like opening your soul up to someone. And now those of you who didn't read the book will wonder what happens in the books that those things are spoilers. Well, as they say... RAFO.

    To return to the topic at hand: daemons. Or, more accurately, to close another tidbit. You see, in Northern Lights/the Golden Compass, the first book of His Dark Materials, the passages of Ancient Sin in the bible are presented as the myth of the first daemon settling - Eve's daemon, thus connecting daemon settling to eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. I already wrote a rant - albeit in Hebrew - about HDM and religion, if anyone wants I can try to translate it and publish it here too, but to make long story short - the books go against religions that suppress knowledge and life's joys. I don't believe Judaism as I know it is guilty of that, and it might just as well be Pullman (the series' author) crying out about dead grievances (and that was somewhat clumsy wording. Whoops. Hope it's fine). Still, I think there are some things to be said about this connection, and I think I'll mention one or two of them.

    Is puberty a bad thing? A hard question, really. Pullman, obviously, sees it as a positive thing. If I remember correctly, he once said he set out to write a loss of innosence book as a good thing. To be quite fair, if your answer is that puberty is bad - well, it can be that you think that the process is not very good but the end result is good (though... Journey before Destination, people!), in which case all's well, but if you think adulthood and the loss of innosence is a tragedy - well, I'm sorry to tell you that 80% of your life are a tragedy. Not that I liked puberty that much, but it's a fact of life. Side note - please don't take offense at anything I'm saying - I'm writing in a storm of thought.

    Anyway, whether or not you believe in the bible, chance are you have one of the three opinions I presented in relation to puberty. You could also have another opinion I guess - though I can't think of one right now. The first - Puberty is bad - is what Pullman pushes into the Bible. It's a possible interpretation - and certainly, just because Pullman thinks this idea is wrong doesn't make it wrong - but let's explain how one could see it differently. Say, those (theoretical) people who think the process of puberty as it stands is flawed - perhaps it is. Perhaps t puberty was supposed to happen anyway - but now that Adam and Eve ate the Tree of Knowledge's fruit it's not going as it should have. How it would've been different? ... Don't ask me, I'm just randomly rambling here. One interpretation I heard about the knowledge of good and evil is that originally they knew true and false (objectively) - what is and what is not, and that after eating the fruit they started thinking about things subjectively - good for me, bad for me. And what about those, like Pullman, who think puberty is the best thing that humanity was blessed with? Well, a possibility (that I'm pretty sure Pullman won't like) is that Adam and Eve just ate the fruit too early, and they were supposed to eat it at a later date. It still shows something about puberty problematic, but more as a technicality than as an essential part of it. This explanation comes from something a Jewish rabbi said about the problems that surfaced in Jewish education at the Age of Enlightenment - namely, many children leaving Judaism to become secular. And that's just something I'm not going to elaborate on more here. 

    I don't think that the option "puberty and adulthood are bad" needs an elaboration on how it fits the way Pullman presents things - it's pretty straight forward. There could also be explanaitons on puberty and the Tree of Knoowledge not being connected at all, but I'm not sure I can think them out. Just as a clarification: puberty here doesn't necessarily refer to sexual puberty but to the entire collection of growing up and reaching adulthood and everything that ties into it. So, there might be a "take a fourth option" of parts of it are good, and parts of it are bad... Anyway, you can think it up, I've been rambling for too long anyway.

    On another note, in relation to daemons and my interest in them - I have a small obsession to confess: I'm really interested in exploring my identity and personality. To this end, I looked into my MBTI personality type, Hogwarts (and Ilvermony) house, Patronus and... At some point I also reached daemons (oh, and there's this Brother Bear totem quiz. But that one was a while ago). Anyway, daemons seem to be a far better system than all those other ones, since the final form of one's daemon represents their personality, and... well... there are many, many types of animals in this world. This kind of narrows things down more than, say, four houses or sixteen personality types - also, someone should draw a correlation between them and the allomantic metals. Anyway, it sounds great in theory... Only this means it's also more complicated, so there aren't many good online quizes. That led me to the Daemon Forum... But that's a story for another day. All of this is why I take it to heart to explain how all that works.

    There are more things to be said on it - like the relation between daemons and Dust (intentionally capitalized, a term from the books), and how that ties them to angels, but I've already wrote a really long ramble that I'm not sure how many people will take interest in, so I think I'll stop now. Also, if I had any idea in mind about something specific I wanted to say on the topic, I... kind of forgot it...

    Anyway, thank you for reading, and have a good afternoon/evening/night/morning/day/whatever other thing you're at!

  4. Yeah, true. You forgot the 17th Shard though - not a Rosharan organization, but members were seen on Roshar.
  5. Well, it appears that mobile communication devices are less advanced on scadrial. Oh well, at least I can get a seon from the Ghostbloods. That'll replace a spanreed well enough. (This is my way of saying I'm using a keypad phone.)
  6. Hey, I went up in the world! From an odd religious secret society to an actual worldhopping secret society! Now I serve Thaidakar. And... Am probably a villain. Well, got to deal with that. Heading to Scadrial - I prefer it to Roshar during that season.
  7. True, true. This is getting off topic, but look at it this way - all those other people I'm in contact with are younger than me, so from their point of view it's all very different. If I had let age differences get in the way, I wouldn't have been talking to anyone around here, really. This is hard, but I'm sure there's a way to reconnect it to the topic. Also, time zones are more in the way of interactions - and I'm almost half the world away from most people here - the Americans, at least. Can be something of a pain sometimes.
  8. Happy birthday! And yup, those are epic scenes. Though the most epic scenes in this book, in my opinion, are Kaladin's third ideal and the four on (kind of) three duel. Also... I think you're one of the few Sharders I interact with regularly who are older than me. It's not that it's hard - I'm just 22 - but it is kind of weird.
  9. Memes tend to draw upvotes, if they're funny enough. Actually, scratch that, funny things in general tend to attract upvotes. But, as I've seen Chaos say once or twice, this isn't an upvote mine (don't remember the exact wording). You'll get upvotes in time - I got somewhere and I didn't really try. Took me two years to get where I am, so take what you will from that.
  10. Well, I think I see where she comes from: Dalinar bonded a blade that came from Taln, who had an Honorblade as a herald - assuming he isn't just a madman. Shallan's blade didn't scream when Kaladin touched it, and is noted to be different frommother shardblades at least twice. Though, I probably should let Amira explain her reasoning. I could se other points towards that, I think. In relation to other things: Shallan and Kaladin at the chasms is one of my favorite parts of the entire series, if not my overall favorite. There are people out there who prefer shipping Shallan with Kaladin to shipping her with Adolin - but yeah, usually ships aren't my thing. I don't do them - especially not ship battles and things like that. Anyway, yup. Here we go for the final stretch, I guess.
  11. Not exactly. The reputation thing is this upwards arrow at the side of evry post, called upvotes. If you see a post you like - you can upvote it. With every upvote you gain a reputation point, which rotates you through a series of ranks - when you reach a certain amount, you get the next rank. For example, I have 420 rep, and am an Envisager. At some point, I'll get a little more reputation (at least in theory) and get to the next rank - which, quite frankly, I don't know what it is. Before I was an Envisager, when I had less than 400 reputation points (I think) I was an Artifabrian. All those ranks are named after things from Brandon's books - most are from the Cosmere, like both ranks I mentioned and your current rank - all from the Stormlight Archives. Some are a bit weirder - like Tarachin Superstar (a reference to Warbreaker), Scadrian Waffle Cook (a reference to a WoB about the world of Mistborn, I think), or So 1337 Hoid Can't Compete (don't ask, I won't have to answer. It's a reference to the recurring Cosmere character - just in case you don't know for some reason). Hope it helped, have a good day. |)0|\|7 (_)53 1337 5p34k, \/\/3 (4|\|7 |234|) |7. Translation to something I could never have written without Wikipedia's help:
  12. "Which just leaves me wondering what kind of quest... But we can put that aside." Lightning shuffled around a bit, then stared at the scales. "Hmm... You think this scale was specifically magical? I don't think my kind of dragons can grant such fire abilities... But dragons can be different across worlds." He moved his tail from side to side, careful not to hit Klade - or a glass of wine, that was on the floor for some reason. "As can humans, I guess. Could be interesting to see what variations there are." *** Galard went through the lobby, where... Yup, a few more guests were around. And... Was one of them transparent?
  13. Lightning scratched at the floor thoughtfully. "You're the only hunter who ended up with such powers?" He hesitated, then asked: "And... how come you've encountered a dragon? You said your kind drove them to near extinction, did you not?" *** Meanwhille, Galard whistled to himself while cooking something for lunch. He filled a plate, then went out of the kitchen, on his way back upstairs.
  14. I didn't like RoP, but I am ready to protect this prospect. You see, in ancient greece, they didn't believe in gravity the way we think it works. They thought that things made mostly of the elements earth and water are going down,to their sources, while fire and air went up for the sane reason - their origin was in the sky. In this way, a rock does "look down", as it's fully made of earth; but a paper ship has enough air in it that it can look up - thus, float. Completely and utterly wrong - yes. Still has some meaning behind it, though. By third book, I assume you mean the Return of the King. If so, I'm kind of surprised: you survived all the travel in the first book, only to stop because... Well, what did you find boring there? Honest question.
  15. Well, character interaction in itself can be interesting, but I guess it's just Shallan cracking jokes on Kaladin, so it's not really aĺl that much. Then again... You like action, and don't like Kaladin without his powers. So... it's not really surprising that you don't like this section much. I can get your impatient. It's kind of odd, how Kaladin thinks he somehow rescued Shallan when he just had a stab of Stormlight - with no evidence he slowed down his own descent, not to speak that of others. But hey, that's just an opinion.... And how she thinks she rescued him... Well, to be fair, we don't know for sure what their limits are yet.