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  1. It feels like if Brandon actually did start implementing godmetal alloys he'd probably limit the number possible with spiritual mumbo jumbo, if he rules that Harmony counts as one Shard that would keep it limited at least. Maybe it needs resonances to alloy properly and too forms of Investiture destroys them?
  2. Aluminum doesn't really have magical properties, in the sense that it can affect things outside of normal physics. It doesn't interact with Investiture, but doesn't actively inhibit the flow or use of it in its normal form. When you get into magic systems that use Investiture, that's different. What I'm trying to say is anything that wouldn't pass through aluminum on one of the three Realms (so metal pushing, or mental manipulation, or maybe even futuresight) wouldn't be affected by it.
  3. If you had steel and transformation you would become a gun, but if you had steel and friction you would become the bullet.
  4. Just wrote a whole thing while I was downloading the new version on how Allomancy has very little Intent involved in it, and that having fragments of a broken Aluminium spike would probably be the best way to hold your character back. I'm a little busy with school stuff, but I'll just say it looks really cool so far, prepare to bombarded with an edit with 500 different ideas once I play, and please, please, please make a mistless version my computer hates me so much. :( Edit: I'm getting an error that says VCRUNTIME140_1.dll wasn't found, any clue what that is? I'm redownloading it now.
  5. Zane is insane because he has a spike in him. It seems like he's been sort of driven insane by this over time, in addition to Ruin and his father telling him that he is.
  6. In theory, yes. However, Feruchemy is actually end-negative in really, really large amounts. After a long amount of time, compounding atium will de-age you less and less. We don't know how long it'll sustain you but since TLR wasn't constantly chugging Atium, we can assume it's at least 1000 years.
  7. In an ideal world, you should read Warbreaker first, but it's not a big deal if you didn't. There's just a bunch of easter eggs.
  8. If I remember correctly, it was more about the contest of battle and the power he felt. He wasn't the one who did subtle murders because he felt no joy in those.
  9. It seems like spren are often drawn to internal displays of emotion - if you can keep yourself from panicking, you draw fearspren less, regardless of how you're acting on the outside.
  10. Szeth would be especially interesting since all he really feels on the surface is Odium, and he's becoming more balanced as he moves away from mass murders.
  11. Actually, the reason Sadeas is doing everything he is is because he only lives for the Thrill. He mentions it at some point, I think his viewpoint segment once he gets Oathbringer.
  12. Their point is that most curses, even when they remain in dual use, are still considered crude, and people often use other terms that are considered more generally appropriate across cultures. Storms doesn't have an equivalent term that people use if they're not comfortable using a curse with the people they are with.
  13. You mean Soilencourager or Oathbreaker, right?
  14. Oh right, I got it backwards for some reason (Responding to @Quantus, I don't know how to get a quote in here)
  15. What are the characters? He usually mocks some small detail - not some major aspect of their personality, but something just specific enough not to feel like a stock insult.