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  1. Wow sorry for not voting I had a vote on alpha queued but was at rehearsal and didn't end up doing it
  2. regardless it feels like the team is mat/detess and they're framing alpha I thought detess was voting me earlier still haven't had time to go through things I mean i have but not i turned my brain off for 7 cycles and now i have to turn it on and theoretically this should be easy but the easy answer is alpha/alv i'll be on later today
  3. Your whole post there is assuming Alpha is an Elim and preflipping people off of that. Not only that but you do not even think of Alvron as a suspect. If alpha is an Elim for sure, why are you not voting him?
  4. What was detess donig that absolves them of bring in the n3 pool
  5. Yes so true I would never vote my teammates when they're doomed But anyways the team is detess/mat but more on that later
  6. Can i ask why we're not touching Alv?
  7. still lost already.... The only way to win here with 3 elims is to win a tie tomorrow after elims hitting protection tonight. We don't have any crossbows, if we did they already would have been shot and if they do exist there is a chance they hit protection from the elims. Most likely no one else has SB, I don't at least. a losing at parity and losing at outnumber are the same thing if you don't have saves or kills. in the daytime parity means elims always win because they can split the vote easily regardless of who it's on and then hammer last minute or in this case, vitc.
  8. Mat why are you still theorizing a 3 elim team when if there are 3 left we've lost?
  9. ...check the votecount.... @Matrim's Dice who is your top suspect?
  10. I hate myself anyways look it's not steel and walking anyways unless there's only two elims left then we lose and if there's two elims then it's alpha and mat sorry for turning my brain off those game
  11. I will comment that Mat never claimed what his role was but he going to die anyways so
  12. Town: tkn, detess Town but less: alv, steel Elims in mat/alpha/walking but walking was jnv and I am lightly townreading him. Otherwise the team is walin/steel Walin Overlap.
  13. Why do you discount alpha?
  14. Detess may i hear the conversation that that was mentioned in in your PMs? the context?