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    Life? What is that? Never heard of such a thing, sorry. Now, if you allow me, there's this book I'm trying to read...

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  1. @Random Bystander, @AmazingGoob, @Condensation, @Tani, @Channelknight Fadran, @EchoOfThePlanes, and maybe @The Unknown Order? And last but not least, @Kingsdaughter613.
  2. The bird - a falcon, specifically - tried to hop behind the window, but found that it couldn't. It then screeched and flapped its wings. Realizing that it's useless, it stopped and shook its head.
  3. A bird of prey ascended from the sky, landing on the windowsill and scanning the apartment's inhabitants. It's stare appeared to linger on the phoenix.
  4. "So, let's go." Said Gal. "You probably should grab your things." The library looked... normal, weirdly. Sef sat on his chair, with a peculiar diagram drawn on the floor. It didn't even glow, though Sef eyes did, with a yellowish light. The face of an owl seemed to overlap his. He looked at Orpheus. "The passage is here, though it's not apparent." He said. "We'll wait for the others, then I - and your Owlson friend - transfer you, one by one."
  5. "Umm... The same way we intended to come back after getting to the dragon mountains, I guess. We're not staying in a different Realm or something, we're just using one as a passage to another location in this one. We might be able to use a similar portal again later, but we'll need the exact timing." "It depends." Said Gal, turning to Cara. "Can it enter the tower, climb the stairs and enter the library? If so, then your answer is yes. If not... Well, there's nothing I can do." "Fair thee well, Mr. X the sharp eared." Said Arik, looking at him evenly. "I wish you luck with your draconic relatives."
  6. "Well, as was said, the world is probably ending. But, on a more immediate meaning, the portal is open only as long as it's dawn. Once the sun is just above the horizon it'll close. We do have a few minutes, but I recommend starting early. We'll have enough time to discuss Ni's... condition on the other side." Said Gal. "Now please, everyone, take your packages and come." He follows Orpheus to the library. Arik frowned. It was a somewhat weird thing to say in this circumstances. Especially since there seemed to be only three of them, and... "Fare enough." He said, not moving. He handed a few more coins to the barkeeper. "More meat."
  7. Nope! I entered my twenties a little more than half a year ago. And I probably still didn't get used to the fact that I'm not a teenager anymore. Also, my sister has a mistcloack she made, and she's making a video of how to do it. She'll release it sometime, I think, though neither I nor she has any idea when. TPBM is participating at 3+ RPs on the shard.
  8. "Look, as I said, we'll have time for that later. Let's just take him with us to the library and move. We are, after all, somewhat in shortage of time." "I'll have it." Said Arik, and without hesitation took the rest of the pizza and wolfed it down. Then he turned to this... Xeus and said: "Where are you going?"
  9. Arik finished eating his chicken, then took a big piece of this... "pizza", and ate it. "I am happy to share this desire with you." He said, then looked hungrily at the rest of the pizza. Gal shook his head for a moment, then said: "Right. We can talk about it later. Right now, we have a sort of portal in the library, and it won't stay there for very long. We have a few minutes, but I suggest that we go there now, and discuss Ni's... condition... later. Are you coming?"
  10. "If you've met Snakesons before, you should've known they don't give names all too easily. This one seemed, at the moment, like a black haired man with scars over both eyes. But that'd tell you nothing, what with their illusion magic and all that. He just told me I'd meet a man named mister X inside, and to pass to him his greetings. Didn't give me any way to recognize said mister X. A Snakeson, as I said." At this last time he said the name "Snakeson" disgustedly, as some kind of swearing. Gal stopped in his place, stunned for a moment. "Ni? Didn't he die just yesterday?" He ran towards Orpheus, bumping into him and Valzwyn on their way. "What in the name of the Great Owls is going on?" @Channelknight Fadran _______________________________________ Meanwhile, Sef sat on his chair in the library, partially in the Physical Realm, partially in the Ideal Realm. The Owlsons there discussed on the topic of who lived the nearest to the dragon mountains. The Idei said something about Wondersouls and the probability they'd agree to help, but in the end they all agreed that salesman Ner was best. He already has the diagrams ready, too, for his own reasons.
  11. "Heard you talking about wishes. One can't wander the world without a thing to long for. Me, I long for revenge. Some monster, or dragon, or demon, stole my pack from me. But I was told that mere living is what I need to long for now." He stopped for a moment. "Say, might you be a mister X? Because some Snakeson told me to pass his greetings to you, just outside here." _______________________________________ And then, all over the world, the Owlsons closed their eyes... To find themselves in the Ideal Realm, with the Great Owls, Bringers of Knowledge. "And so, our meeting begins." Said the representative of the Parliament. "So, what new knowledge have you to share with us?" Sef said, in a loud voice: "I have a pressing matter to talk about-" but was cut by one of the Great Owls themselves, who said: "We know of it, librarian Sef, and so we shall start with it. A Spiritual entity, a demon by the name of Zanidar, told us of it." The whole conclave turned their attention to it, a little surprised. What matter was pressing enough for such a thing to happen? Another of the Great Owls spoke up: "Zanidar claimed that a prophecy came, foretelling that a certain dragon was to be approached, and that the Great Calamity is to return, unless something will be done about it." The Owlsons started whispering among themselves. Not much was known of the Great Calamity, but one thing was clear: Wanderers in general didn't exist before it. Yet another of the Great Owls, the Idei of Practical Wisdom, said: "The Great Calamity, as it is, will collapse the world as we know it. We made you in fear of this day, so we'll have the ability to affect the events of the Physical Realm. Now, we need to act quickly. The group which heard the prophecy, the one with the boy bounded to Zanidar, must make passage as close to the dragon city as possible. Researcher Gal, you must use quick passage through here with your fellow travellers." Gal gasped in surprise. "But... Great Idei... I didn't think..." "You have no time to lose." Said the Practical Wisdom Idei. "Draw the diagrams. Bring your friends. Now. And while you're at it, we'll find the closest to the mountains we can get you." Gal prepared himself to get back to the Physical Realm, while Sef said: "no need for new drawings, Gal. I already have it ready in the library." *** Gal opened his eyes and ran back into the tower, shouting: "Orpheus! Valzwyn! Mr. Shadow! You all need to come to the library now!" @Channelknight Fadran, @Tesh