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  1. Oh is it? Then a lot more of that final battle makes sense to me! Thank you @Dunkum!! I have a sort of follow up question. Given that a Duralumin Push or Pull is much stronger, could it potentially affect the metals within the body of an Allomancer? As in, rip an Allomancer apart?
  2. Isn't it supposed to be impossible to Push or Pull on metals that are in contact with flesh? That is why So how does this Push work?
  3. mistborn

    Agreed with that Weltall! :-) Also, thank you guys, all of you, for the warm welcome!
  4. mistborn

    Okay I can accept that answer, if only for the fact that Brandon Sanderson needs to further the plots.
  5. mistborn

    Hi Guys! The newest member of the 17th Shard, at your service. So I was re-reading Mistborn Arc 1, and I found something strange. Maybe it's just that I haven't noticed/realised why it's perfectly valid, so humor me please! When someone burns Tin, their physical senses are enhanced - they can see clearer, hear lower volumes, etc. Within a Coppercloud, all usage of Allomancy is hidden - nobody can feel anyone give Allomantic pulses. I assume this doesn't apply to anyone being able to discern conversation within a Coppercloud, right? A Tineye should be able to hear things going on within a Coppercloud. How do our main characters get away with some of their plotting?