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  1. Please remove me from all waitlists.
  2. Well then personally I think my answers to any of those questions are pointless, and I additionally think that BTs are useless now that you're saying what they were originally intended for. Because I understood that, but the implication is that they're to test out ideas that might be game breaking, but since my ideas are potentially game breaking I'm being told I'm not allowed to run them. Thanks for your time
  3. I understand the point of bt games being shorter and to test out mechanics, but also the idea that it's an idea that you can stop it if it's not working, or that it's something that people might not want to/be able to finish playing. Seeing as everything I have proposed falls into the latter category, I don't want to call it anything else. I think the initial idea that bts should be extremely short is flawed, because I at least personally don't want to end up being stuck in a line of MRs and LGs that ate borderline unplayable or jusy not fun long term simply because they don't fit the length "qualification"
  4. I'd like to sign up for a BT spot Compromises if not approved include (in order of preference) 96 hour d1 -12 for every death until 12 hrs, then -2 hours (still moving eod time at an awkward interval, should it get down there) 96 hour d1 and -12 for every death, min day length 12 24hr day 1, 20hr d2 with 4 hour night, 16hr d3 with 8 hrs night, so on. Other concepts id like to run: Days last forever and only end when a majority is reached on a player (very different and would like to run regardless) Days are 48hrs, nights are 120hrs Spitting ideas here
  5. I would like to sign up for a BT spot but i'm putting iti in here for minimal feedback first - Araris' modified tyrian ruleset (for base rules) - Cycle length starts at 48hr nightless, -4 hours each time someone dies - 10 players total.
  6. I'm only going to address one point of your post Archer, because you don't seem to be talking about the same things I am. What I, personally, am talking about right now is that taking away nights changes the fact that it's a LG. As Araris said, the expected effort put into each game by each person should be about the same, which is why you usually see a lot more real-timing and quick conversations in QF threads. I agree with the point here that you need less time between exes. This is why you see some sites who have majority hammer (if maj of people vote the same person after d1 day ends), and some sites day bumps down to 24 hours after day 4. both are solves to the problem of disengagement that have worked. What you don't see is people taking away the nights. Because yes, time in between exes can be shortened as time goes on with less people alive. but taking away the nights isn't the answer. Again, sure run a game like that, run a game with whatever setup you want to test things out, but it's not a solution for our inactivity. Personally I wouldn't call this a night, especially because you're missing my point about the nights. They're not there to exist for discussion. Sure, you can talk in them, but they have always existed more as a purely social aspect of it. People drop reads and discuss the kill of course, but then they also do that in the day especially once we have the night kill. they're mostly there for the people to recoup and recover from the day and get ready to head into the next. as for a 12 hour night cycle, I know most people here are dubious of it, but when it's planted at the right time it's doable, giving people either time to go about their day or sleep through the night depending. it's not my idea for fixing inactivity, but mostly an idea i'd like to try to see how it goes sometime. (same with wanting to run a 16/8 :P) Which is exactly the point. The part of it that you're missing is that we're not trying to create a solve for you specifically getting bored, we're trying to figure out how to limit the amount of inactives we get from things we can control while keeping the formats as they are.
  7. I'm gonna interrupt Kas's train of thought and move this here I have a few parts to this but I'll try to stay concise. @Ookla the Paragrapher @Araris Valerian THE BENEFITS OF NIGHTS I heavily disagree with the statements about no nights. if you want to play a MR then play or run an MR or QF, but nights give everyone time to accomplish things that shouldn't be done when the day is still happening. Elims: - Strategizing on what to do the next day - Talk about who to kill that night Villagers: - Taking a break from constantly posting, as posting during the night isn't as essential. Taking a day off from the game to have time irl for whatever reason. - Reading over thread and re-evaluating based on how the day played out (actions, voting, inconsistencies) And for everyone it's time you can use to make better planned Night Actions based on how the day played out. Nights exist as they do so that the game can be better informed. In a MR or QF? night actions, night kills- they're both made without the full info of what went down that day. not only that but if a large MR is running that is weeks of a game without any sort of a break for the people who survive. LGs simply aren't LGs anymore if you go that way. ARCHER'S PROPOSED SOLUTION "LG nights should be gone after the first Elim flip" is a bad fix for the problem of "people don't have enough time to play through a LG, because it's 1) a debuff to the Elims right when they don't need it- they lose one of their members, and then the consequence of that isn't just that they have one less member. - it's that their NKs now are less informed - they lose a whole day of strategizing time each cycle. 2) Nights give players time to take a break from posting or reading so much, and gives players with not as much time per day a chance to catch up on the previous day 3) Nights allow everyone to make more informed Night Actions and Plays during the game, which leads to an overall more enjoyable game I also want to mention that even though you can run a test game, it won't show you the full effect until you can run like 20 and compare it. ALTERNATIVES I was thinking about this after LG91, when the GM asked publicly in thread if we wished to shorten the day. Shortening Days I think that LGs should allow a private vote every day after day 4 (in the GMPMs) where they can choose to vote to shorten cycles to 24/24 for the rest of the game. Allowing this in thread can be bad, as it's outside of the game in a way and how you vote will show your alignment based on how the game has played out. (this has been okay in games so far because it's offered as an option when the game is basically won but needs to be played out, even though I think in some cases when the GM offers it and it isn't played out, which i have seen happen, it spews the last elim as an elim simply because the GM offers the option) If your comeback to this is "isn't that an MR too" then I'd say no, and that you're simply saying that to be combative. the main point of an MR or a QF is that it's nightless, with very few being run as 24/24s. This is my most direct alternative fix to archer's solution. It keeps the days while still shortening the total time played in the game. Limit Nighttime Communication Mostly what comes to mind is PMs. Keeping nights open for talking is a SE culture thing and I don't want to see that changed. What I do think however is that giving people a 2/1 on/off routine for a game allows them to get caught up irl after those 2 days of being stuck to their computers. adding more things on during the night cycle means that it's no longer a 2/1, but practically a 72 hour cycle. This leads to burnout in the game, and more days that they're going to have to be inactive in the future to make up for it. This is a partial fix for burnout, and although it doesn't shorten the total time of the game, it does limit the amount of time players are expected to play per week. Try Longer Cycles I know this one might seem counter-intuitive, but assume you get the same amount of activity in a 72/24 that you get in a 48/24, then it gives people more time within the days where they don't need to be there. Instead of having to be present for 3 weeks in a row (for the longest living) it turns into you only need to be there between 2 and 3 days every 4 days. Yes, the total time of the game will be longer, but the time players have to spend in the game for it to function will be less per week. This is a partial fix, and although it doesn't shorten the total time of the game, it does drastically limit the amount of time players are expected to play per week, meaning they can easily leave for 2 days in a row at any point and still be able to participate and not take away from the game as much as if it was a 48/24. -- In the end it comes down to Information. The whole game is about information, and nights are a time for people to collect the information and make informed decisions that affect the next day, however that be done for them. Nights make games more enjoyable long term, and if people have an issue with playing with them we always have MRs or QFs that they can play, faster games for those with less time, more activity all squished together for people who cant stand the slowness of nights, but also actions that happen during the day and without time to process them. Changing a game that people like to fit the minority of people who go inactive isn't a good solution. if they are going inactive because of lack of interest, then that's on them to stop signing up for a game format that they don't like. If it's lack of time irl then my proposed solutions provide options we can look into without completely changing the LG format. EDIT:
  8. 4 This would be taking the spot of my current LG anon/blackout spot probably. There's not really much here that i could put until i get the flavor more fleshed out, because....well....blackout....
  9. i am also not a fan of this on principle. if its something you see then change it in your wolfgame. Tani is probably an elim, as well as szeth.
  10. @ookla the POKE VOTE What was your point of linking help test 3? And why did you mark mat as an elim lean in option 3 but not give any reasoning for that? I'm going to be pretty much gone til thanksgiving is over, work is gonna kill me these next two days.
  11. Realistically no one is going to me on at Eod, therefore things should be resolved sooner (before the majority of people go to sleep, which is probably some time EST)