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  1. "So you were the Feruchemist Lilliana mentioned! Maybe I should check if I got Invested too." Said Hoblim. He then returns to walking towards the beggars.
  2. Hoblim looked around. "Maybe we should start checking the beggars. I remember someone on the shard put in his signature three Cosmere rules, and the third was that if you meet a crazy beggar it's probably Hoid." He started walking, then turned around and said: "Oh, and try to say something that'll shake him up a bit. Something about Adonalsium or Rayse or something. Say things you aren't supposed to know."
  3. "... Thank you for the idea. Making voices is great. I only told it in a little archaic way. You know, like: 'this is the story of nine-fingered Frodo and the Ring'? It's been a while since I've read the book, so I'm sorry if the quote wasn't accurate."
  4. "Well, I tried not to spoil stuff for them, so I did the classics: the original trilogy, plus my version of Alendi's story."
  5. "You know he's a lightweaver. Changing his hair color isn't that hard." Said Hoblim. "I tried to earn some money by telling stories. It actually worked, which surprised me a little. Then I accidentally asked him for directions. He said some weird stuff." He thought a little while walking. "You know what, it could be someone trying to impose as him. Maybe someone else from Earth who thought this was funny."
  6. "Oh." Hoblim said, stopping in place for a moment. "You have a point." He starts following her. "I'd like to meet Hoid again. Assuming it was him." He turns around. " @Vapor , are you coming?"
  7. "Well, Harmony might care." Noted Hoblim.
  8. "Did you read RoW? Because if not, I'd gladly start spoiling stuff for you, because apparently you like spoiling books."
  9. "Why not? Wayne did." Then he recalls another thing she said. "You ruined three books' plots?! Are you mad?!" Hoblim runs forward and stops Lilliana. "Did you think of the implications?! Now Wax will just leave it all for Wayne to solve. He won't return to who he was at the roughs! Do you have any idea what you did?"
  10. "Vapor... When did I interact with you? I'm sorry, it seems that I can only remember RPs. I did interact with both your sisters, though. More with Connie than with Mist." "You... Sold it? Don't you fear from being soothed or rioted?" He stopped. "And... We might have Allomantic or Feruchemical powers. Oh dear." Hoblim rubbed his forehead. He looks up at the mention of Hoid, though. "I think I met him a few moments ago, at the Field of Rebirth. Though he probably isn't there anymore. You know Hoid. But maybe you remember when he appeared in AoL? You'd probably be able to find him."