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LG67: Truthwatcher [Survived]
LG68: Loyal Intern, [Survived]
LG69: Undercover Emissary [Survived]
LG70: something village? [Executed D2]
LG71: Loyal Regular [Elim Killed N5]
LG72: Shin High Council [Elim Killed N2]
-- AG --
LG73: Rithmatist, Specialty in Making [Elim Killed N3]
LG74: Spiked Rioter [Survived]
Highprince Aladar [Executed D1]
LG76: Iron-Willed Expeditioner [Elim Killed N2]

LG77: Seeker [Elim Killed N3]
Elim [Vig Killed N1]
LG79: Dullform [Executed D1]
LG80: Seeker [Executed D3]
LG82: something village



MR44: Steel Ministry Lurcher [Killed by Gears D2]
MR45: Something else village?? [Elim Killed D4]
MR46: Obligator [Executed D1]
-- AG --
MR48: Saboteur Messenger [Executed D3]
MR49: Straff Rioter [Survived]
MR50: Village [Elim Killed N6]
MR53: Village [Vig Killed N2]
MR55: Village [Executed D3]
MR56: Village [Elim Killed N6]
MR57: Village [Elim Killed N1]



QF46: Korathi Cultist [Executed D7]
QF47: Osborn Defense [Killed by Straw N4]
QF48: Loyal Tough [Elim Killed D3]
QF49: Lesser Epic [Executed D3]
-- AG --
QF50: White Ajah [Elim Killed N6]
QF51: Hunting Party [Elim Killed N4?]
QF52: Hasting Host [Executed D4]
QF53: Broken

AG7: Child of Adonalsium, (Vessel of Prudence, Vessel of Ambition) [Survived]




RP bits that suck but I'm still proud of shh


QF46 (from the cultist doc):





It was getting dark outside, but Avanae wasn't scared for herself. She entered the pyramid and turned a corner, quietly sliding into a room not many knew existed. It was small, but they had only a few people here. Everything would be better once they got rid of the others, and could then use the pyramid as it was meant to be.


"Elk's definitely done for. Backing up Hael so much might have been the reason they suspect him so much, but I guess it doesn't really matter now." She pulled out her charts and a new sheet of paper before taking a seat to review them.


"We have the Korathi killing themselves, but I don't think that's going to work much longer with the numbers dwindling. We might be able to pit the Jeskeri against each other, but I'm not sure anyone trusts me enough for that to work. I'm not even sure they distrust me enough for that to work. I also haven't seen any more notes just lying around, so either someone is picking them up before I find them, or it was Kiean leaving them and it's good we took him out of the picture." She turned from her papers to look at Ashen. "So, I think the best option we have right now-"


She cut off, noticing Ashen still asleep in the corner.


"Of course, I've been talking to myself."


Letting out a sigh, she quickly scribbled a note to leave for Ashen before grabbing her pack and heading off to find Reolene.




Avanae left the meeting tent with a sour taste in her mouth. Mancia had pulled her aside to talk today, as she had been doing these past few days to discuss how to find the remaining Jeskeri among them. Avanae almost wanted to laugh at that, as who the "Jeskeri" and "Korathi" wouldn't matter before long- if things went right. Unfortunately, for things to go right she needed Mancia on her side. Until then, it meant long hours talking about jeskeri tells and pretending to be Korathi. She kept telling herself that it would be all worth it in the end, when they would be free to be themselves without these imposters around pretending they knew what was right, shunning the Mysteries and their followers.  All day all she heard was people scared of the "Cultists", scared of the "Jeskeri". People saying "Merciful Domi will guide us."


Ashen was wasn't in the room when she got there, nor did he return at all during most of the night. Eventually she decided to make her way to the tent where Sevat slept, but not before leaving a note on the table, just in case. 


D7, alt ending



They had found Ashen yesterday, but he knew what he was getting into, and he knew his sacrifice was not for nothing.


Avanae checked her pack for her knife before heading off in the direction of the entry doors, through passageways the party never got to explore. Out the doors that they had just figured out how to open there was a collection of tents. She headed into one of the larger tents, not caring this time about making noise or people seeing her.


Once where the majority of the people stayed, now only Mancia remained, sitting in the corner of the empty room, piles of papers scattered around her. She seemed to be frantically searching for something.  The wind blew in from the now open tent flap, rustling papers and causing Mancia to look up at Avanae.


Despite obviously knowing what was going to happen, Mancia appeared to be...smiling?


Avanae told herself that she didn't care much. Mancia would be dead before long and whatever she believed wouldn't matter. She could tell herself that.


Mancia didn't protest as Avanae took out her knife and plunged it into the Korathi's heart. She barely even made a sound.


Avanae left the knife there in Mancia's chest and walked away, leaving bloody bootprints all over the girl's meaningless work.

She started back into the Pyramid but took a different path this time, heading into the very heart of the build.


The last of them were gone and she was free to be herself. Alone, maybe, but herself.




Illwei spun around and around in her chair, fiddling with a sample while a few of the other Interns gave him dirty looks from their work stations. What? She had been loyally working on research and whatnot for a good part of the day, and believed she had earned herself a break. It's not like anyone in the room had any real authority to tell her otherwise-they were all interns. 

Unpaid interns. After all this work to try and get this job, she had to find out that it wasn't really even a job at all.  

She was glad she found this chair - didn't know where it came from, as it was the only one in sight, but Illwei didn't really care. She found it first - not that the other interns wanted to do anything but their jobs, though somebody had come in a bit ago and said something about interns stealing samples? Illwei couldn't imagine any of these people stealling.

Before long she realized she should probably be getting back to work. As much as she enjoyed complaining about her job, she just as much enjoyed doing it. Go figure. She stopped spinning and waited for the dizzyness to pass, realizing that a section of the room had gotten a bit louder. The...section where he was probably supposed to be working right now.

"There's a sample missing"

"Check the log"

Two people looked over toward Illwei, talking and alternating dissapproving glances her way. Fellows named Mint and...Canned? something? Canned eels?

She then remembered what she was doing before he got distracted by the spinning chair.

"Oh.. I assume you've been looking for this?" She held up the sample that she was definitely supposed to have...done...something...with. Eh, she'd remember sooner or later. Probably later. Mint and the canned guy still looked wary of him. "Look, if I was the one stealing samples, why would I have written down in the log that I was taking the sample?"  Their expressions didn't change.

"I- I did write it down in the log, right?"

Their expressions weren't reassuring.



Context: Illwei misreads her GMPM and tries to use a target scan when she...actually has a vote manip >>


Was this the place? 

The sign was a bit worn down, but comparing it to what he has wrote down on the napkin, he was...pretty sure? it was the right place? 

He entered and was surprised to find it crowded. how was anyone supposed to have a secret meeting here? where anyone could be listening? tables so close together, not the cleanest place either. Now that definitely reminded him of home. 

He saw them in the back, he was pretty sure, two people sitting at a booth. there was nothing different about them-well, not much, but he definitely felt a Connection to the woman, for some reason. He tried to organize his thoughts as he walked over. It was such a stupid mistake. 

As he got to the table, the Woman looked up at him. 

"Come have a seat."

No one moved, but they were both staring at him strangely.  Why were they- Oh! he had said that. They were already sitting, probably had been for a little while already. He felt even more stupid as he pulled up a char from a nearby table. 

"So, what did you find out last night?" The man said, taking a drink from something that didn't seem like water. 

"OH! right, uh. yeah. What I learned last night! yes. I learned so much. Many lessons. All the things." Remy looked down at his notes but realized they had turned into a crumpled ball of paper. The man took something out from one of his pockets and started rolling it between his fingers. A...vial? of something? Remy hurriedly tried to straighten the paper out, the two strangers still looking at him strangely, and his eyes still watching what seemed to be a vial of poison that the man was playing with. 

Remy shrank a little in his seat.

Inventory checklist:

 - Prudence

 - Elisian

 - Courier

"So, uh," Remy slid further down in his seat, pushing the paper slowly toward them, watching the man still fiddle with the little vial of Poison. "It seems I, uh,might have made, a...hopefully? not so fatal? mistake?"




Newton's Three Laws of ThermoDynamics

from the books of Modern-Noncommitalism

1. Everyone gotta be a lil spicy sometimes
2. Optimism is a clear sign of Evilness



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