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  1. i am also not a fan of this on principle. if its something you see then change it in your wolfgame. Tani is probably an elim, as well as szeth.
  2. @ookla the POKE VOTE What was your point of linking help test 3? And why did you mark mat as an elim lean in option 3 but not give any reasoning for that? I'm going to be pretty much gone til thanksgiving is over, work is gonna kill me these next two days.
  3. Realistically no one is going to me on at Eod, therefore things should be resolved sooner (before the majority of people go to sleep, which is probably some time EST)
  4. Oh, it was hidden in the middle of a wallpost. That makes sense. EDIT: *posts two incorrect votecounts* And we do a little misinformation
  5. Sorry I meant that as a lighthearted comment, not like, instigating anything. It's probably obvious I've been trying to give you more space in recent games. JFDkljfhsadkjfad