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  1. Sort of partly halfways? I think? I usually lose some, but I kind of have a small collection. won't really call it an obsession, though. TPBM thinks sorting quizzes are fun to do any time, multiple times, and compares results between those. BTW, IIRC the first sentence I wrote is a Syl quote. Is that really so? If the answer is yes, do you know where it's from?
  2. Look, you clear;y know that we are all fantasy fans, and maybe science fiction. Of course we'll want a time machine! TPBM wants to ride a dragon that is also a time machine.
  3. Yep. I'm cheating, though - last time someone asked this question I answered, and I just wrote it up here, a few comments ago. TPBM is a proud Hufflepuff.
  4. Of course! Who doesn't? TPBM wants to be a dragon.
  5. Yep, that's in my name. TPBM did the order quiz and was dissatisfied with the results (which is to say nothing about mine, I pretty much like it actually. I even grew to like the fact I'm a Hufflepuff and not Ravenclaw).
  6. Indeed I have. TPBM really wants to write a RoW-spoiling TPBM, but won't ruin the book for those who slept each night the last week.
  7. This is great. For some reason, Autonomy and aluminium really fit together to me. I can't comment about all of it right now, though I do wish to mention that there's a WoB stating that Atium when alloyed gives both temporal and mental effects, while Lerasium gives physical and enhancement effects, and so I'd think that their shard's corresponding normal metal would be in one of those quadrants, though I understand it won't work with the opposites. I'll write more later.
  8. All right. This is something I once thought of: is there a theme for each metal that can fit through the Metallic Arts? I know that tin seems to have one - senses - but I'm trying to find a general pattern to all the metals. I don't have a specific idea, but I think we should work in the general direction of pushing/pulling metals. Here is the list of what metals do in each Metallic Art: Iron - A: pulls on metals. Fe: stores weight. H: steals strength. Steel - A: pushes on metals. Fe: stores physical speed. H: steals physical allomantic powers. Tin - A: enhances senses. Fe: stores senses. H: steals senses. Pewter - A: enhances strength and balance. Fe: storing physical strength. H: steals physical feruchemical powers. Zinc - A: riots emotions. Fe: stores mental speed. H: steals emotional fortitude. Brass - A: soothes emotions. Fe: stores warmth. H: steals cognitive feruchemy. Copper - A: hides allomantic pulses. Fe: stores memory. H: steals mental fortitude, memory, and intelligence. Bronze - A: allows to hear allomantic pulses. Fe: stores wakefulness. H: steals mental allomancy. Aluminum - A: wipes internal allomantic reserves. Fe: stores Identity. H: removes all powers. Duralumin - A: quickly burns any burning metals in powerful burst. Fe: stores connection. H: steals connection and identity. Chromium - A: wipes out target's allomantic reserves. Fe: stores furtune. H: might steal destiny? Nicrosil - A: enhances allomantic burn of target. Fe: stores investiture. H: steals investiture. Gold - A: shows past self (or alternative present self). Fe: stores health. H: steals hybrid feruchemy. Electrum - A: shows possible future of the burner. Fe: stores determination. H: steals enhancement allomancy. Cadmium - A: slows down time. Fe: stores breath. H: steals temporal allomancy. Bendalloy - A: speeds up time. Fe: stores energy. H: steals spiritual feruchemy. Proceed to read the spoiler with caution - it's not too spoilery, but it always pays to be cautious.
  9. Am I the only one wondering about general cosmere implications? is anti light still Investiture? If so, is it still Adonalsium-related? And it's all very horrifying, though it seems anti light clashing with light isn't all that strong. It will finish he war, but probably won't destroy the planet.
  10. Don't envy us. at least you are sane, as much as any sanderfan is. Which is, admittedly, not all that much sane, but is still saner than me. Oh, and of course, my answer is no, finished it approximately two days ago. TPBM waited until he/she finished RoW before posting in his thread. (Probably not, but worth a try.)
  11. Sadly, that is true. TPBM is as idiot as I am and finished all RoW in three days, during which he/she didn't sleep.
  12. What? I'm talking about dragon! Though addmitedly, I have only one post in this topic. I actually have a full YouTube video about dragons - mainly about their varying intaligence level - but it's in Hebrew. Sorry. Back on the topic, apparently I don't have much to say about it, especially since I know practically nothing about why it's supposedly impossible for them to fly. I already wrote about the book that tried to explain dragons' flight physical possibility, and I believe it was about using lighter-than-air gas. Again, maybe you should check that out. This is the Wikipedia article about this book.
  13. Define "slightly". TPBM likes to ask people to define things when they ask a question/state an opinion.
  14. Is this one of your abilities as a mod?
  15. It has been confirmed through WoB that allomantic pulses are connected to the rhythms. I don't know about the sleepless, though.