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  1. Hi there, Rwerr! Everyone be nice with him, he is a very good friend of mine
  2. You are all welcome in our crew! It's already created ^^
  3. Following the example of @Rosharan A.C., who created a place for official Edgedancers based on the Official Knights Radiant Quiz, I decided to create a kind of place for Truthwatchers, so we can make Truthdancers and Edgewatchers parties and eat pancakes all together while asking us the big questions. Just kidding in this one, we all know that the answer to everything is 42, but sssssh, don't reveal it to anyone, is a Truthwatcher's secret -Crew rules: 1. You should be a Truthwatcher, an Edgedancer or a Windrunner. If you're not, you can join, too, but you will have to prepare food for the Edgedancers. (Just kidding ) 2. All members must respect each other as well as any other crew with Knights Radiant in them. 3. Any new rules can be made if we find truth in them. If they are lies, they won't be accepted. 4. The cake is a lie, so please, don't bring the cake here. 5. Remember our Order's secret: And that would be all at this moment. Have fun ^^
  4. Perfect! Thanks ^^ I may create my own Truthwatchers Crew and then we could make Edgewatchers/Truthdancers parties!
  5. Hahahahahaha, don't worry. Poland is a cold place, isn't it?
  6. Well, is a deathtrap depending on where do you go! And if possible, I would wish inmortality for Brandon and his loved ones, to give him at least enough time to end the Cosmere and have some time of relax before going to the Beyond (?)
  7. spoilers

    No, I haven't gone yet! I looked in his profile when I read your reply, but I couldn't found them. Where are they?
  8. Oh, I see. I have dark eyes, so I would not have a very good life in Roshar xDDD I'm from Spain, you?
  9. Oh, sorry for the error. I discovered Brandon thanks to a friend that I think is not really a follower of him, but that read some of their books and recommended me Elantris, telling me to not read any synopsis or something. So, I followed his advice and I really liked Elantris. After that, he recommended me Warbreaker, the other book from Sanderson that he had read. And well, for like two months I alternated between both books before reading something else.
  10. I think Nalthis would be a nice place. It looks like a beautiful planet and there are no wars involving godlike powers xD The planet of Sixth of the Dusk looks pretty interesting, too. And you? ^^
  11. I liked Steris since Shadows of Identity (?) Well, my least favourite character is an unpopular opinion, but... I don't really like Spook. I personally think that there is a jump in his development between TWOA and THOA that is not good. He changes so much without we being able to see that and I think is not very well written. I don't like Zane either, but I would say Spook is my least favourite character.
  12. knocks in the door H-hello? Are Truthwatchers welcome here? There is not a Truthwatchers Crew so I feel a bit alone and I got Edgedancer in the second place of my quiz
  13. I got Truthwatcher! And about my favourites... I like so much Elantris and Warbreaker, since they were the first books I read of Brandon and I really liked them. I like Windrunners Order, but after the quiz, I'm a Truthwatcher supporter xDDD Metals, I don't really have preferences, but I like the emotional ones and about characters, well, I really like Steris. She is probably my favourite character in the Cosmere.
  14. Hello, Moses here. I would like to share you a theory that I created myself. I have already explained it in the Discord, everyone who saw it liked it and Brandon have said that my theorizing is sound, so I'm very proud of it. Let's get started: We know for some WoBs that the Truthwatchers are worried about knowledge and helping people with it (I tried to link the wob but I can't since I'm a new member). And, in the Radiants Quiz that was recently released, the new information says that they are worried about the bad use of the knowledge and the leaders trying to deceive the people they lead. So, I think that this Order have some things in common with the Windrunners and the Edgedancers, since all of them are more focused on helping the common people than the elite. Protecting those who can not protect themselves and remembering those who had been forgotten, both of their Second Ideals refers to the common people, to those who the leaders do not really care about. Considering all of this and following the example of Windrunners and Edgedancers Second Ideals, focused on the common people, I wrote a theoric PURE Second Ideal for the Truthwatchers. When I say pure, I mean that the spren is not corrupted like Renarin's one. This is it: "I will seek truth, to prevent others from being deceived." What do you think, guys? I hope you like it ^^