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  1. As long as you imagine the burrito as a single burrito, or just don't chew.
  2. I ship Wandersail with Brunstell, the flying ship.
  3. They are among the best orders, but Vin was familiar with the way Atium worked and was extremely lucky, while this assumes no preparation. If Truthwatchers can access Futuresight without becoming incapacitated (like Renarin does), then yes, they could in theory counter Atium. You have to remember: Atium is the only perfect form of Futuresight we know of, it's probably the most powerful single form of magic we've seen so far (besides Shardic influence). Radiant healing is to c-gold as Wolverine is to Deadpool: if they get a few seconds, they can heal up, but they're not functionally immortal or anything. 1. Mistborn are very accurate, it's not entirely out of the picture. 2. If the Mistborn has a solid anchor and a lot of pewter and steel, they could do a significant amount of damage in one hit. If it does go "dink", retreat/Shardblade are likely. Radiants use up their resources faster than Mistborn, even having used up their resources like that, they are likely to be able to get away. Are you saying Live Plate is completely indestructible or unable to heal? Those are the two options if it doesn't need light, both of which seem unlikely. The best way around would just be to chase them, Radiants with Gravitation have much better vertical mobility than the more maneuverable Mistborn. We don't know how practical Shardbows were, the Mistborn could just choose another anchor, and you still have to inhale all your spheres eventually. Enhanced senses and reflexes make it hard to sneak up, but yeah, if a Radiant gets a guaranteed hit, they automatically win
  4. Well I love making board games, count me in! If we're doing a system where there is only one of each faction, I encourage you to check out Root for inspiration. Each faction plays using entirely separate mechanics, and they still somehow mesh together really well. Idle thought, but if this game ever gets into the later stages of development, maybe someone who's good at art could draw the cards in the style of Shallan's notes or something.
  5. That's part of my whole "Mistborn are the perfect assassins" point: a Mistborn is almost always burning tin and pewter, leading to greater environmental awareness and reflexes. It's probably difficult for anyone but a Drab (or Feruchemist) that is somehow perfectly quiet to sneak up on either, since a Mistborn uses their senses and a spren is unlikely to notice someone with no impact on the Cognitive realm. This is basically my point. The battle comes down to the Mistborn playing keep-away until one of them runs out of Investiture. A Windrunner or Skybreaker could follow effectively, but then what matters is who is more comfortable with their magic, since a Windrunner will catch up over long distances, but will get disoriented with quick, sudden changes, while the Mistborn will be using their ammunition to get away but can get a lot more precise in their movement, especially close to the ground. The majority of Radiants have a way to one hit KO the Mistborn, not even counting a hit from the Plate or Blade, so it's possible to win if the Mistborn is super careful, but the Radiant will always have a big advantage. So they'd just turn themselves into a Radiant, is what you're saying. (Actually, custom Shardplate would be sick)
  6. Removing the helm would help, but it wouldn't instantly make the Radiant vulnerable.
  7. It does, Shardplate is protected from most kinds of Investiture. I don't know if removing the helmet would actually stop emotional Allomancy. You can't Push or Pull on it either.
  8. I'm pretty sure I understand a negative amount of things that are going on here. *Uses Illumination to make Spikes look like chocolate chips* Edits five minutes later: Why didn't I just read the rules first?
  9. A lot of these seem to fill the role of the Shard "that just wants to survive". Hope would probably be targeted by Rayse or Ambition, since they seem likely to make rule unstable. Ingenuity and Wisdom fill similar roles and maybe would be too smart to get involved in the conflicts between Shards? Caution would basically have this as their Intent.
  10. The point was that the Mistborn can wear down the Radiant. The coins just have to crack the plate, not go through. Even if they Lashed the coins instantly, their momentum remains. Shardplate makes you faster, but not by an incredible amount. In fact, I'm pretty sure a Misting flaring pewter would be faster. Electrum would still be useful, since you'd still see what paths would lead to you getting hit and what one's wouldn't. Atium wouldn't remove the metals, at least to our current understanding. Leras temporarily removed Bendalloy and Chromium from public knowledge, but TLR kept industry in a state where they couldn't be produced anyway. Atium only removes those two, which aren't very useful in a head-on fight. Why would this be a better comparison? How much do you know about court assassins in Medieval England versus Ninjas? It is difficult to sneak up on a Radiant, you're right that I forgot about the Spren. The problem is, you're forgetting Shardplate's main weakness: as soon as it gets damaged, your opponent just needs to survive until you run out of Stormlight. In fact, now that I think about it, this fight really just comes down to who has more Investiture. Metal is clearly a denser source of Investiture than gems, so the Radiant would need to finish the fight quick before they can't use Surges anymore.
  11. Assuming access to Atium, a Mistborn wins right away by putting a dagger into the eyeslit. Without it, they still have a good chance, but only if they have access to large quantities of metals. They have access to much better mobility than a Radiant, so they could in theory wear them down with coins until the Shardplate stops working. It does ultimately come down to the fact that they don't really share the same roles from a purely combat point of view. A Mistborn is a rare and valuable asset, whose emotional manipulation, use of the surroundings as a weapon, and enhanced strength and senses make them nearly the perfect assassins. A Radiant, on the other hand, is a soldier who has sworn oaths to uphold, and has in return gained power armor, a big lightsaber (yes they don't look similar, but they do work nearly the same), and access to two powers. They for the most part aren't supposed to work individually, but instead are with other members of their orders. A good example would be just a samurai versus a ninja. In reality, ninjas were not very trained for combat - they would sneak into an area, take out their targets stealthily, then sneak out. On the other side, a samurai was trained to fight on the field of battle and was heavily armored. Their armor was able to stop the traditional thrown weapons of the ninja, and they had much better reach and strength than a ninja. In a fair fight on an empty field, a samurai will almost always win. However, as the fighting area becomes more complex, the versatile Mistborn/ninja gains more of an advantage over the bulky Radiant/samurai. Note: take all this information with a grain of salt, I'm not that good at history.
  12. I had a counselor that recommended Mistborn to me, which I instantly loved. Ironically, I had actually read Reckoners the year before, when it was recommended to me by a friend, but didn't realize it was Sanderson until years later. Now that I put it on paper it's not that fleshed out of a story
  13. Welcome to the Shard! In my opinion, while the Cosmere has a relatively loose reading order, I generally find this link to be most helpful for people. (If I can't convince them to follow my weird and specific reading order ) https://paleocrafter.github.io/reading-order/#/?layers=all&categories.plan=false
  14. I'm going off the Coppermind article, where there's no C, now that I finally ordered them.
  15. That's the only one, and I included it in my count.