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  1. New famitsu scans for Kuro no Kiseki (Trails to Black). Introduces the 5th and 6th party members. Pet class with robot dog looks cool. The maid outfit isn't very good. Also a better look at what the Xipha orbment looks like. Katoru Salicion 15 years old, researcher. Looks like a girl but is actually a boy. Loves LaToya Haimlton like a grandmother (Hamilton is one of the three disciples of Professor Epstein, so this guy is probably in on the Verne Company). His robot dog looks like Cassian's (not sure who this is). Rizet Twining Age 20. Conservator for Inspector Merdic's company, cool beauty in maid's outfit. Superhumanly strong. Has a pistol and blade. That's 6 out of 8 party members revealed. All that's left is the 22 year old character and the 69 year old one.
  2. CS3 is bizzare in that it less of a continuation of CS1+2 and more of a soft reboot that does its own thing. Most of the plot threads in CS1+2 are dropped. The only characters/subplots from CS1+2 who are relevant in CS3 are the Ironbloods and a couple other characters. Old Class VII are pretty much just like Zin from Trails in the Sky FC: they went on prior adventures with a character (Zin adventuring with Cassius in Calvard, in this case old Class VII adventuring with Rean in the year 1204) but that's not important to the current story. I think the only thing you really miss by skipping CS1+2 is the stuff surrounding Osborne and his Ironbloods, as they are major characters in CS3+4 and their backstory and motivations get focus. EDIT: Then again, I suppose that if someone started with CS3, they might be liable to drop it about 30-40 hours in as it is very slow. Having prior attachment to the characters does make the game more tolerable. It would be nice if CS1+2 got a Switch port in the West for those Switch players.
  3. Any man who can casually swing a 100+ pound greatsword with one arm... I don't know whether or not I should admire or fear him. Perhaps both? Either way, I want to be on whichever side that guy is on *shivers*
  4. The pony tail looks good on Kurt, helps make his character design not look bland. The tuft of hair also looks good on Rean and Ash.
  5. I'm nervous about Kuro's gameplay. The devs are effectively designing two different gameplay modes at once: turn based, and action. Falcom has a team of 50 people and they have an annual release deadline. Inevitably, one gameplay mode isn't going to be as fine tuned as the other. So far, Falcom has been focusing on hyping up the action gameplay, so it seems that is what will receive the most attention. I don't really find action games to be that fun, nor have I really liked any of Falcom's action gameplay. So it seems like when it comes out, the choice will be between action gameplay I dislike, or neglected turn based gameplay.
  6. I was leaning towards Laura and Emma during CS1, but became a diehard Rean x Towa shipper after CS2 and have remained that way since.
  7. Osborne (CS3 ending spoilers) CS4 ending
  8. 5.5 MSQ thoughts Werlyt/Weapon storyline
  9. Also, Rean's ingame eye color was shifted from being silver/grey/slightly blue in CS1+2 to being purple in CS3. Interestingly, Rean's 2D art on the party screen, and promotional art for CS1+2 depicted him with a purple eye color, so it may be that for CS3 they decided to have his ingame eye color be consistent with the 2D art.
  10. Kinda disappointed that we won't get another solo duty with the G-Warrior in this patch. I wonder how Valens will be dealt with. Is he piloting the Diamond Weapon? Thus, when we blow it up, he will die too? Or the Diamond Weapon only the first half of the trial, and after we beat it up and convince Alfonse to join our side, Valens shows up in a secret 6th weapon and we fight against him with Alfonse? Or do we just defeat Alfonse/Diamond Weapon in the trial, go to Werlyt, and then Valens is dealt with in a cutscene afterwards? Garlemald is deploying forces to their towers? Really? Garlemald still having installations throughout Eorzea after 2.0 was already ridiculous, but come on. Garlemald's infrastructure is in tatters. It's in no position to launch invasions anymore. And how would they even manage to get past the Alliance's army at the Ghimlyt Dark anyway? Interesting that Zenos is sifting through a bunch of weapons in the Imperial Palace. Did a group of adventurers or resistance members come to try to kill him? If they all died, that makes even more impressive that Estinien and Gaius didn't immediately die to Zenos in 5.1. I'm guessing that the figure in white that the WoL sees @2:21 is a vision of Azem? It can't be Venat because Venat wasn't a member of the Convocation, and that figure in white is wearing the distinctive Ascian/Convocation robes. Still wondering what is going to be done with the Azem soul/job crystal that the WoL got in 5.3. Still holding out for a secret third job with it.
  11. Sounds like he went to the roof.
  12. I wish that Crossbell had been redesigned to look like an actual vast city, like Heimdallr, rather than retaining the miniature playset video game town look. Even Ordis looks larger when it has a canonically smaller population.
  13. Artillery Class VII - CS1 main theme. Awakening - CS2 Rean's themesong, remix of the Class VII theme (thumbnail has spoilers for CS1). I was remember playing CS3 and the first DK fight was coming up, and I was so hyped to hear Awakening play again, or a remix of it... only for Lift Off to play, which was disappointing. I mean, come on! It's like dumping Brave Heart as the emotional evolution theme from Digimon! You can't do that. You can't top what is already perfect. As far as main leitmotifs go, CS1+2 got it right. Didn't overuse it a billion times, and the remixes were different enough that it took me a few relistens on youtube to realize "oh hey, this is actually the main theme!".
  14. I'm sad that so little of the CS1+2 soundtrack was reused in the sequels. The recurring main theme melody of CS1+2 was dropped entirely too.